How to replace fuel filter MERCEDES-BENZ E W211 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC
How to replace fuel filter MERCEDES-BENZ E W211 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

Use a torx №T30 Use an end bit №5

9 thoughts on “How to replace fuel filter MERCEDES-BENZ E W211 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC”

  1. Axx Axx says:

    And God my uncle you are an artist


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  3. Javier Silva says:

    Always include the year….I have a 2009 w211 and this does not look like the engine cover of my vehicle.

  4. 9 M vues says:

    Now How to deteted light fuel orange ??

  5. Chamil Ch says:

    Great tutorial, thank you!

  6. Dana Myzer says:

    Great video, thanks. One question: what do I need to do when starting for the first time after the filter change? I've seen different things – turning the key back and forth to the second position a few times without starting it, then starting it; turning the key and letting it crank for 15 seconds; etc. Any ideas?

  7. Nivaldo Covolan says:

    A Mercedes dealer told me that when replacing the fuel filter is also necessary replace the water level sensor.
    After replacing my filter I got engine light and problems with acceleration and the Mercedes mechanic said tha this is caused by a not replaced water level sensor.
    Did you have any issue?

  8. Frank Eastes (banjoy) says:

    This is a diesel W211, not a gasoline engine. Filter's in a different place.

  9. CarsCloseUp says:

    Most of the time we have to look at mechanic on this video, not very helpful, and there’s no advice about bleeding air out of the fuel system. You should recommend people to fill up the filter with diesel before installing it….

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