How to replace rear wheel bearing TOYOTA YARIS XP10 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC
How to replace rear wheel bearing TOYOTA YARIS XP10 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

Use a socket №12 Treat the brake drum seat with a copper grease

15 thoughts on “How to replace rear wheel bearing TOYOTA YARIS XP10 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC”

  1. oldguysboxing says:


  2. Liam MG says:

    Can you not replace the bearing itself ? Instead of hub

  3. Eric Sewell says:

    what did he spray on there? just curious

  4. Reina Macarena says:

    Wheel bearing fixed but abs light is on 2005 Toyota prius. No fuses blown. Did sensor get blown?. Mechanic has no clue what happened. I didn't take it to Toyota 😢

  5. Morgan Reyman says:

    what if you live in the rostbelt and evrything i rosted together- like welded, now i go out with the acythelen-burner….

  6. emigrate says:

    It would be great if you could give the torque settings. What happened to the other music. That was much nicer

  7. Ghulam says:

    thank you very much 🙂

  8. Rudi M says:

    That's exactly how it's done. It is one complete hub bearing assembly with 4 bolts to loosen and tighten on back.

  9. Tardeli costantini says:

    Just going through the rest of these videos and this is just so easy! The part may cost a little bit more than the other simple bearing but you'll save on labour fees + VAT.What…20 mins to do? One thing i will not do myself is the rear drum brakes.I'm no mechanic although i'm a little self taught with these videos and do many of other videos myself.

  10. Jesse Brooks says:

    What was that liqui moly product you put on the bolts?

  11. Tailspin80 says:

    Having just done this job all the difficult bits are missed out of the video. First, you will need to screw in 2 bolts into the brake drum (8mm I think) to extract it. Second, getting the bearing assembly off requires some serious hammering and some sort of large wedge or flat chisel placed between the roadwheel flange and the brake assembly, plus some WD40 on the inside. You also need to get the ABS connector off – just prize it off with a large screwdriver.

    Helpful video but not realistic when you are working on a 2005 car that has never been taken apart before and is rusted solid.

  12. Tardeli costantini says:

    Easy as that!

  13. Charles St-Pierre says:

    That's a very poor tutorial. The guy can't talk or explain anything?

  14. Laurens Peek says:

    I am trying to get the rear ABS sensors out to clean them. I already cleaned the front one, but the rear ones are harder to reach. Do you have some tips on how to do this?

  15. BBGBITW says:

    What is the torque spec for the four bolts?

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