How to Replace Idler Pulley 00-09 Subaru Outback

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thanks. In this video we are going to show you how
to replace the pulley that’s on the tensioner on the air belt. It’s the belt that spins
the AC compressor on this 2003 Subaru Outback. The only tools you will need are 10mm and
12mm sockets with a ratchet and a 6 inch extension. Use a 10mm socket ratchet or a wrench and
remove two bolts; one here, and one over here. There may also be a nut here that seems to
be missing on my vehicle. Now I’m using a 12mm socket with an extension and a ratchet.
I am going to loosen this bolt here. It basically allows the shield to come right off. Then
there’s another 12mm bolt right under here, under this adjusting bolt. Loosen that, and
then loosen this bolt. I will fast-forward here as I loosen that
adjusting bolt, and as you loosen it you will see the belt start to loosen. You do usually
need to loosen it way up in order to peel that belt off the alternator, and then remove
it. Then pull the belt right off. Down here, you
are going to want to loosen this bolt here. A 12mm, I’ve got an extension on here, it
just makes it a little easier on the adjustment bolt here. Turn that counter clockwise. Again, just fast forward it here as you turn
that bolt counter clockwise. Again that belt will loosen up until you can take it off of
the AC compressor and then the crank pulley as well. To take this whole assembly off, you will
want to undo these two bolts here… and then remove this nut. That allows that to come
off. Now you need an elevated surface, like a block of wood or something, and a hammer.
Then you just want to put the edge of the pulley on the surface and drive that out.
Then drive that little pin out. Using the new pulley from 1A Auto, put this through
the hole, first. Then, that goes back through. Make sure that the rectangular part of the
bolt comes through, that’s what holds it in place, and then put the nut back on. You
can do it finger tight for now, it needs to be able to slide still. We will bolt this
back into place. Fast forward here as I put that bracket down
into place. I start with both of the bolts in first, and then tighten them up with my
socket ratchet. You probably want to loosen up your tensioner
bolt all the way, pushing the belt right down in. The belts on this car are actually fine;
I just need to replace the tensioner. Make sure that it’s in the grooves on the crank
pulley here. Pull it up and put it in the grooves of your AC compressor, and right on.
Then tighten up your tensioner bolt. Then as you start getting it tighter, you want
to take the belt, press on it, and you want it to move between 1/8” and 1/4”. Then
tighten up the pulley bolt down here. Then put some penetrant on here to make it a little
easier to turn things. Then loosen this up further… and put on my old belt that is
still in good shape. New belts from 1A Auto are actually the same length and dimensions
so they will go right on. To put it on, sometimes it’s easier actually to get it on the two
larger pulleys first, then onto the alternator. Make sure it’s on all of the pulleys correctly,
and now just tighten up the tensioner bolt. Once you have that tightened with about 1/4”
of play up and down, tighten up this bolt and lock it in place. I will fast forward this, here as we finish
it up. Put the metal bracket back on, slide it behind that bolt in the alternator and
then put the 10mm bolt in the top. Tighten those up and then put the plastic shield back
on and use 10mm bolt. Also, there is probably another 10mm nut that was missing on my vehicle
that you would need to tighten up. We hope this helps you out. Brought to you
by, your source for quality replacement parts and the best service on
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