How-To: Roller Set Hair Tutorial Maryland State Board 2009| Hair How ToTutorial| BeautySchoolBlogger
How-To: Roller Set Hair Tutorial Maryland State Board 2009| Hair How ToTutorial| BeautySchoolBlogger

Hey, YouTubers its beauty school [blogger] [this] evening. I wanted to show you all how to use a rollers a roller set Please excuse the fussing in the background. [it’s] my [three-month-old] who refuses to go to sleep She’s right unhappy That mommy’s not holding her um So please just excuse her I will occasionally stop and take a break to check on her. The first thing you want to do is to part the hair the way you part the hair is by using your roller as a guide you want to use these holes right in here as Your guide of where you should part the hair they should be within the last two holes for the top part okay, so you also use the end of the roller as a guide of where each piece should be taken at so for example with this roller if I start at the forehead We will stop the first section right about here so Sorry about that Had to put the little one to bed so you use this roller as a guide of where the hair should [be] And how much hair should be put on that roller? so here is the hair that [should] be on this roller right here You don’t want too much hair on our roller for [the] [simple] fact is [it’ll] take forever and ever to dry? Usually you want your roller set to dry within a half an hour [so] This one needs a little bit more water. [I] always keep a spray bottle as should anyone else that’s doing a roller set Okay, the first few rollers should be done at A 45 degree angle Towards my camera obviously You wrap the ends around Try not to pinch them, you want them spaced out a little bit Of course mine are going to pinch as this is Trimmed hair So you want to keep them within these two holes? But you want to just keep rolling Bring it as tight as possible if you can keep within those two holes Try to do so if not, it’s not a big deal we go so then we take a Roller clip [we] position it at the base of this roller and This is what your first roller should look like okay? Roller number two It’s going to be done the [same] way Except I’m going to eyeball this one instead of having to measure out. How much hair I need so We’ll take that much And try to get your parts even with these little layers as straight as possible because then if not Your curls will look a little funky in places So it’s some use a little bit more water Again this one side a 45 degree angle you wrap your hair around the Roller to drop some hair start over At A 45-degree angle wrap it as tight as possible [something] on a rap for me there we go as tight as possible just [on] a 45 degree angle and place A Roller clip I try and keep them all on the same side Because it’s just easier to have them all of them placed then all over the head Okay, so secure that in there on to the next Roller Once you get to about here on the head which is pretty much where the scalp starts to Curve around is where you’re going to stop the 45 degree angles and you’re going to do a 90 degree angle So soon as I get there. I’ll show you how to do that Just real quick hurry this up So I’m not taking forever I don’t [know] how I don’t want to have to make this part 1 2 3 & 4 possible um so Get your parts as straight as possible Comb that hair out Keep it wet Another 45-degree angle across the top of this roller here and secure roll there Okay So I might get one maybe two more rollers in here before I do my 90 degree angle It’s going to be [too] So collect your hair again Get your parts as straight as possible Okay actually I’m going to do my 90 here Cuz the way the head is positioned So this is gonna be a 90 degree angle you keep it straight [up] wrap it around the Roller [to] curler I’m losing my mind already and just [bring] it down as tight as possible and clip that hair in place If you miss some hairs, it’s not a big deal. You’re going to wrap them in the next roller and Try to keep them as clean as possible then next [need] more rollers in the next one [similar] 90 so wrap the hair around the roller wrap it as tight as possible and I’ll clip on this side for you guys and clip Now we’re going to do one more 90 and the rest are going to be 180 So let me [use] some of these tricky ones When you get this point, you really want to ask your your client or whoever you’re doing To lean their head forward so you can get their neck easier But I don’t feel like tampering with my mannequin stand the moment So I’m just going to do it this way as best as possible and flip if you don’t get them real tight just keep pulling on it and We have to flip it on both sides It’s not that bad This is what I’m going to leave my man it can stand forward a little bit I can get to loosen so now sure Customer is or client is looking for work you [can] do the hair easier easier on this part? so collect here Let this part here. It’s too dry a little bit Okay wrap hair around the Roller and Pull this tight as you can get it

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  1. Becca says:

    your awsome im going to subscribe


    Great job

  3. Jade Rule says:

    Is there a part 2 and 3 yet? I really would love to see the comb out and tease part.
    I subbed, thanks heaps x

  4. Linda Demski says:

    Is this a synthetic wig your curling for human hair?

  5. jessy tee says:

    Fingers shouldnt be in the roller.

  6. Mackenzie McCracken says:

    Thank you so much for posting this video, I am currently in a cosmetology class in high school and this is one of my tasks πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

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    Keep going girl… l

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    This is hard for me to do πŸ™

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    Thank you I just started school today and we will be learning this tomorrow

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    thanks preparing for my interview for high school

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    Thank God you post this I have a roller setting test tmr on the mannequin head

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