How To Replace Tensioner and Idler Pulleys // Quick and Easy DIY
How To Replace Tensioner and Idler Pulleys // Quick and Easy DIY

oh hello there so today we’re going to
replace a couple pulleys on the Jeep ya they’re squeaking a little bit and wore
out so we’re going to replace the tensioner pulley in the idler pulley
there the bearings are wore out yup so the first thing you got to do you know is ah
take yer belt off so we’ll do that there first just got loosen her up here pull
over and then a pull up top there they got that out there okay now you are
loosen up the pulleys you need another 15 mill there to loosen those up so we’ll
loosen them up okey-dokey so we got the tensioner pulley off there make sure you
save your parts you know and looks a little melted on the back there oh
geez yeah let’s see how she spins ya there’s some resistance in there
now that there bearings bad you know so we’ll just put the new one on there
throw this one away recycle it you know okey-dokey I’ll put the new on there okie dokie so here’s the idler pulley
there now this one’s bad too save those parts
to save …inaudible… spin it feel resistance in the bearing there yup she’s bad
so replace that one too goes down there they’re both down there see Oh yup right
there so that there ah new one comes with this this bearing spacer there so
you put that in there then put this new bolt the all bolt in there put that on
toss this piece out of there didn’t look like she do any good anymore nope so
put this little spacer in there go like that yep okie dokie so we got the new
ones on there and all you gotta do is put the belt back on and fire up and see how
she sounds wow she looks pretty good there now
no more squeekin’ maybe on them there 20 below mornings
no more squeekin’ but guess we’ll have to wait to find out til next year
okey-dokie talk to ya later

13 thoughts on “How To Replace Tensioner and Idler Pulleys // Quick and Easy DIY”

  1. Eli Green says:

    thanks alot man, gunna go out and buy a new pulley. i had replaced my tensioner yesterday because it was locked up.

  2. Karen Roundtree says:

    Thank you! Thanks to a youtube video I replaced the serpentine belt on my Jeep Liberty by myself for $41.00. I am now headed back to the parts store for an idler pulley and a tensioner pulley for around a total of $34.00. The dealer was going to charge around $400! And, did I mention, that I am a girl?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Ramiro Campos says:

    thank you for your help God bless you.

  4. Kris Holmlund says:

    I have purchased a new idler pulley and about to install with help from your video.
    Question tho: you mentioned cold mornings, did you have a 1-2sec loud whine from this also but only on cold cold mornings? I only get this when its below 10F. Wondering if it's also from the idler bearing. Thanks for creating this video!

  5. Ian Hermoso says:

    Finally had enough of the loud squeaking and being embarrassed at the stoplight . And today was a perfect 38ยฐ Minnesota weather to do it. I only replaced the tensioner pulley and now my jeep sounds beautiful. Thank you!

  6. Gerald LaBonte says:

    this guy is awesome sounds just like a hardcore yooper from 906

  7. Outmembered says:

    You can easily change the bearing in the idler pulley without replacing the whole part. Also there is a metal tensioner pulley Dayco 89051 – after installing it youl`ll also need to change only bearing in the future.

  8. tarnowek1 says:

    oki doki ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Thomas Stuart says:

    What two pulleys did you replace ?

  10. Alphawolf299 says:

    What did you torque these bad boys to?

  11. M M says:

    You skipped the part I didnโ€™t know how to do reeeeee!

  12. Jamie Eastman says:

    Hey just wanted to say thanks for this. Just finished changing mine on my 2004 gr Cherokee. Thank you!

  13. Tomรกs Coronado says:

    Yours is the 1st video I found. Thanks. I searched for two days.

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