How To Replace Spider Gears In Ford 7.5 & 8.8 Open Differential – Ford Mustang
How To Replace Spider Gears In Ford 7.5 & 8.8 Open Differential – Ford Mustang

Hey this is another video by Pet Rock. Today
I’m working on my wife’s ’98 Ford Mustang. It’s got a 7.5 rear end with a 2.73 gear ratio.
So of course first you jack the car up. Take the wheel off and you want to put your jack
stands forward of the lower control arms so that the suspension can sag down as far as
possible just to give you more room when you are working on the differential. So we need
to remove the rotor and caliper in order to remove the axle so we can remove the spider
gears. Easiest thing to do is to just remove the mounting bolts that mount the caliper
onto the differential. Then you can move the whole caliper as a unit out of the way and
then remove the rotor. So I already have a video covering how to remove the rotor and
caliper and replace the brake pads and things like that. That covers all the information
you will need in order to do this quickly and easily and reinstall it when you are done.
Including torque specs and things like that. So for this video I’m going to remove the
caliper via the mounting bracket and I’m going to fast forward through it because I don’t
need to cover the same information twice in two different videos. Because we are going
to be working on the axle itself and banging around on the differential. It’s a good idea
to take a bungee cord or a piece of rope or something like that and tie up the caliper
so that it doesn’t fall. You don’t want to let the caliper drop and possibly damage the
hoses is here. Now we remove the rotor. Now you can see a little easier how much free
play there is in this differential due to the worn out spider gears. If your car has
anti-lock brakes like this one does you will need to also remove the anti-lock brake sensor
otherwise you won’t be able to push the axle in far enough in order to remove the c-clips
inside the differential that hold the axle in place. It’s very common for these things
to get stuck and also fairly fragile because they are just made of plastic. So you want
to be careful when removing them. They’re also pretty expensive for what they are. So
I typically take some brake cleaner and hose down both sides and wipe it down. This helps
remove some of the crud that’s in there so that the penetrating oil will have a chance
to get in there. You also want to get the hole that the bolt holding the sensor on goes
through. So next you want to get a reverse Torx bit. If you notice the star is inverted.
In this case it’s a Torx E8. And spin off the bolt. Then you wiggle the sensor. You
might need to use a pair of pliers or something to get better leverage. In my case it’s just
sliding out. And you slide the sensor out and tuck it up out of the way. Then you do
the same thing to the other side. OK next you need to rotate the carrier so that you
can get to this bolt right here. You do that by putting the transmission in neutral and
rotating the drive shaft by hand. So now you want to remove this locking bolt. It’s an
8mm. I would advise using a box end wrench, or in my case a ratcheting wrench instead
of a socket because most sockets will gets stuck between this distance right here as
the bolt comes out. So to prevent the differential from spinning as you try to turn it you just
take a pry bar and put it between one of the bolts and the case and that will lock it in
place so it won’t try to move as you move this. Now you may run into a problem like
I have where this pin won’t come out because it’s hitting right here. The way I got it
out was I rotated the drive shaft slightly so that the bolt lines up with this notch
right here and it comes right out. Next you need to remove this center pin and in some
cases it might just fall out. In my case it’s really loose. You just stick your hand in
the back and find the other end of it and push. It should slide right out. In some cases
it may take a little bit of force but once you get it out a little bit you can take the
pin slide it through the hole here and then pull on it to give yourself a little more
leverage. Then you want to rotate the carrier that way and due to the gearing the spider
gears will slide out. Push the other one through the other side and then pull it out. You need
to remove the little C-Clips that hold the axle shaft in place. You do that by pushing
the axle shaft inward like this and using a magnet or other type tool to pull it out.
Like that. Then you do the same thing to the other side. And now you remove the axle shafts.
When pulling the axle shaft out you don’t want it to drag against the inside of the
axle tube so you want to support it as you are bringing it out. And then you just put
it aside somewhere standing straight up. Once you get one side out you just do the other
the same way. OK now that the axles are out the side gears should just be free so you
just try to pull them out like that. Now remember there is a spacer on the inside of both side
gears. As well as the two top and bottom spider gears. So make sure that those have been removed
before continuing. Here are the gears. This is the old set. This is the new set. If you
have an 8.8 Ford differential you will have a different part number then this but the
parts themselves will be virtually identical except for the splines and maybe the center
shaft with not much difference. That’s why installing spider gears on this differential,
even though it’s a 7.5, also applies to installing spider gears on an 8.8. So if you look closely
you can see how these edges are rounded and the sides are rounded as well. That’s the
wear that’s causing the up and down play. If you notice the top gears don’t have that
problem. They are nice and square. Before you put everything back together again you
want to make sure that all of the new parts match the old parts. Now comparing the two
they look virtually identical except for the center pin. Notice the new center pin has
a little cut out right here where the old center pin did not. Now I assume this is for
clearance on some differentials because most of these gears are interchangeable on various
types of differentials. But in this case this cut out for this differential is not necessarily
needed. However, I’m not really that concerned about it because this area right here is not
the stress point on this pin. The stress point is actually on the top and on the bottom.
On the axle shafts you want to make sure that the o-ring, its kind of hard to show in the
photo but, in the video, but there is an o-ring in this slot right here. You want to, I’m
trying to wiggle it up and down. If it’s damaged or missing you need to replace it. I’m not
entirely sure what it’s there for but it’s probably a shock absorbed dampener thing for
