HUGE ROLLER COASTER | Planet Coaster #6
HUGE ROLLER COASTER | Planet Coaster #6

Top of the mornin’ to ya laddies! My name is JackSepticEye And welcome back… to Jack-A-Tron Land! You’re all very welcome, get your tickets at the door, Come on in, ride some roller coasters, puke in my toilets… It’ll be a great day! Bring out your kids, everyone’ll be fine! So I wanna try the really hard thing I was gonna do before… … which was build a roller coaster that goes through another roller coaster. Like build one that comes out through here, goes all the way around, down around the park or somethin’… I don’t know how that’s gonna work, because everything seems to be kinda gravity-based. You saw this last time because I didn’t put the pull tracks on it… …. that… I didn’t have the gravity or the speed to get around the entire thing. So maybe I’ll have to do that? I dunno. Fir– First off! First thing I wanna do is lower the ga– The game is running REALLY BADLY NOW because my framerates are shit… ‘Cause there’s so much stuff IN the game. Uh, let’s do a seat cam. Oh yeeeeeah! [Chuckle] This is my favorite- it’s my favorite ride in the entire thing. I mean, Boobie Mountain is great. Boobie Hills are fine, they’re covered in fire right now… … so we got Boobie Fire Mountain… BUT! THIS just looks super cool. Looks SO AWESOME— They’re sittin’ in the seats… I don’t wanna sit in the seats for the entire thing, though– Interest… You guys okay? You guys fearin’ for your lives yet? Who– who’s pissed their pants so far? NOBODY?! Ohhhh, you will! [Scraggly voice] You will be… [Chuckle] (Jack and his voice:D So, you’re gonna TAKE OFF… like a fuckin’ Bullet Bill again! And because I’m afraid of this whole thing losing momentum. So, I want it to come straight back over here– It’s not gonna be the most exciting roller coaster in the world. I’m going for speed more than, like, loops and all that. Mainly ’cause… I can’t fuckin’ add any, can I? The game was like, “This is too scary. You’re not allowed any loops,” and I’m like, “What the fuck you talkin’ ’bout, game?” It’s SUPPOSED to be scary! Okay, can I go under this one? This is gonna take forever! I don’t even know what I’m doin’ anymore. This might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. [Chuckling] Uhh, no, I need some hydraulic launch tracks again. [More chuckling] I’m– I can’t wait to see what this is like when people actually go on it! Aww, this is gonna be fuckin’ nuts! Awesome, but nuts! And then you come up… over the rest of t-the park again. This is, like, takin’ up so much space as well! [Laughing] Oh, I love it so much! Ah, i-it makes the park ugly as fuck, though. ‘Cause it’s, like, puttin’ tracks everywhere. But I think… … ’cause the game is still so new… … that I don’t have to worry about this shit. I don’t actually have to worry about… … like, building restrictions and limitations and all that stuff. SO… ‘Cause when I was puttin’ the tracks underneath the big roller coaster HERE… … this is fuckin’ weird… Some of these were disappearing, so I think the tracks might actually– er, the roller coasters might actually still work. Even though… … I’m, like, removing some of the bars on them? So, after awhile, I might be able to put some more stuff underneath THIS. The track might still stay elevated enough and support it… for the roller coaster… Ahhm, and then I, yeah, and then I can get rid of all this really ugly-lookin’ bars everywhere. And then over here, you’re just gettin’, like, a tour of everything. You’re gettin’ a tour of the park. ‘s nice! It’s gonna be a fuckin’ nightmare, but it’s nice! This is gonna have a COLOSSAL QUEUE. It needs a big queue ’cause this is gonna be, like, the fuckin’ ride of the park… … and it’s right at the start of the park, as well. So, I need to prepare for just an– — just an ONSLAUGHT of people. And I need to slow down time because now we’re in the AM! ‘Cause I- I wanted to speed up night time. ‘Cause I wa- I wanna see this bad boy… in the fuckin’ daylight! Ye– it’s– ye can’t bake a cake and then try and look at it in the dark and… try and see if it’s a masterpiece or not! ‘Cause you’re always gonna be, like, thinkin’ in your head, “Oh, of COURSE it’s a masterpiece,” ’cause ‘a fuckin’ lookin’ in the DARK! {sage advice from Jack-a-boy} [Quieter] ‘Cause it’s not always gonna be a masterpiece. This– I have officially RUINED this theme park, by the way. I am fully aware of that, I know that all the stuff I’ve just put in… is extremely ugly and now it doesn’t make any sense. But ya know what? It’s MY theme park, and you’re not my real dad! [Calmer] I’m sorry. Things got a bit REAL there for a second, do you still love me? You still come over to my house, y-you play PlayStation? Wanna play FIFA? Okay. I actually never play FIFA. [Chuckles] [Through chuckles] I’m terrible at it. Yes, everybody! You guys– you guys ‘mirin’?! I see you ‘mirin’! Not MYRON, like a person’s name, ADMIRING. I was trying to be cool and hip! (You’re already cool, Jack

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    the roller coaster should be called SPEED IS KEY!

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    Mid-Life Coaster!

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    2019????? i love his theme park

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    ''HA! i laugh in your peanuts.'' -jacksepticeye, 2016

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    Can we call the new one MechaHitler?

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    Jack:yeah (In a evil voice) mine
    Wants to die: eh ok it will be of no use
    Jack: are you sure about that?

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    Translated: shit speedy

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    Girl: no

    Me again: well thats odd because you look gouda

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    How fast is the coaster "Speed of key"?

    Is it 200 mph (Miles Per Hour)?

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    0:00 his face tho

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    The septic eye

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    Never been in California Scream but I’m guessing it’s like Rita from Alton towers

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    Ride a roller coaster and someone fell out the rollercoaster 😢😢

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    Rome wasn’t built in one day but jackatron lands 3rd Rollercoasters was

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    best dive COASTER

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    I was seeing this vid at the start and had some work and kept it in my pocket. Later it self-scrolled to 4:52 and everyone around me thought I climaxed
    Thats how you make clinics more awkward peeps

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  79. x.Simply_Jess.x says:


  80. x.Simply_Jess.x says:

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    Death itself…

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    Jack: say no more

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