How to Replace Passengers Side Axle 00-11 Ford Focus
How to Replace Passengers Side Axle 00-11 Ford Focus

11 thoughts on “How to Replace Passengers Side Axle 00-11 Ford Focus”

  1. Filiberto vargas says:

    That is a realy good video
    Thankyou very much

  2. JOE FORD DIY says:

    Len in the video the brake hose looked good but of course you could see better then I was it in bad condition ? also I watched both videos the drivers side and the passenger side on the drivers side you disconnected the sway bar link but not on the drivers side. was there a reason for this ? I know there is one on each side

  3. NubtheAce1 says:

    Best part is the commentary. New word alert "Bonk", "skoach", "veerhickle"

  4. john ayacko says:

    how much will cost you if u want to do it in a car shop?

  5. not me says:

    Man i didnt need an air chisel, the thing just came right out.

  6. 515030ful says:

    Great vid

  7. Christopher Browne says:

    You're not gonna replace the axle seal to the transmission when you repace the CV axle? It would seem like a good idea since you are already in there and might prevent a future leak.

  8. Red Wolf says:

    Do you have to get a front end alignment after this?

  9. Lotus Lotus says:

    Mate U r a legend…Ur commentary was informative and details helped me to do this job myself without the help of any mechanic…Great work, Bravo!!! aBHISHEK

  10. Mick Wolf says:

    Nice vid, Easy to follow and understand instructions, Lets see if i can do this on my xr5 LV on axle stands, cheers 🙂

  11. Reinbe Dosh says:

    7:47 Protip: That bracket comes in two flavors. A two piece one like shown and a one piece cast part with the bracket/bearing/intermediate shaft pressed together. cast bracket must be unmounted from block by 3 bolts. MAKE SURE YOU GET THE INTERMEDIATE SHAFT WITH THE BRACKET TYPE THAT IS ON YOUR CAR. replacement brackets of the two piece seem to be non-existent.

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