Hi everyone, this is geRAMicc85. Today I am
going to replace the wheel bearings on this dodge ram 1500. This is a 2wd 96 dodge ram
and I am going to show you how I replace one side. Before you start working on it make
sure you have two new bearings: inner and outer bearing and also a new seal. First I
am going to take the jack and jack up the front of the vehicle. So I have this side
of the car jacked up. Now I am taking a 21mm socket with an extension to get off the lug
nuts. Then I can take off the wheel. Next thing I am going to do is taking off this
caliper here. Therefore I am going to press back the piston. You can do it with a clamp
or a piece of metal and press it back just like that. It doesn’t have to be pressed back
all the way, just enough so that these pads are loose. Now I am going to take off the
caliper. There is one bolt up here and one down here. I am loosening them up with a 3/8
inch inbus socket. Make sure you disconnect the ABS line from the brake line. I am putting
the caliper behind the spindle for now, that way I don’t have to hang it. Just make sure
that those lines here are not tight. An easy way to take off the hub cap is to use channel
logs but be careful, don’t squeeze it too bad so that you can reuse it. Now I am taking
off the safety pin. Taking this part out. Now you can see the nut that’s actually holding
the hub onto the spindle. And we are going to take that off now. Usually it is pretty
loose. This nut is going to be reused. I am putting it on a piece of paper so it doesn’t
get dirty. You don’t want to get any sand or anything in here. Now you can take off
the hub but be careful, because the old outer bearing is going to fall out when you take
it off. There is a washer on top of the bearing, you might want to save that too. I am going
to take this hub inside on the workbench and take out the old bearing. This is the inner
side of the wheel hub. First thing is to take off the seal. Now you can take out the inner
bearing, just like that. We still have the old drives in there. There is one drive on
this side on the inside and one drive on the outside. I am going to clean this a little
bit to show you where the drives sit and how to get them out. Down here is the actual edge
of the outer drive. I am going to hit that with a screwdriver and a hammer to get it
out. Here you can see that it is actually coming out, but it is not all out yet so I
will have to keep doing this. I am placing two pieces of wood on both sides of the bearing
so that the inside is free so that I can take out the bearing drive all the way. The old
drive just fell out. Now it is time to take the inner drive out. This is the inner drive,
it is a little bigger. We also got this one out. Now it is time to clean the hub and put
the new drives in. Here you see the new bearing, it is the outer bearing. And it comes with
the drive so take it out of the plastic bag. Make sure there is no dirt getting to this.
So take off the drive and put it with the thicker side towards the hub. I have this
metal tube laying around that’s the size of the drive. I am placing that on there and
take the hammer to get it in there. Make sure you get it in nice and even. As you can see
it is going in there but it is still not at the end. If it is not moving in any further,
that’s it. Turn the hub around and do the other side. I am wiping it off again to make
sure there is no dirt to get it in easy. This is the drive for the inner bearing. Again
put the thick side in first. Now it is time to put in the inner bearing. But before I
do that, I am applying this grease on there. Make sure you don’t put too much on it. Work
it in nicely into the wheels. Now apply a thin layer of grease on the inside of the
drive. Not too much, just a nice layer. Now I am putting the new bearing into the drive.
Also I am putting some grease on top, but only on the sides. Now I am putting that inner
seal on there. Now I am going to pack some more grease in there. I am cleaning of the
old grease off of the spindle. Now I am putting the wheel hub back on there. So before I put
that outer bearing in, I am putting some of that grease on there too and work it in there
nicely. Again I am applying a thin layer of grease onto the drive. Then I am putting in
the new bearing. I am cleaning the washer a little bit an putting it back on the right
way. Now I am putting the nut back on. I am taking a 27mm socket and tighten up the nut
until the wheel is hard to turn. Now I am backing off a quarter turn like that. And
then it has got the right tension. I am putting the safety nut on there and the pin back in.
And don’t forget to put the cap back on. As you can see there is grease all over the break
disc, so I am going to clean that off. Don’t forget the inside too. Now I am putting the
caliper back into position. Ok I am going to tighten up these lug nuts with
my torque wrench and that’s it, I am all done replacing the bearings. Thank you very much
for watching, I hope you like this video. If so please press “like” or feel free to
subscribe to my channel. You can also find me on google+ and facebook. And this is geRAMicc85
signing out.


