How To Replace The Wheel Hub On A C5/C6 Corvette
How To Replace The Wheel Hub On A C5/C6 Corvette

hello stairway looking at replacing the
bill perry on a two thousand seven jenny format but this procedure should work
for free but jc five were seized export dept in this particular vehicle whenever i ask her r_t_e_ less in really
bad popping sounds and infuriated with the rotation wheel but this is one spot where the wheel
rotates which is an indication that the middle of may have failed one of the more likely reasons why you
anyways he is one of the war we’ll see if that is that they are uh… and that was pretty sensors
integrated into the home uh… it can be kind of a tricky procedure but
it’s not too bad ice formations or observe all the four specifications and
then take your time today the suspensions people can be very
sensitive you’ve got anything that’s lives are at stake in just a little bit uh… so let’s get started look at the car support was vaccines and
then remove the wheel and then we’ll remove and now he’s
either of these two twenty one on your books right here to removed the brake
caliper emer and arrangement for one of your voice we
were able to remove the breakout which i have just sent from a bungee cord right here it’s critical that you know a lot of
original grandmother brake lines of events required some people use the geyser whatever usually truly have the caliber
of security painfully aware unitel uh… we have removed the rover was the they did a little nervous we are getting the caliber of mistake sometimes but also the rover was personnel room bratislava and we will put your beloit waters of along the rotor and uh… those of the offbeat spin around probably come off the bench put the brakes previous work on b apartheid and uh… that’s what you were is uh… disconnected as is uh… that’s insults dash with uh… with this dot right here which went out on a with iran about to break that loose utna until there is your amount you can just get a uh… holds about were walker something like
that who and we don’t want you to know and and
and and i love your recent breakthroughs and yet the heroin removed here’s a
little bit rehear for summer and i expected you’re hit with a little bit of
the people last year which i don’t think they have and uh… either meaning it india people turn out in this procedure that
you final discounting uh… never going to do the lower ball
joint not which is just behind the wheel of facing downward association of that’s facing down that
senate when one of the year andrea or all of you and store on its
own separate people working for uh… reviews from the above can argue that if you want to work to soften the blow virtually no ban on
smoking and inside sledgehammer hewitt separatism profits and start even after i a lot of other failures using that to blackboard
triumph of love uh… he had not come loose a little bit flirted with record on the control arm which i’m not afraid of what you will of
course clerks of u_s_ was able to get to the it was without
usual sort of the control or justin you try it be careful in immediately but uh… sometimes it’s the force
against the blues and sometimes it’s the vibration uh… from striking metal on metal message footer with this particular react sup with fast food with our two other get straight to go to
a puzzle and there are these t_-fifty five
classes right here particular separator more uh… with an adapter amenity fifty-five
socket which is kinda an unusually large g_-fifty five so make sure that you were you’ve got all these in your kid before
you start slacks a let’s get them removed so that
i would also make sure that you just think you were a eighty s we’ll speak
sensor so you don’t damage the connected when you and absolutely no speak five access we
have the wheel of a separate and uh… don’t you will also leave which i think is the or the better of some ways you can get
for uh… a reasonable price uh… basically recently reviewed in reverse
order pain very close attention force are process the patient but will not stand for the reassembly
source in a city that right now and we have those three fifty five fax
is four down to nine six foot pounds to to get the widow of assembly secure the uh… remain fasteners are going to have alan uh… alan lipke inside a politically studs
with uh… legal family and to get us started really need to
uh… to put down in part artist like that
from this case the uh… lower our uh… also assembly has been a six to twelve year interior alan twenty twenty one millimeter dot stand will see that you started and once it’s tight enough these flood waters dot and then she wants you to your final for
which with corporate genocide you’ve got that will roll might work
against human fifty two-foot pounds hands and title in innocent near forty three-foot
parents you can’t are a look at the bottom backup we uh…
extremely operating hours with uh… a hundred and twenty two-foot path for
symbolism series organelles advice you can possible out and that it’s easy to neglect the
allotment to expect uh… respect supporters without when she noticed that moderate impacts
and i would recommend you know in others as you can get in the
air apparently on the ground with star starter and it turned out to programs festival of colours his job as you can
see it’s a it’s really pretty straightforward i recently had friends
ivy holiday shoppers you by phone at four oh seven hundred dollars for this
procedure which really blew me away whenever i’ve been in a c_e_o_ who will
uh… which is almost five months with the front moved we’ll prone rather have the moving of had my
choice uh… but still uh… easy to say a lot of money on a
very simple procedure like this if you had a wheel speed sensor that sound
recording some strange noises when you’re steering handsome excessive fertile playing in new york inhibited
and no but first we must always do it every
question still reports one of the analyst write-up x

18 thoughts on “How To Replace The Wheel Hub On A C5/C6 Corvette”

  1. Nick Stageberg says:

    They're just the auto generated captions 🙂

  2. Nick Stageberg says:


  3. Xuper Productions says:

    What kind of Jack did you use to raise the vette?

  4. Nick Stageberg says:

    I have a 3 ton aluminum low profile race jack from harbor freight. If you are having trouble getting under it you can turn the from wheels and access the jack point from the wheel well.

  5. Xuper Productions says:

    Thank you for the info!

  6. Nick Stageberg says:


  7. bslav94pgt says:

    Is that a datsun 280z I see in the back

  8. Machine Gun says:

    Is this procedure the same for a 98 vette, rear wheels?

  9. Jon Wilson says:

    Instead of beating on your control arm, you can use a $20 Harbor Freight ball joint separator. I used one when I took all the control arms off.

  10. Ernie Hiracheta says:

    Great Vid! Love the Z in the background! I have a bad sensor it seems but i also had this popping you mentioned, thought it was normal guess not…lol.  My old EVO and my current STI have me used to this popping.

  11. EdmondLau2007 says:

    I just did the rears on my C5, it wasn't fun.  I watched your video in case I have to do the fronts in the future.  It appears that the fronts may be a little bit easier to do than the rears.  You were able to leave the the upper connected and that gave you some leverage for the T-55 bolts.  I was not able to leave the rears connected and it was difficult getting leverage.

  12. Ken Wright says:

    Great job on the video.  Many thanks.

  13. Fidel Silvas says:

    Awesome vid as I will be doing this process here very soon now thanks to you…

  14. Eddie Goodrich says:

    how many miles were on that C6 before the bearing went bad.

  15. Godspeed1 says:


  16. TWSRACING says:

    Do you have the Moog part number for the wheel hub? Thanks!

  17. Doug says:

    Thank you!

  18. Dom Brunelli says:

    My C5 with 31000  on the clock is in the specialty shop now with front wheel hub replacement..I'm told $550. for parts and labor..Sound right?

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