[Indy] Man, I love bombing hills, Pigeon. [Pigeon]: You do? You wanna go somewhere? [Indy] Yeah! [Pigeon] Alright. [Pigeon] Woah! [Indy] Where are we?! [Pigeon] We’re in Santa Cruz, California! [Indy] Cool! What’s this about? [Pigeon]Ah, this is the hill skating capital of
Planet Roller Skate. [Indy] Cool! Let’s go skate!
Show us how to bomb some hills, Pigeon! [Pigeon] Alright! ♪”ROLL OUT” BY: @JFPRAPZ♪
♪5-4-3-2♪ ♪Let’s roll! This is how we roll,
this is how we roll
this is how we roll, let’s roll!♪♪ [Man’s voice] Yes! [Indy] Hey guys! So here we are in Santa Cruz, and
Pigeon’s old stomping grounds. [Pigeon] Woo! [Indy] This is the ocean right there. If you can see it in the background. And we’re going to teach you
how to skate down hill. ♪ OPUS By Hoity Toity♪ [Pigeon] Before you start going downhill, you should know how to do all of your stops. That includes your plow stop, t-stop, and turn around top–TOE stop. [Indy] Turn around toe stop. [Pigeon] A turn around toe stop can save your life. [Indy] Um knee pads are always good because If you get going too fast you can just take a knee. Firstwe’re going to show you the safest way to get down a hill whether you’re a
brand new skater or an advanced skater. [Pigeon] Number one: the most reliable and safest way to go down a hill. It’s actually backwards. BIG toe stops! Your toe stops are going to–
they’re gonna be worn down when you toe-stop backwards. Make sure it’s either
a new one or you have one of the big dense toe stops. [Indy] And you want to make sure they’re nice
and screwed in. If they’re loose get ’em tightened down. [Pigeon] You want to go in a lunge backwards. A “lunge” is where you have the front bent and on the back leg I’m up on my toe stop.
However much pressure I put on the back leg is how much I’m gonna stop. Right
now I have a lot of pressure on the back leg. So I’m stopped. If I let loose a little bit, I’m
gonna roll. So you’re able to control your speed going backwards. You look over
your shoulder, and go for it! Let up a little bit and when you want to stop:
put more pressure on the back leg. If you waant to go faster…
don’t put any weight on the back leg! [Indy] You just want to be sure whenever
you’re first starting to do this that you’re not leaning back. Keep your
shoulders forward, you’re really lunging into this leg like
Pigeon was saying. ♪Music by Hoity Toity♪ [Indy] This one’s also great because you
could go in a straight line down the hill. If there are cars or if you’re just on
a sidewalk and you don’t have room to carve, you can go backwards straight down
any hill, any steepness and you’ll be fine. [Indy’ This is a perfect spot. [Pigeon] Yeah to practice
going down on your toe stops. [Indy] So if you’re practicing going down on your toe stops for the first time, a hand rail is really useful to get comfortable lungeing deep and gradually
applying pressure to your toe stops so that you don’t topple backwards. [Pigeon] Yeah, let’s do it! [Pigeon] A really important thing like–if, if your’re going to go down and carve if you lose control you’re going too fast. You can turn around and toe stop. So watch me do it super quick. Just a couple feet and I’m stopped. [Pigeon] Yeah! [Indy] If you’re beginner we’ll
give you a video in the future really breaking down to how to do
the turn around town stop, but right now since this is an advanced tutorial for
people they are ready to bomb hills we’re just gonna keep on with it. [Pigeon] Yeah. You’re ready
to learn how to carve. Carving is going forward and using your
edges to control your speed. You want to start on an easy hill without any cars.
The less traffic the better. The wider the better and the more mellow
the hill the better. [Indy] Whenever you approach the hill you
never want to go straight down. You want to carve back and forth
perpendicular to the slope of the hill. [Pigeon] When you want to start carving, if you’re gonna start turning
to the right you put your right foot forward. And when you turn to the
left you put your left foot forward. But that’s not it.
You’re back leg plays a big role in carving. When you are carving you’re gonna
push out with your back leg and that’s gonna create friction that causes you
to slow down a little bit to control your speed. ♪ Rock Music ♪ [Indy] It’s also very important to move your
shoulders and look. If you’re keeping your body facing
forward and you’re just trying to move your feet to turn it’s way more
difficult then if your steer. Where your head and your
shoulder so your body will follow. ♪ Rock Music♪ [Pigeon] If you ever feel like you’re going too fast, just keep going up the hill! Make a big smiley face and you end up stopping. And you keep goin’. Uhp! Goin’ too fast gonna go up the hill a little bit, slow myself down, and start again. ♪Rock Music♪ [Indy] So when I’m turning…to the right…it’s
always the edges that are higher on the hill. So if you look at my feet right now…
this is where I feel the weight on my skates. And then when I’m turning this way… I feel the weight on these edges. You don’t actually pick up the wheels, I’m just
showing you where the weight would be distributed. [Pigeon] Crazy! [Indy laughs] [Pigeon] In the forest, on the beach,
the best university within reach. UC Santa Cruz. Go Banana Slugs! [Indy] Okay, so where are we, Pigeon? [Pigeon] We are at UC Santa Cruz my alma mater. University of California, uh, it’s a
school. We’re at school. Uh, my stats when I left
Santa Cruz to move to Long Beach I had 33 worn-down toe stop butts. I thought I’d save them for an art project. I had over a thousand dollars
in roller skating tickets because you’re not supposed to skate on campus. And…one set of really worn down outdoor wheels. Love it. [Indy and Pigeon laughing] [Indy] What wheels do you
recommend for outdoor skating on rough surfaces? [Pigeon] Um…like a good rough surface
wheel would be a softer wheel. It absorbs all the bumps and a smoother ride.
Less likely that you’ll fall– you’ll go a little bit slower. On the flip side if you have a really really smooth surface you want a harder wheel. ’cause that’ll give you more
speed and control over a soft wheel. These roads are really good to learn
on because they’re super shallow, they’re not too steep of hills. They’re smooth, they’re
wide, and there’s not a lot of traffic. [Indy] Woo! That was crazy! [Indy] This is for advanced skaters only. Do NOT
try this unless you’ve been skating for a minute and are REALLY comfortable
going down hills. Aight? ♪ Rock Music ♪ [Nick]: Woo…thank you! [Pigeon] (Laughing)
She wants them to give us a ticket! And that cop is like, You can’t skate on campus. And that professor’s like,
“Cop, you should give them a ticket! That was crazy! Oh, it was so good. I was like crying. Y’all good, Enzo? [Indy] Yay, thank guys so much for watching this
episode of Planet Roller Skate! We hope you are now prepared to go down hills. If you have any questions just ask us in the comments, we’ll do our best to answer them. Until then… [Pigeon and Indy] Later Skaters!!! [Indy] Oh my gosh, that was so much fun! [Pigeon] Wasn’t it? [Indy] Yeah, let’s teach our friends how to bomb down Junipero Hill now! [Pigeon] Yeah, let’s do it! [Indy] Awesome! [Indy] Hey hey!!! ♪ Music by Hoity Toity ♪ [Indy] So what’re you doin’, Legs? [Legs] Well, we have cars coming right now so we want to pull over to the side and let them pass so that we are safe all the time… and then we can start shredding again like right… NOOOW!! ♪ Music by Hoity Toity ♪

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