  1. 404TRUCKER says:

    I wish front wheel drive cars was this ez

  2. spelunkerd says:

    Nice review.

  3. Jim Audisee says:

    Good video.

  4. K Zpodindustries says:

    Why would someone vote this video down?
    Must be your competition because you made this video so clear and precise and made them look bad, LOL.

  5. Erich Schultz says:

    what size piece of tubing was used to remove the inner and outer bearing?

  6. K Zpodindustries says:

    This video was very helpful before deciding to do the work myself on a 95 Dodge Ram 2500.
    I ended up going to 3 different parts stores. Autozone did not have all of the bearings and sleeves. NAPA had what I needed. For those that don't know this then you will need 2 outer bearings that come with one sleeve per packet. The inner bearings were sold separately from the inner sleeves. I then went to O'Reilly because they loan out tools with a deposit, so I borrowed a Bearing Sleeve installation tool. You will need a tub of grease, brake and drum cleaner, and an entire roll of paper towels.

    Dodge dealer told me to torque the bearing nut to 14 Lbs just for seating purposes, then loosen, then hand tighten, and of course put the cotter pin in so the nut doesn't keep loosening. What I noticed in a short time is that as the bearings were breaking in I could feel a bit of loosening or steering that was not as tight as it should be, so I raised each wheel off the ground then put a 4 lb torque to allow further break in.

    The difference in how my truck goes down the road is incredible, it had always made a loud noise that I thought was just road noise, and now it's quieter and it feels like I am slipping down the road on banana peels, it made that much of a difference, now I really have to watch my speed and I'm hoping the mialage improves as well. Thanks for posting the video, the job is easy to do, it's just messy.

  7. Shawn McNew says:

    Never seen anybody push a piston in to get the caliper off.  fail-ish  And aren't you supposed to pack those bearings?  just checking on that.  This video has its merits though, so thanks for posting.

  8. callmeko says:

    This was sad, That is Not a Drive, Bearing Race. Pack a Bearing in your Palm Till it comes out the top

  9. Tys Sniffen says:

    great, well made, clear, video.  love the church bells at 8:36.   jealous of your driveway too!

  10. zephyr Dok says:

    Good video man!
    I've just packed the bearings differently (from the bottom)
    Nice job

  11. zephyr Dok says:

    Is the truck yours?
    Nice tire!
    I have a 2001 1500 ram what's yours?

    What size lift and tires?
    No lift on mine and only 2×4 I thought about getting the 2" front leveling kit and going with 265/70R17 BF Goodrich all terrain T/A's need some decent tires for when my wife and I go shooting in the desert, we do after all live in Arizona which if you don't know is 90% desert.

  12. Josh Woodcock says:

    Thank you.. awsome work..

  13. Rights Kit says:

    Bearing drive = race

  14. Rodney Quezada says:

    Nice thank for make this video…

  15. The Ornery EmpOracle says:

    I have seen goofy narration, wind interfereance, shaky and just plain illegible DIY automotive videos all ovet YT – YOU ARE AWESOME. I can follow right along, see what you are doing and hear what you are saying. If I am looking up a how to – it means it is my first time doing the job 🙂 GREAT JOB – please keep making these!

  16. baboonbuttz says:

    it's not called inner drive it is called the "bearing race"

  17. baboonbuttz says:

    there is a proper way of loading tapper bearings with grease to ensure they are loaded properly an that isn't it.

  18. baboonbuttz says:

    what is the preload for wheel bearings?

