Hub Bearing Replacement ’04 Escalade
Hub Bearing Replacement ’04 Escalade

[Music] This vehicle came in for a rumbling noise in the front area. After our road test, we determined that it is coming from the left-front hub area. Let’s get it apart and see what we have. To access the hub assembly, you need to remove the caliper, bracket and rotor. Most importantly, when you do take the caliper off, make sure you support that caliper properly so it’s not hanging by the brake hose. We’re ready to remove this hub from the vehicle. We removed the spindle nut, loosened up the wiring and of course, taken the three bolts out of the backside of the spindle. Let’s slide this off. This particular unit comes off pretty easy. Depending on where you live, you may need the use of a slide hammer or a hammer to get these hubs out of the spindles. The next thing you want to do before you install that hub is you want to clean this area within the spindle of any corrosion and rust… so that when you install the new bearing, it sits flush within the spindle. We’ve got the spindle area clean of any kind of corrosion and rust. Now what we’re ready to do is install the hub. What we’ve chosen here is a Raybestos Professional Grade wheel hub assembly. What’s nice about this wheel hub assembly is it comes with appropriate information, installation instructions and of course, a specification guide. It also comes with- the new hub assembly- a new wheel speed sensor. Let’s get this thing put on. We’ve got the hub bearing installed and all the fasteners torqued to manufacturer specifications. Probably one of the most important things you want to do is make sure- and this is where a lot of technicians make a mistake in their repairs-… they do not torque this spindle nut. It is very important that you torque the spindle nut to manufacturer specifications to make sure you have the proper pre-load on the bearings. Without that proper pre-load, you can shorten the life of that bearing. Let’s torque that right now. This particular torque for this vehicle is 170 ft. lb. We’re good to go there. Next thing you want to do is route your ABS lines. What’s nice about this package from Raybestos is it comes with all new hardware as far as routing your ABS cable The next step of this installation is making sure the lateral runout is correct between the hub and the rotor. I’ve already cleaned this rotor area to make sure there’s no rust and contamination within it. Next thing you want to do is install that rotor onto the hub using the lug nuts and conical washers. You want to torque them to manufacturer specifications. Now that we’ve installed the hub, we’ve cleaned the rotor, installed the rotor and torqued the lug nuts to manufacturer specifications. The next step is checking lateral runout. It is very imperative on these vehicles that lateral runout is checked. The specification on this vehicle happens to be two .002 of an inch. If lateral runout is excessive, what will end up happening is the rotor will develop what’s called thickness variation and pedal pulsation in a short while. So let’s check that runout right here. We’re in good shape. We’ve got .0015 lateral runout. We’re ready to put this thing back together now. Now we’re ready to install the wheel. It’s very important that you torque these wheel to manufacturer specifications. The use of a torque stick or a torque wrench works extremely well. Ok. We’re ready for our road test. After the road test, the rumbling noise is gone, and we’ve got a successful repair. [Engine Revving] [Tires Sqeeling]

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  1. So Sosyal says:

    Does rear hub bearing change/replace the same way?

  2. david pacheco says:

    Question; I have an 02 escalade and I replaced the front wheel hub bearing assemblies, all went good.  However when I road tested it the "service stability system" indicator came on.  Anyone have solutions to this?

  3. JonathanPerez863 says:

    How you know when to change it

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