How to Use The Massage Stick Roller
How to Use The Massage Stick Roller

hi everyone my name is Marin and today I’m gonna be talking about the Seek Gains Massage Stick Roller.So A Lot of people may see this item and think it is only made for athletes and thats not true. This is a great self-massage tool for anyone. we all do activities on a daily basis
whether it’s walking sitting standing going up stairs at this is a really awesome tool to take
care of your muscles and make sure increases our flexibility
and blood flow making our muscles more pliable and less
at risk for injury The way that the massage stick roller works, is it applies pressure, breaking up all the
myofascia in our muscles that congest the muscles and reduce flexibility that causes them to tense and tighten up Have you ever felt a knot in your back? Or your hamstrings feel tight or your knee and he has some pain around it. A lot of that is due to myofascia build up in the muscles causing it to restrict and causing
issues for the muscles at a lot of pain oftentimes resulting and a lower quality
of life and a poor nights sleep. Over the decades as an athlete and a fitness coach I have found that using something like a foam roller (behind her) or a massage stick roller is highly highly effective. increasing your results and making sure your body heals and builds fast, while the foam roller is really effective I found a lot of clients have a hard time manipulating themselves or holding their body weight on top of the foam roller, plus its really hard to take with you. so the massage stick roller was one of my favorite tools to recommend to anybody and still is one of my favorite tool to use
on myself, all my stuff it’s a very easy thing to use. fireplace where you feel tension
tightness or muscles that surround a find a place where you feel tension or tightness and simple rule it out
great places are like the calves making sure your palms
up putting a lot of pressure and rolling up and down through it you can find a tense spot on the outside or inside and roll it back and forth, its like a deep tissue massage only you can do it to yourself. I use to think that I would have to pay a lot of money to make sure I could get massages on a regular basis and now I can do it every single day from my home. You can also use it for shin spints rolling up and down your shin just like this and I love using this for the IT bands this is a really great place a lot of
times you can sit on a chair or sit down in a way that comfortable and just find
any way to roll it up and down your muscles it
only takes 30 to 50 seconds a day If you can accomplish a minimum of 30 – 50 seconds a day twice a day – you are going to be feeling really good in no time. In as little as just 20 rolls up and down your muscles, you can feel instant relief I love doing it right when I get out of bed and right before I go to bed, also great to use as warm-up so if you are doing stretching before or after your activity this is a great thing to throw in the mix I find that when I use this my flexibility greatly increases after after rolling out my
muscles so I like using up my quads up here
on top because the massage stick roller is breaking up the myofascial tissue in between the muscles it’s increasing all blood flow that comes
into the muscles which allows your muscles to have more oxygen and more nutrients to to build and rehabilitate after your activity. it also reduces the amount of fat adhesion that occurs within the skin and muscles in the area so I love using this around my cellulite
areas so while I use the massage stick roller primarily on my legs since legs cause a lot of
problems like sore back knees maybe your Achilles and your IT bands as well as tight hamstring you can use the massage stick roller anywhere on your body. I love using it on the back of my arms my triceps right here as well as my shoulders so sometimes I
get really well and just roll them out, but one of my favorite places to use this on my neck because it replicate and sometimes I feel like even better then a deep tissue massage so the massage stick roller might be better than a deep tissue massage but what if some body else uses the massage stick roller on you to give you a deep tissue massage there are many great reasons why having somebody else use the massage stick roller on you is an excellent idea, first of all it feels really good feel really good you don’t have to worry
about massaging yourself you can lay down relax in a comfortable position and
vocalize what likely dislike at focus on how good the massage really feels this is especially true on the areas and my neck and back and sometimes on my legs too. There are times when the area I am trying to reach is feeling really tight or inflexible that
also great reason to have somebody else use the massage stick roller on you. If I am injured or I don’t feel I i cant apply enough
pressure to the area and trying to get asking somebody somebody else for help is extremely effective too. The Seek Gains Massage Stick Roller is a highly effective innovative tool that you can use to ease your pain get better sleep, increase flexibility and
reduce your risk for injury right away for such a small investment
it is a tool that I cannot recommend enough for athletes anybody who’s feeling sore or stiff or tight it’s really worth a try it’s
really worth investing just a few minutes every single day to greatly increase your quality of life and just the ease of being in your own skin, the Seek Gains massage stick roller also comes with a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee as well lifetime warranty it
is an invaluable tool that you have in your home and for use around any of your activities so make sure you check it out get yours

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    Massage Stick Rollers are very easy to use and will help your muscles feel so much better, quickly!

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  21. MrEdium says:

    Hello. This reminds me of something that is used in some styles of Tai Chi Chuan called a "Bang" {rolling pin} used for hand strength development for Chin Na {Joint Locking} & some use it for deep tissue massage. This Massage Stick Roller looks like a softer version of The Bang. Thank You for Sharing.

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