  19. Ghost says:

    Do you have to change out the bearing race????????? or just replace the bearings?????

  20. Kerry Mullins says:

    Not a bad video except for one thing. Packing grease into the bearings. I'm wondering if you've had to replace bearings again yet because you don't have enough grease in them. If you haven't, I'd at least pop the outer bearing back out, stuff a bunch of grease into the hub and properly pack the outer bearing by using either a bearing grease packer or just packing it in with your hands.

  21. Kelly Stigar says:

    no comment

  22. Kelly Stigar says:

    no comment

  23. Kelly Stigar says:


  24. B Smith says:

    great video. informative and clear. keep up the good work my friend

  25. Ben Mcdaniel says:

    nice video thanks Lil more grease though

  26. Roy Johnsen says:

    Thank you!

  27. Kyle Shawley says:

    Great video! Dont be shy with the grease:)

  28. Jimmy Rodriguez says:

    Great video thanks.

  29. Chet Von Schmidt says:

    What if you have cracks on the front of the Hub?

  30. Chet Von Schmidt says:

    Great video!

  31. Derek Suddreth says:

    Thank You! This video is the one I've been searching for. Most of the instructions on YouTube are for 4X4 Rams, and in those, the bearings come assembled. My inner bearing was completely gone and the race (drive) is stuck to the spindle. Any ideas on how to remove the race without destroying the spindle?

  32. Twin Oaks says:

    this IS NOT a proper way to do this Job! That new bearing will soon fail again!

  33. C Collins says:

    the inner wheel beering drive goes in the wheel whoo:, translation wheel bearing races are press fitted into the brake rotor hub ,. You speaking Canadian eh? :/ BTW it's called PACKING the bearings but otherwise great tutorial.. Thanks spot on DYI.

  34. Twin Oaks says:

    A Bearing Race is not called a "Drive"

  35. jordan rogers says:

    Get a rubber mallet to get the dust cap off better then slip joint pliers

  36. jarrad carter says:

    Good video! But you didn't use nearly enough grease! You need alot!!! Lol

  37. Juan Gonzalez says:

    Thank you for showing your work

  38. buddyroll 1 says:

    You did a good job…however, respectfully….you need to pack the wheel bearings-grease must be push through the bearings.

  39. Rons Lens says:

    Thanks man, really helped me out on the seal!

  40. H B says:

    For some reason Ram bearings are junk.. Made cheap there is no reason that these should not last 150,000 miles easy.. I have seen Toyota"s last 300,000 miles and still good.. You can always make money on Fords and Chevy's and Dodge's. There made cheap and know matter what part it is they don't last.. I have seen CVs fall apart in my hand at 50,000 miles. Real garbage.. People are clueless on American cars and Trucks.. I love the Fords blowing Spark Plugs. You tell people and they think your only trying to rip them off.. Or telling people they need a new engine from poor design.. Your just saying that then they go to a dealer and they tell them the same thing. $6,000 out of your bank people..

  41. Dennis Smith says:

    You were good with everything…. EXCEPT, You have to PACK those bearings with the correct grease! Those bearings are now doomed for heat and failure.

  42. paul rogers says:

    forgot to pack the bearing with grease before putting the front dust cap back on

  43. andy lange says:

    The best video on YouTube.
    Very helpful,thank you!

  44. Jeff Bradford says:

    Hint: Use the old bearing race as a drift-punch for tapping in the new bearing race. Make sure they're both facing the same way so you can tap the old one back out when the new one gets to the bottom. Dodge recommends putting the brake rotor and wheel on with the lug nuts (but not the brake caliper) and spinning the wheel while tightening the spindle nut. While spinning the wheel, tighten the nut, loosen it, and tighten it down again so the wheel turns smoothly but has no play. The service manual has no torque spec for the spindle nut.

  45. Dan Booher says:

    Thats not a bearing drive, its called something else. I know that much.

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