How to Service a Gtech AirRam Vacuum Cleaner
How to Service a Gtech AirRam Vacuum Cleaner

Hi I’m Mat from eSpares. in this video
I’ll be showing you how to service a Gtech AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner. eSpares has a wide range of spares
and accessories for vacuum cleaners. If the problem with your Gtech is no drive
going to the brush assembly at the front. then please see our separate video. Safety first: when working on a Gtech
always remove the battery before carrying out any work. The first service I’m going to perform
on the Gtech AirRam is to change the filters. Here we have two brand new filters,
now the filters in a Gtech AirRam can be tapped to release the
dust and debris that may be in them. They can also be washed as well
and left to dry for a long period, however over time they will need replacing. The filters are located on the waste bin
at the top here which simply pops off. And here’s where they are
one here and one here. Now they are held in place by this lock
which is opened by a coin like so, and there we have our two old dirty filters. Easy enough to get out simply pop the rubber seal
from around the edge to remove them. Easy enough to get the new ones in again just
make a note of the seal that goes around the edge of the filters which just sits
into the compartment. Do make sure that the seals around the edge
of the filters are completely pushed in to the frame before replacing the top. So there we have it two brand new filters. Now the next service I’m going to carry out is to change
the brush rollers and the brush end caps. To do that I am just going to replace the filter back in
and then remove the whole dust bin assembly, and put it to one side as to access the brush rollers
I need to turn the Gtech upside down. And here we can see the brush roller assembly
which is actually two separate brushes. To access this remove these
I first need to remove the roller end caps by undoing these two screws
that hold it in place. It’s worth pointing out that the screw
that holds the roller end cap that is located at the back
is longer than the screw at the front. So make sure you noticed that and certainly put the
right screw back in the right place when reassembling. To remove the roller end cap
shift it up a little bit and it should slide out of place. It’s worth pointing out that this brass bearing
should be in place in the roller end cap, or maybe on the end of the roller. Just make sure you replace that
into your new roller endcap. to remove the roller simply pull it off the shaft here
and I’ll do the same on the other side as well. So you can grab your new rollers,
now it’s worth pointing out that there’s two flat ends to the fitting mechanism on the roller
which matches up to the two flat sides on the drive. You may have to rotate the drive to make sure
the rollers go in in exactly the right place Once the roller is in place
you can then replace the roller end caps. If you’re having trouble locating the end
of the roller into the bearing you can just lift the roller up ever so slightly by grabbing
on one of the tufts to get the bearing in the right place before slipping it down and into place. So there we have it two new brush roller fitted
to the Gtech and two new brush end caps as well. Whilst the Gtech is upside down I am just going to turn it on its side as you can see we have a broken wheel cover and also the hub on the other side
is damaged as well. So I’m going to replace the wheels on the Gtech to
I don’t need to remove that side and it’s broken but to remove the caps get a
flat head screwdriver and push down the little lever which should allow the cap to come
out. With the cap the way the wheel
is being held on by this circlip here. So I am going to grab a pair of circlip pliers
but you can use a pair too small flathead screwdrivers to ease the circle off which will release the wheel. With the circlip removed you can lift the wheel out it’s worth pointing out there is a washer on the wheel
that you will have to replace on your new wheel. Replace the circlip to hold the wheel into position. To get the circle back on you can use your fingers
gently ease one-half in place before easing the other. Or again you can use a pair
of small flathead screwdrivers. You can then but your new cap into position. I will now do the same on the other side
to make both sides match. After removing the second wheel I have noticed
that the metal sleeve inside which should be connected inside the wheel has come off. So this wheel won’t be performing as it should do
so it’s good that we’re replacing it. Once both wheels are replaced pop in your dustbin
and also your battery. So there we have it one Gtech AirRam serviced. Spares and accessories for vacuum
cleaners as well as for all the other appliances around your home can be found
on the eSpares website. Thanks for watching.

6 thoughts on “How to Service a Gtech AirRam Vacuum Cleaner”

  1. uttaradit2 says:

    Good video – doing the roller and end caps myself.

  2. Raymond Woodhouse says:

    Why pay stupid money for any g tec,£299 for a lawnmower!!! must be mad.Vacum cleaners can be bought at market i go to nr Stratford upon Avon for £79,and yes proper g tech.Saw a demo and there not all that powerful at all to be honest.

  3. Linda Abbiss says:

    How often do you have to replace rollers and end caps or is it just cause they were damaged?

  4. Colin Naraine says:

    What if the on/off switch is faulty? I am pressing the ON switch to turn on the cleaner, but it fails to come on first time and I have to press very hard for it to work. I have had the appliance for several years now.

  5. Rhys Jones says:

    Is there a specific size of circlip plier needed to attach the circlip onto the wheel?

  6. NikeyMikey says:

    DO you have a teardown video of the AirRam Mk2 K9???

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