the u-clip that holds the axle in place but it’s there for a reason so if you don’t have
it just install a new one. You also want to clean off and inspect the areas right here
where the seal and the bearing ride. Make sure there is no cracks or pitting or gouge
marks or anything like that. You also want to check the condition of the anti-lock brake
tone ring. Make sure it’s on here properly and secure because it’s only a press fit.
I’ve seen some where they tend to loosen themselves up and they will spin off which is bad. OK,
so now we need to install the axle. As you can see here I have replaced the axle seal
as well as the bearing. I’ve covered that in another video. I’ll link to that in the
description. In either case whether you are using a new seal or an old seal you want to
take a little bit of oil and coat the rubber part of the seal. You never want to install
something through a rubber o-ring or seal dry. You’ll just burn them up the first time
you start rolling down the road. So you take your axle shaft. You slide it in place. Making
sure not to damage seal. Trying to keep it nice and straight. Eventually you will feel
it go through onto the other side inside the differential. So that’s how far I have the
axle installed right now. The other end of the axle with the splines is resting on the
hole that it slides into inside the differential case. On some vehicles one axle shaft will
actually be longer then the other. So you want to make sure that you keep the one that
came out of the right side on the right side. The one that came out of the left side on
the left side. Now we need to install the side gears. So each side gear comes with a
small shim that goes right there. You want to coat that with a light coat of oil so that
when it first starts rotating it’s not going to be dry. You just need to cover it lightly
with a little coating of oil. I advise using gloves here too because again this oil stinks.
Just get a nice coating. Put it on the back and then slide it into place. Now you can
position yourself to hold the gear in place as you push the axle shaft into place. Like
that. Then you take the c-clip, making sure it’s nice and clean and you slide it into
place. Like that. The you push the axle shaft backwards to have it seal inside the side
gear. So now as the axle turns so too will the side gear. Then you do the same thing
on the other side. So like with the side gears you need to take the washer that comes with
it and coat both sides with a little bit of oil. Then you take the washer, stick it on
the back. It should hold itself there just based on it’s own spring pressure as well
as the oil that you applied. You take your top spider gear. You line it up within the
gears. Then rotate it into place such that it’s all the way in the back without falling
out. Then you want to take your hand, stick it through the back. Rotate the entire assembly
holding the top spider gear in place. You then take your bottom spider gear. You slide
that into place. And this makes it so that you can align both halves together and still
be able to manipulate things so that you can make sure that both halves are aligned and
be able to put the center pin in place. In this case I need a little bit of adjustment
so I can rotate one half slightly. Put the gear back in and now I can slide it all the
way through. That means that my spider gears are now lined up and I can rotate the entire
assembly into place. So now you hold the spider gears from moving and rotate the entire assembly
so that you can get access to this hole right here. So now you take your center pin. You
lube it up nicely and you slide it into place. Like that. So now once you’ve got this center
pin in all the way you make sure that hole that this pin will go into is lined up. Like
that. Slide it all the way in. Now you rotate the assembly to a point where yo can get the
pin all the way through. And on this vehicle there is a little notch right in here that
allows the pin to slide through. Now you take your 8mm wrench and tighten it down. OK the
torque spec for this pin is 15 to 30 ft/lbs. Now if you can get a torque wrench in this
space right here more power to you. But in my case I can’t, so 15 to 30 ft/lbs is basically
snug it down real good. So that’s it. Now we’ve got new spider gears all the way through
and a new center pin. So now if I rotate the assembly there is only a little bit of back-lash
and the gears are not moving up and down. They are not moving around. There has to be
a little bit of free play in here. Like this is OK. If you notice the amount of free play
that I have in there is actually causing the other axle to rotate. So you rotate it around
a little bit. Make sure that everything moves freely. Everything meshes nicely.Back over
to the axle and you reinstall your ABS sensor. Slide it into place. Put a little dab of anti-seize
on the end of the bolt to make it easier to remove later if you ever have to. Then you
take your E8 Torx head socket and snug it down. Once you get it down about finger tight
then you take your torque wrench and torque it down between 40 and 60 in/lbs. These bolts
are known for snapping and that’s usually from people over tightening them. Don’t just
try to snug it down because chances are you will over tighten. Use a torque wrench whenever
possible. I wanted to show a before & after of the amount of slop that was in this rear
axle. The amount of slop that is in here is the expected amount of back lash between the
pinion bear and the ring gear. There is a little bit of backlash with the spider gears
as well but it’s very minimal. Take your rotor, put it into place. What I like to do is I
like to take one of the axle nuts, lug nuts and spin it on all the way. This keeps the
rotor from flopping around as I’m trying to get the caliper on. Like I mentioned earlier
I have a video covering how to replace the brake pads and rotor on this vehicle so if
you need an in depth description of how to install the brake pads and rotors you can
consult that video. For this one I’m just going to fast forward through it. So the spider
gear kit that I got came with a set of break in instructions. Yours may or may not come
with it. The gist of it is just take it easy for a little while and but one key point is
to change the differential oil after about 500 miles to remove any metal particles or
whatever from the break in period. The rest of the procedure is just cleaning off this
surface, putting the cover back on and filling it back up with oil. I cover that in my video
about replacing the rear differential fluid on this vehicle. I’ll link to that in the
description. So I hope this video helped you out. If you have any questions, comments or
concerns please leave them in the comments section below. If you liked this video please
click the like button. If you want to see more videos like this please subscribe.

