How to Replace Upper Control Arm and Ball Joint 02-05 Mercury Mountianeer
How to Replace Upper Control Arm and Ball Joint 02-05 Mercury Mountianeer

Brought to you by, your source
for quality replacement parts and the best service on the Internet. Hi, I’m Mike from 1A Auto. I hope this how-to video helps you out, and
next time you need parts for your vehicle, think of Thanks. In this video, we’re going to show you how
to replace the upper control arm with the ball joint in this 2003 Mercury Mountaineer. It’s the same process on the Mountaineers
from 2002 to 2005 as well as the Ford Explorer. We show you the passenger’s side; the driver’s
side the same procedure. You need new upper control arm or arms from, 10 to 22mm sockets with ratchets and extensions, some pipe or a breaker bar
for extra leverage, hammer, jack and jack stands, torque wrench and a pry bar. Pry off the hub cap by using a flat blade
screwdriver in this small slot on the side. Once you get it started, you can just pull
out around the edges. We’ll just fast forward as Mike removes those
19mm lug nuts. If you don’t have air powered tools, you want
to loosen them while the vehicle is on the ground, raise the vehicle and remove them
the rest of the way. Now you can pull the wheel free. Now remove this 18mm nut. We’ll fast forward as Mike does that and you
can see he’s using a piece of pipe for some extra leverage. Once you remove that nut, just put it back
on a few threads and then take a hammer and just hammer your wheel knuckle. You want to do this until it breaks free and
slides down the stud. On the back of your axle here, just place
a pry bar and just hammer the axle out. That’s loose. Now remove that 18mm nut and pull your wheel
knuckle forward. You want to make sure that the axle’s free
so that it won’t get damaged if the knuckle falls forward. Then come up here, just push the tab on this
harness and disconnect it. Now remove this 21mm nut and this 21mm nut
right here. To make it easier to remove those, just remove
this 10mm bolt right here that holds this bracket in place. Then, using a piece of pipe for some extra
leverage, just remove those nuts. Now just maneuver the upper control arm down
and out. You just want to work out one side at a time
and kind of feed it back. The inner fender is in the way here. All right, so that’s out now.Once you get
that end out then just move the other end out. Up top is the old upper control arm, below
it is the new one from 1A Auto. You can see they’re identical and they’ll
fit exactly the same. Tighten up the nuts on the end of the shaft
just enough so that they’re just a little tighter but the shaft will still rotate. This just helps you so you don’t have to do
it so much when it’s installed in the car and it’s harder to get to. Feed your new upper control arm back into
place. You want to maneuver it kind of the same way
you maneuvered it to get it out just in reverse. Then take these washers and they have two
tabs that you want to push up into those two holes. It fits into place and then you just replace
the nut. The green side goes towards the front to the
vehicle on this side and then pink one goes towards the back. You just repeat the process on this pink one
and replace the nut. Then we’ll fast forward as Mike tightens both
of those up. Now torque both of those to 110 foot-pounds. Push the stud back into the wheel knuckle
and then replace that 19mm nut. Make sure your axle’s pushed all the way back
in and it should just feed right back into place and then tighten up that 19mm nut. Then just torque that nut to 90 foot-pounds. Replace this bracket and the 10mm bolt that
holds it into place and tighten it up. Reconnect this harness. We’ve got the jack supporting it and the vehicle’s
level so the suspension is in its correct ride position and we want to tighten up the
end bolts on the control arm. Replace your wheel and then replace all the
lug nuts and tighten them preliminarily. Then you want to lower the vehicle and tighten
them the rest of way and then torque each of these in a crossing pattern to 100 foot
pounds. Now replace your hub cap and we do recommend
that you have your alignment checked and adjusted if necessary. We hope this video helps you out. Brought to you by, your source
for quality replacement parts and the best service on the Internet. Please feel free to call us toll-free, 888-844-3393. We’re the company that’s here for you on the
Internet and in person.

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  1. Shank Montgomery says:

    Your timing with this vid couldn't be more perfect cause I had to do this on a friends 02 mountaineer tomorrow

  2. Snide says:

    Changing this upper ball joint, can it impact the alignment?

