How To Use a Bead Roller with Offset Tipping Dies – Sheet Metal Fab at Eastwood
How To Use a Bead Roller with Offset Tipping Dies – Sheet Metal Fab at Eastwood

this is a demonstration on how to use
the eastwood bead roller trace the pattern onto the sheet metal place the sheet metal between the
forming dies turn the tensioning bolt two revolutions make a couple straight lines to get used
to the Machine have someone turn the handle while you got the metal make sure you’re in a position that you
can see both the line and the dyes and easily guide the metal to follow the
line for this demonstration we’re using the offset tipping dies now let’s move on to a simple shape yeah remember to crank the handle very slowly
as you approach the radius finally let’s do a more complex shape
again crank the handle slowly as you navigate
the tight turns and designs yeah yeah the eastwood bead roller is easy to use
and with an assortment of standard bead roller dies as well as forming guys the fabrication you can do is virtually
endless and if you restore a car you will be making floor pans and trans
tunnels or even fender flares drip rails and – components and that means you will
need a bead roller Eastwood helping you do the job right since 1978 yeah

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  1. Eastwood Company says:

    Are YOU an Eastwood Guy?

  2. Walterronny says:

    what die brand is that?

  3. therealdeadpen says:

    So was "Hands-on Cars" just one project?

  4. Steve 1961P. says:

    I would love to watch and learn how to make a complete dash panel. I have a 65' Coronet 500 that I love, but hate the nearly plain Jane dash. Really want to build something much more sporty and cool….

  5. sidewayznut2009 says:

    That looks good but what thickness of metal is that?

  6. olohwosimeon job says:


  7. Maksud Mulla says:

    good prodk

  8. Maksud Mulla says:

    your prodk sel your prodk kost your riplay

  9. Rajan vaghela says:

    I want this machin.
    How many prise in indian rupees

  10. John Gurney says:

    great tool if you have another person to help you

  11. Inu Yasha says:

    How much?

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