How to replace front wheel bearing MERCEDES-BENZ E W210 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC
How to replace front wheel bearing MERCEDES-BENZ E W210 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

Use a socket №19 Use an end bit №5 Use a hex key № 6 Use an open-end wrench №32 Knock out the wheel bearing outer ring Press in the wheel bearing outer ring using a hydraulic press.

26 thoughts on “How to replace front wheel bearing MERCEDES-BENZ E W210 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC”

  1. Bob Otieno says:

    Great video can you do a rear wheel bearing for the same car please.

  2. Johnny Woo says:

    Wow I always thought Mercedes was cutting edge in engineering. I thought all manufactures transitioned to press fit bearings by the 1990s. Yes these old style bearings are easier to service, but the press fit bearings will to last a lot longer. My 2001 VW has only had one bearing replace at 110k miles. Not to bash Mercedes, because I have owned a 240D. I was always amazed on how much better the quality of the parts were than other manufacturers. Well built, but had a gutless engine.

  3. Anekii says:

    Prefer the old music!

  4. Colin Aglae says:

    A big thank you for the educational video. Clear & to the point. Best wishes!!

  5. Seth MANUKULA says:

    Oh guys! Thank you so much for the vids!!! I just bought one that had no maintenance book and no indications. I needed to have it checked and renew everything but was on a budget… Your vids helped me save a lot of time and money. Thanks again!!!

  6. A Dude says:

    While I totally love your videos for the accuracy of your work, the video quality and the way they are recorded, for this job I need to make some remarks:
    You did everything ALMOST right up to the point where you re-installed the hub. I say ALMOST because you should have removed the protection shield as well and have cleaned the seat inside (this is how I do it). I love the fact that you are using a press (this is the correct way of installing bearings). Now… The way you tightened the nut is very (VERY!!!) wrong. The whole life of the new bearings, as well as the precision of the steering sits in the play, which you have NOT addressed. Also, you should have added "a small amount" of grease into the cup before attaching it. For future work I will disclose how to do it THE RIGHT WAY:
    You attach the hub with the bearings with NO grease at all and tighten the nut until it allows a play of 0.0001 of an Inch (0.002 of a millimeter) using a machinists gauge on a magnetic mount. You make a sign on the spindle and the nut on the very precise spot. NOW AND ONLY NOW you pack your bearings with grease, add "a little amount" to the cap and put everything back with the nut tightened at the marked sign. I see many people doing this MOST IMPORTANT step the wrong way, ending-up in early failing bearings. The reason for this being the fact that the play needs to be between metal to metal, not between metal, grease and metal. During operation the grease will become very thin and the play will be out of spec. Again, I love your videos but there is always a learning curve for anyone.
    P.S. Guys, avoid all those self-proclaimed "doctors" or "experts", who in fact are clowns who don't have tools and hammer bearings, ball joints and so on… This guy here does excellent work, even if I had my remarks 🙂

  7. W140 Fan says:

    Why only 35k sub?

  8. John H says:

    Great video with excellent presentation of tools and processes. Truly a godsend for the DIY folks. Thank you!!

  9. béber daurado says:

    bonjour.Pas de couple de serrage pour l'ecrou de moyeu?

  10. jenny boland says:

    can it be done with no press?

  11. GD master says:

    how about a video for a 4matic .please,2004 E500

  12. paula fowler says:

    will some one fix my 420- call me 828 572 7426

  13. Mr. Wrench says:

    First time I watched your video. You do a great job documenting for the ones that do not have access to a shop, shop manual but need the car to get to work. And for the rest of us, you showed alternative methods that I always welcome to learn. Keep up the good work!
    Thank you for taking the time to create and upload your videos…I subscribed!

  14. Danny O'Connor says:

    Does this same procedure hold for both the base and the 4matic models?

  15. das wright says:

    Brilliant engineering and job,i thought you needed a dial gauge to set the preload at the end,or just back it off?!

  16. Margaret Peurasaari says:

    Fair labor cost for this work? I have to get this done…

  17. Bridget Turner says:

    You got to stop

  18. Mac Made Rusty says:

    Is there a specific torque specification to re-install hub nut?

  19. jan stafford says:

    what a clean and orderly video and thumbs up to the A Dude too

  20. PenkillerDIY says:

    That is not the right way to do it! You should pack the bearing with grease, and tighten in steps with dynamometer.

  21. kakka626 says:

    I hear rear bearings are bitches in these cars, a video about that would be nice 🙂

  22. aHmeD -KWT says:

    Great video.. Thank you so much 🙏🏼

  23. tbirdpimp07 says:

    Kept waiting on him to get the old bearing race stuck too lol pack your bearings man

  24. Carl says:

    Honestly, my main question is: Where'd you get a mostly rust-free W210 for the video? In my country, EVERY W210 is rusty, and many W211 are as well (including mine 🙁 )

  25. mmm9450 says:

    This video is very useful, thanks for uploading. I'm plannig to change the bearings of my Benz. What is the way of adjusting the bearings? Thanks for the answer!

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