How to Use Kitchen Appliances : How to Use a Salad Spinner
How to Use Kitchen Appliances : How to Use a Salad Spinner

This unique salad spinner helps to keep your
vegetable clean and drys them to prior to you using them in your salad. It has a unique
turntable on top which is run by the pump here. It has 2 unique colanders, large and
small for your berries or for your lettuce. The berry would be put right in the small
colander. You would place the pump lid on top, tighten it down and simply pump to your
desire dryness. Now if you are doing your lettuce, they have a break. When you are ready
to stop the pump, you raise it and simply remove your colanders. Now to put the lettuce
in you would simply put it straight into the larger colander. Again attach your pump, pump
to its dryness, use your break and it would stop it. Lock it down, with the lock on the
top. Remove it and then simply after draining your bowl put your lettuce right in.

11 thoughts on “How to Use Kitchen Appliances : How to Use a Salad Spinner”

  1. P 91 says:

    where can i buy a Salad Spinner???

  2. M Pendragon says:

    Incomplete & horrible video! You didn't actually put the food in to show how it works.

  3. Blueberry Fruit says:

    100% agree with S Clark and kpeavey1

  4. Nessa Rodriguez says:

    She seems confused

  5. Birmingham Uni Korfball says:

    This video was confusing

  6. itsumonihon says:

    fuck i thought youtube erased expertvillage videos. jesus christ.

  7. Daniel Pickett says:

    died laughing when she opened it while it was spinning at the end.

  8. Richard W says:

    Can it core a apple?

  9. Carlos Parscal says:

    video confusing, give me a break, a school kid could use this.

  10. Illiza Smith says:

    Lol Expert Village and their shit awkward videos

  11. DJRU2 says:

    Hilarious, I can't stop the pump!

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