How to replace front wheel bearing AUDI A4 B5 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC
How to replace front wheel bearing AUDI A4 B5 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

Use a socket №17 Use a socket №24 Use a combination spanner №18 Use a socket №13 Use a socket №16 Use a socket №17 and a combination spanner №17 Using hydraulic press, press off the hub bearing.

9 thoughts on “How to replace front wheel bearing AUDI A4 B5 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC”

  1. Jordan FixIt says:

    This car have no abs sensor ? or i I missed it ? I did not see how he remove it that's huge pain in the a** . May i know the year of the production or engine type ?

  2. David Laliberté says:

    You didn't show any of the bolts being torqued? The axle nut has a very specific torque, and if not done correctly, can ruin the bearing.

  3. Paul says:

    What did you use to remove the wheel hub? It was attached when you took the steering knuckle off the car, but it was gone when the knuckle arrived at the press. You skipped the part where the wheel hub was removed from the bearing and knuckle.

  4. Brian McMillan says:

    Auto doc this is a car where many pinch bolts holding the upper arms are severely stuck with rust and almost impossible to remove. Too many parts are skipped. It would be beneficial if you could perhaps show how to release these parts. The videos are great and appreciated but only show parts which have been obviously pre loosened prior to filming.These may informative videos
    but they should be a little more informative for those hoping to tackle this type of repair and get the job done without any issues

  5. RAT DATSUN says:

    love the porn music

  6. Mike W says:

    amazing how he can do the entire job without once using a torque wench. NOT GOOD

  7. sacramentum est-opertum says:

    you missed the bearing retaining circlips, on removing and after replacing the bearing

  8. Oleg Brusov says:

    Колхозники бля,шаровые с помощью молотка достают,не хотел бы я такому мастеру машину свою отдать в ремонт,Автодок называется

  9. Eric Kilpatrick says:

    That hub does not separate that easily. You hit it twice and the hub fell out. I literally banged on mine for over an hour! FYI: if you have access to a hydraulic press use it! Putting these things in without one is a huge pain the ass! It can be done, but just be prepared to be working on it all day…

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