How to Replace Skateboard Wheels
How to Replace Skateboard Wheels

How to Replace Skateboard Wheels. Broken or missing skateboard wheels aren’t
the end of the world. In just a few minutes, you can replace them. You will need A combination wrench and replacement
wheels. Step 1. To remove a damaged wheel, use a combination
wrench. Place the skateboard on its side, loosen the
nut on the old wheel and remove both the wheel and the nut. Always use a combination wrench that is the
correct size to keep from damaging the nut. The wrench should fit snugly over the nut
and not slip off as you apply pressure. Step 2. Take the old wheels that you removed to the
local sporting goods store or skate shop to find the correct size of replacement wheels. Ask an employee to remove the bearings from
your old wheels and install them into your new wheels. Step 3. With the skateboard still on its side, put
the new wheel on the spoke, place the nut on the spoke and use the combination wrench
to tighten it. Step 4. With your fingers, check the “play” of the
new wheel. If you have tightened the nut correctly, the
new wheel should move back and forth slightly on the spoke. If the wheel is too wobbly, apply more pressure
to the nut. If the wheel barely moves, loosen the nut. Step 5. Repeat these steps for each wheel that needs
to be replaced. Step 6. To extend the life of your skateboard wheels,
rotate them every few months. Remove the nuts and wheels with your combination
wrench, flip them over and place them back on the spokes. Tighten the nuts, making sure the wheels each
have enough play without being too wobbly. Rotate the position of all four wheels every
few months as well. Did you know A prototype of skateboarding
has been around since the early 1900s, when kids took steel roller-skate wheels and nailed
them to planks of wood.

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  1. Diego R. says:

    Fucking dumb ass i thought u were doing the replacement of the barrens. By hand a

  2. Jason Vargas says:

    you should just get a new deck and trucks

  3. jhvgcygcy says:

    People are so fucking dumb. Some wheels range from 5 dollars too 30 dollars. If the wheel cost 5, your paying for a very low quality urethane wheel. If the wheel cost 30, your paying for a very high quality urethane that wont flatspot easily.

  4. jhvgcygcy says:

    It's not about the graphic that makes the wheel cost more, dumbass.

  5. Pablo Cuellar says:

    bitch don't kill my vibe

  6. Ultimateblood SeekersAwesomeChannel says:

    I want to repair my wheels

  7. awesometownrocks says:

    I removed the bolt but it is too rusted & the wheel won't come off

  8. J says:

    lol, their on backwards

  9. Leon Pro Gamer says:

    wow the howcast is very smart thank you and when my bearings don't want move fast I use wd40

  10. ozioma says:

    What if you don't have a wrench atm?

  11. Waleed Abdalla says:

    Olive oil works great for bearings that dont move

  12. Dylan S Watson says:


  13. The Spectacular Spider Nerd says:

    What's better, wheels with round edges, or more solid/square edges?

  14. July says:

    What if you bus a nut

  15. Matthew Ingram says:

    "Ask an employee at the shop to remove the bearings" – would be more useful to know how this is done.

  16. Rich Rich says:

    Busting a nut for this ahhhhhhh

  17. Mike Mike says:

    I’m sorry but this is not a how to video if it includes me having to drive to a place that does it for me

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