How to replace rear wheel bearing VW GOLF 5 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC
How to replace rear wheel bearing VW GOLF 5 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

Use a torx №М14 Use a torx №Т30 Remove the hub bearing cap Use a torx №М18 Treat the brake disc seat with a special copper grease

21 thoughts on “How to replace rear wheel bearing VW GOLF 5 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC”

  1. Mero remo says:

    The best specialist chanel in car world. Best regards.

  2. Gotan Nate says:

    How to choose the bearing? Inner diameter 30mm or 32mm for golf 1.4 FSI. Thnx alot!

  3. Lovro Blagotinsek says:

    What about the bearing preload torque?

  4. Pro Dates says:

    you should never use a impact wrench on a wheel bearing just FYI.

  5. SiliquaeSid says:

    Useless if you dont have an impact wrench eh?

  6. TheSootpig says:

    your using thread locker on stretch bolts

  7. Ned says:

    Thank you very informative. Can you reuse the main bolt?

  8. TheSootpig says:

    reply is totally negative Your supposed to be gaining customers with these videos Please be more informative with responses

  9. Francisco Galicia-Saenz says:

    Awesome video, thanks, what torx bit size do you need? is it the same as the one needed to release the brake caliper? thanks. is MOOG a good brand? thanks

  10. jamie says:

    Is there a video for the whole hub assembly

  11. Milad Meah says:

    That awkward stare at 0:47

  12. Milad Meah says:

    You forgot to torque ya wheels marra

  13. Anything Fixer says:

    I would hate to see a beginner watch this and think they are showing the proper procedure. Using an impact on an axle bolt, reusing such bolt, not torquing the bolt back in, etc. The very least you can do is explain what’s supposed to be happening instead of slapping music over the whole thing. Your set and lighting make the video look very professional but the content simply isn’t.

  14. J3n555 says:

    You need to torque the axel nut to spec… This wheel bearing will fail soon if installed with an impact wrench.

  15. Pete Curran says:

    Great job! 👍🏻

    What's the clearance between ABS sensor and the hub?

  16. Martin P says:

    Shame they didn't tell you the bolt is supposed to be torqued up !!!
    Who the f#ck just rattles the bolt in with a windy gun ??
    Wow!! 😡

  17. Waranus36 says:

    Great job, thank you very much!

  18. Monix says:

    Mine is a 2006 model 1.9 tdi 105hp, will i need a 30mm or 32mm wheel bearing?

  19. DJ Lazy-E {TheBasementWonder} says:

    Can you use a impact to at least take it off the axle bolt and when installing the new bearing and bolt tighten by hand to spec?

  20. J. says:

    Stop listening to the morons in the comments. THESE ARE NOT FUCKING STRETCH BOLTS. The extra torque is for tightness. Every fucking VW owner thinks that every single fucking bolt is a stretchbolt. Stretchbolts are fragile, NOBODY IN THEIR RIGHT FIUCKING MIND WOULD DESIGN A CAR WITH A STRETCHBOLT ON AN AXLE, It would fucking break the FIRST TIME YOU HIT A POTHOLE!

  21. Justin Dixon says:

    is it a torx bit or a triple square?

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