How to replace rear wheel bearing MERCEDES-BENZ C W204 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC
How to replace rear wheel bearing MERCEDES-BENZ C W204 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

Use a socket №32 Use a combination spanner №18 Use a torx №T30 Use round-nose pliers Use a socket №E10 Use a socket №8 Use a torx №M12 and a open-end wrench №18 Use a socket №E18 and an open-end wrench №21 Use a torx №M12 and a open-end wrench №18 Use a socket №E12 Press in the hub using a hydraulic press

16 thoughts on “How to replace rear wheel bearing MERCEDES-BENZ C W204 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC”

  1. geun ho kim says:


  2. gurpreet singh says:

    I have 1.2 mpi engine 1198cc 2011 vw polo run 54000 km.i want to ask vw need to change fuel filter or not .if need to change pls tell me the righte time to change the fuel filter or after how many kms

  3. عبدالمحسن الجبوري says:

    very good

  4. drowization says:

    Great video but honestly Mercedes,,,, a bit over engineered isn't it. Why is it so sophisticated ????

  5. Alastair Munro says:

    Hate German cars. Always over complicated and need special tools to fix them.



  7. iMiaw Biskuit says:

    auto doc please help me with a information y have a MB A140 W168 Classic 97-01,where my mechanic change the rear left wheel bearing (new) , and now its making a sound like a plastic tic tic tic tic ,more speed more tic sound its making .how can be fixed ? .thanks .

  8. Ryan Dunbar says:

    Looks like a pain in The ass. Any video for rear hub for 2000 ml320?

  9. nicko500s says:

    wow, im glad i watched this, the garage can do this, those parking brake shoes look too frustrating for me.

  10. time traveler are we there yet says:

    dam well lets see i might be able to get this done for about 300bucks dam thought it would be easier than this

  11. A B says:

    This video is not accurate. I changed mine today without removing any of the brake shoes or emergency brake components (except for the emergency brake adjuster) nor any of the suspension linkages. Steps: remove axle nut, remove tire, remove caliper and rotor, tap the axle shaft inward. There is enough clearance to remove the 4 bolts holding the bearing in place. The bearing will come out with a bit of wiggling of the brake shoes. Buy a new spindle for $20 from Rock Auto rather than trying to get the old bearing race off the old spindle.

  12. Michael Kauzlarich says:

    Would have been more helpful to say what he was doing instead of the repetitive music.

  13. Home O'DFree says:

    Thank you one can figure out all that needs to be done with your video, thanks for sharing. I suspect I may have to do this on my 08 W204, however would like to confirm with anyone that had to have this job done to their cars, what are the suggested symptoms usually to narrow that the issue is the bearing and not other part? As for me I hear a loud hum. buzz inside the car coming from the rear and an occasional rattle coming from the truck area when I'm driving, I know Mercedes don't sound like that, but unsure which part is at fault. Would appreciate some tips to diagnose and narrow down which side.

  14. 87handmedown says:

    I just replaced both wheel bearings on my wife's car this weekend following this tutorial. Showing the torque values as things were being reassembled would have been nice, but if you follow the method shown in this video, you will not have any issues. Thanks autodoc!

  15. C Jackson says:

    Do you have video of the ML

  16. Radek Olszak says:

    IN 00:55 moment you need socket №30 , №32 is to big

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