How to replace front wheel bearing BMW 5 E39 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC
How to replace front wheel bearing BMW 5 E39 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

Use a socket №18 Use an end bit №5 Use a socket №16 Use a socket №18 and a combination spanner №16 Use a combination spanner №19 Use a special tool for removing the tie rod end Use a socket №18 Lubricate the brake disc seat with copper spray

15 thoughts on “How to replace front wheel bearing BMW 5 E39 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC”

  1. Landisa mtshali says:

    hy guys pls add a front bearing replacement for 2008 Chevrolet Aveo please.

  2. harry smith says:

    no one notice he didn't tighten the nut for the adjustment nut on the steering ball-joint(4.10) and not one of the bolts undone was torqued properly REALLY guys you making a videos showing people how to do stuff themselves the wheel lug nuts should be torqued to 120nm front caliper bolts 110nm. Going to do a job do it right and show us the right and safe way

  3. crazy4trains says:

    There are 4 bolts that hold the wheel bearing.  The video only showed how to remove 3 of the bolts.  One of the bolts is a major pain so I hope this video didn't just gloss over that.

  4. Septimiu Razvan Bot says:

    e38 much simple….

  5. TRouBLeSHooteR23 says:

    This guy either looks like Russian Putin or French-Canadian St. Pierre

  6. D DD-m says:

    this is the best Video showing how to fix my BMW. Thank you so much AutoDoc

  7. troika101 says:

    Wont you need an alignment after taking the control arm off?

  8. Adam N says:

    If only we all had a lift…

  9. romain ulrich says:

    beaucoup de travail inutile , pas besoin de retirer l amortisseur ni la biellette de direction tout les 4 boulons se retires facilement , c normal qu on facture des heures de mains d oeuvre aux clients c un travail que j execute en 1h30 assis au sol voiture levee au cric et finit , si je devais operer comme se monsieur sur video j arreterai de faire de la mecanique.

  10. PollieBear says:

    I love how the e39 and e46 have so many service videos. I watch them all day. Should probably start working on my car.

  11. basje1 says:

    What is the tool called you use to pry the hub down? Hard to find a large one

  12. thooke222 says:

    Excellent video. 12 minutes, haha this would seriously take me several hours. if I could only make one requrst it would be to put a subtitle of each tool/size you're using into the video itself.

  13. Sol Mazer says:

    "That'll be $850 please." BMW dealer probably

  14. ValeaBarcaului says:

    Love it, less talking, more doing…

  15. soundseeker63 says:

    What a beautifully clean and prepped E39. Considering they stopped making them in 2003, the car looks to be nearly new!
    If only removing bolts on old cars was as easy in practice as it's made to look here!!! lol

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