How to replace front wheel bearing MAZDA MX-5 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC
How to replace front wheel bearing MAZDA MX-5 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

Use a socket № 14 Using a simple screwdriver and a hammer remove the wheel bearing cap Use a socket № 27

10 thoughts on “How to replace front wheel bearing MAZDA MX-5 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC”

  1. RootSuitMan says:

    Did you guys have to torque it?

  2. MAX3D2 says:

    I see you did not have to bleed the brake system.

  3. Jack of all trades ! says:

    So i did mine but it doesnt spin freely. When i put the hub assembly on it was good then when i tightened down the center cap i spun but not as easy of the old one. Also when you put the brake caliper bracket back on is one side of the rotor supposed to be more in like when i tightened it it made the rotor kinda Crocked at like a slant. I tried it i know the brake or somethings getting hung up big grove in rotor and it gets super hot way too quick. So the slanted rotor question and the wheel hub question please

  4. Benjamin David says:

    This is the 2nd time one of your videos have proved incredibly helpful with repairs on my car! Thank you so much for making a such a clear informative video!

  5. TheAngelah72 says:

    seems easy and quick why repair man says 2 hour job? $325

  6. M O says:

    Hi, this video is so helpful! I will try to change the front bearings in my '03 Miata.
    And, by the way, is it necessary to lubricate/oil any assembly part mentioned in the video?

  7. Jan Nevot says:

    Could you please show how to change the ones at the back ? I have done the ones at the front but the ones at the rear are much more difficult to change ! I cant figure out how to do it !

  8. David Rogers says:

    Great vid. These are the easiest cars in the world to change wheel bearings on. The hardest part was prising the wheel nut cover off! (… and finding a 29mm socket!).

  9. TWeK Racing says:

    How hard should you torque the nut? In ft ibs

  10. Richard Dubourg says:

    Makes it look really easy. What does the guy do with the chisel and hammer just before he replaces the hub cap?

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