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    very well explained boss man. idk shit about cars or know anything about "how to's" but ur vid actualy gave me the confidence 2 go out n try it my self 2morrow. my diffirential locked up on me lastnight i had to tow my car home so hopefuly takeing all that out cleaning it realy good and filling it bk up will fix it. i do have ALOT of back lash when puting my foot on & off the gas… SO MYB frm what iv learend so far i might need them lil circle lashes thigs replaced n get new 1s from what iv seen doing the oil change on it wont fix the back lash nor the winning on it but ill keep my fingers crossed. thank u if u have any pointers on ANYTHING I SHOULD KNOW B4 TEYING THIS OUT id appreciate it if u would let me know. thanks again 1 of the best vids iv watched so far hands down. thanks again.

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    My gears and everything came out. Somehow the pin that holds it in came loose.
    Do I need to take the wheels off to put the gears back since everything is already out?can I just insert the gears and screw it back

  96. Katrina Reynosa says:

    This video is so amazingly informative… As a female I'm sure most would understand my worries and fear of replacing my spider gears, my father taught me basics growing up but not anything like this… I feel very confident going at this job after watching this video… THANK YOU IS NOT ENOUGH! I will post a updated comment once I complete this project… Thank you sooooo very much!!!!

  97. Ryan West says:

    I hope my gears go in as easy as yours did

  98. Doomzdayxx says:

    Thankyou for showing the spider gear alignment because every other cocksucker on youtube conveniently left this step out.

  99. ꧁꧂ Ꮧ Ꮼ S Ꮛ ꧁꧂ says:

    You mentioned this is Ford but it’s the exact same thing as my GM 7.5, I think I can do this 💪🏽, very specific and detailed video

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