Hi Rob Dunfey here and today I’m going to teach you how to skateboard how to skateboard now first thing you
want to do is you want to look at your equipment hopefully you’ve just
picked up the skateboard if not you might be borrowing one my friend
either is fine you always wanna look first at the bolts now this bolt in the center of your truck dictates how much your wheels can turn on the
skateboard if that bolt is too loose then you’re
gonna be doing wobbly turns and might not have a lot of control
over your skateboard pingback: moves to tighten you’re good have very little control over your skateboard
well as well because you will be able to turn so you want to find a good and balance
between to loose and too tight when you learn how to skateboard if you have ever surfed before or if you’ve ever snowboarded you’ll notice that either your left foot is forward or your right foot is forward right meaning goofy left meaning regular after you’ve determined which stance you are you want to place your front foot over three at the top for boards my
leaving this bolt open place your board down onto the ground hormones now your body placement is absolutely crucial to learning how to skateboard you’ll want to lean keeping your front shoulder directly over your front foot with about 95
percent of your weight and you’re going to place your back foot back on the ground just in front back to Queens keeping your way centered over your prom fun then what you going
to use your kick off the ground and place your back foot onto the back four bolts and ride
forward the entire time you’re doing this to keep your way stupid on cheers came over your
front three bolts want the peaks miss thanks for beginners his not keeping me awake forward
committed on assigned that happening is it not push like this and you got a
pushing more than necessary using up moored
effort the needs journey tire using and you’re gonna wear
yourself out so absolutely crucial that’s you fun entire time you learn how to push when you start to slow down that’s when
you wanna take one big push off the ground and place
that back back onto those battles 3 master out bush on a skateboard you then want to learn how to turn where
you learn how to turn you should which replace important and
practice added you runs which are pretty simple
set with your skateboard base from you they
sit back 100 percent tale portion which comes out your toes not last moment side the board she’s like the wind and
dangled me right here with you back you want rest thing straight down and simultaneously live mom is well with
them keep me signed the man in your mind down
once you can do 15 to 20 on those front lifts then what
to do with the same I’m set up going straight up directly
straight down is adding a little bit of forward
movement into the from month you want to keep your back doing
the exact seen both going straight down its straight up slightly forward with
your father when learning how to turn on a
skateboard always wanna keep your eyes looking
directly where your front to wheels landing so if you’re turning this
way field way to turning backwards over your
shoulder wanna be welcome shoulder after you learn how to push how to turn
on a skateboard really learned a lot the peace tens also were thinking your skateboard all
times I didn’t like both you put too much
weight on the backend work scarlet the the front on the board
up too much on the front Diaz too much on the side too much on the
other side and that’s mixed mom so you all want to keep wat Center balanced in your
arms out as if you’re running a sir were
snowboard more any other type thing do you learns how to be good at turning gonna
keep your balance you then be able to do that inclines
deals in writing more down the sideline check out my video on how to Mali
because after this to be ready to learn some tricks my name
is Rob go skiing dot com and have a nice day


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    I'm 68 and am buying my first skateboard. your video was the most helpful I've watched. I've been snowboarding for over thirty years and surfed before that so I'm pretty optimistic. I always regretted missing the skater movement but when it was getting popular I was on my way to Viet Nam. Wish me luck!

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    I'm 68 and am buying my first skateboard. your video was the most helpful I've watched. I've been snowboarding for over thirty years and surfed before that so I'm pretty optimistic. I always regretted missing the skater movement but when it was getting popular I was on my way to Viet Nam. Wish me luck!

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