  3. craiggus365 says:

    You guys are the best!
    You bailed me out on a 3.1L intake manifold replacement and now this, gold star for all of you!

  4. Alan Parry says:

    really helped me much appreciated!.

  5. Eduardo Glez-Nunez says:

    you guys are awesome! you're the best!

  6. Shaggy F says:

    is the same thing for the driver side

  7. J S Ellis says:

    Is there any way to do the control arm without hammering the axle out? I only ask because I am nervous about damaging my drivetrain since I just spent several thousand dollars getting it repaired.

  8. Mark Jefferson says:

    when changing 05. upper. ball joint do. u have. to. change your upper control arm

  9. Mark Jefferson says:

    ford. Explorer

  10. Dan O'Connell says:

    How do you determine that you've jacked up the suspension into it's correct ride position when you're getting ready to tighten up the end bolts? Also how tight do you make the end bolts?

  11. Noel Benitez says:

    best place for car help when u don't have the $ for a mechanic. i now consider myself a half ass mechanic ๐Ÿ™‚ i've done so much work on my vehicles and saved a bunch of $

  12. Kellen Fitzpatrick says:

    Thanks for the video. Is there a torque spec for the end bolts?

  13. Jose Jimenez says:

    I torque everything while I jacked up the lower control arm to mid level, does it matter if I did it that way?

  14. Clifton Cupp says:

    I purchased both upper control arms and I didn't get free shipping so idk said 89.00 but came out 130. Today 4/20/17

  15. Chelsea Bird says:

    is this a 4wd vehicle? would it be a little easier on a 2wd because of the axle (or lack thereof)?

  16. CLigu_79 says:

    Piece of cake

  17. Wrestling Videos says:

    at 5:12 you say. "take these washers"… what us the part # / name of those washers? The one to the rear on the passenger side has a busted tab. I just ordered your 10 piece kit and got stopped when I found this to be broken. I'm stuck until I find that washer. please help.

  18. Mustnged says:

    Ordered my upper control arms from you guys and just installed them. Superior product. I learned my lesson by ordering the ones on eBay. Fitment was horrible. Wouldn't fit at all so I bought your set. You guys are truly awesome. One question, the alignment tabs, are they supposed to be on both sides? They were only on my passenger side. My drivers side didn't have the metal tab pieces.

  19. Jordan says:

    what about the sway bar link?

  20. Larry Nelson says:

    Does anyone know what purpose the harness serves that is disconnected during the installation. My 2005 Explorer's driver side harness was just dangling in the wheel well.
    I taped it back to a safer position. When I asked my mechanic what the harness was for, he said he did not know. Without these 1A Auto videos, I would still be trying to figure out lug nut removal. Thanks so much for all your tips and techniques.

  21. lpdog82 says:

    I love these A1 Auto videos , EXCELLENT INFO ! ! ! ! ! Great job guys!

  22. Bike McG says:

    Correct upper ball joint torque is 41 ft-lbs, not 90 ft-lbs as stated in the video.

  23. TigersDen215 says:

    slightly heating up the nylon locking nut would be a great tip to remove it from a rusty stud

  24. Ernest Thomas says:

    don't think you have to remove the axel nut or pry the axel out like you did. to remove the ball joint out of the knuckle

  25. Greg Cummings says:

    Does this also pertain to the rear?

  26. Matt Sayers says:

    Thank you so much for this video! I bought a pair of these upper control arms and got it all together and went to drive it and the steering was a bit sloppy. I watched this video and went back out and looked and the washers were not in the hole and they were put on backwards the pink was in the front and the green was in back. I fixed one side in the dark but I will fix the other side before i take it for alignment

  27. -OK Internet- says:

    will this be the same for all wheel drive?

  28. James Newman says:

    Which way do you put the washers on there that had two notches they have no pain on them all they have is EU and the other one has FD on it if you would specify which one goes where thank you


    1999 Ford Explorer 4×4 sport. Driver side upper control arm bolts. Is there a magical way to remove and reinstall these control arm bolts? Hours of sweat and cursing have been unsuccessful. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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