I created two Roller Coasters that would literally destroy you in Planet Coaster
I created two Roller Coasters that would literally destroy you in Planet Coaster

– Hello, you beautiful, beautiful people. Welcome to some Planet Coaster. Today, we’re going to make the world’s most dangerous
roller coaster in Planet Coaster No, don’t leave! Please. I know I said it was the
world’s most dangerous roller coaster but you
guys are gonna love it. Please, there’s no one else in here. So yeah, I’ve built my fair share of roller coasters here in Planet Coaster like this video or this
video or this video or may, actually this video. But I feel like we can do more so today I’m going to
build a downforce coaster and the whole, hang on, no. This is, I mean this is an
example of what it does do. It’s a launch coaster. In fact, let me just place this down. This is for the novices
that come into my park who are not ready for the ultimate power, that is Olli43’s creation. And a little wooden path, there we go. For the leavers, for the people that are not
prepared to go on it twice, the queever leavers. Man, if we test this right here
you get to see how it works. So you get in here, it sits there and then three, two, one and don’t make me look stupid, launch! Goes up. There’s no, like, chain that pulls you up and then it goes down. You guys may have been on
a ride like this before. Let me know if you’ve been on a ride like this before in the chat. Little breaks and you go back to the start and if you get off, you’re
a leaver and you deserve to, I mean that’s just, I’m not gonna say it, but you know, the walk of shame. But yes, I want to build the world’s most powerful, scary coaster that I can so that is what I plan to do today, so this is gonna be a
good little spot here. Nice, so what we got? So this is the hydraulic launch and it will launch things, okay. And then we’ve got pushes it along slowly. So I’m gonna start off with
a false sense of security and everything’s fine, guys. You’re gonna be fine. And then, ahhh, maximum speed. Let’s just test that out. Let’s just see if that
actually is the case. Start test, keep an eye on the speed. Here, so it goes and you
can see nine miles per hour. Let’s see how fast we can actually go. Let’s keep an eye on it. We’ve got cinematic view. Oh God, wait, what? Oh God, here we go. (laughing) Okay, so it just launches
to 67 miles an hour. Yep, this is kinda cool. I wonder if we can increase the speed. And as you can see … marvelous. Oh, okay. So on the settings tab here we can max out to 175 miles an hour. Are you serious? Okay, hang on. Let’s just try this again but this time I’m gonna whack up the speed to 100, so that is up to eight miles an hour now and then we’ve got this, which will launch you
to 175 miles an hour. And then what, we’ll go
straight up, like that. That seems fun. Can we make that, oh god,
you can twist as well. That’s amazing. Uh, can we, the shortest, this
will literally destroy you. Okay, so let’s see what
happens when we launch this off into the stratosphere. I’m hoping it will go over this although I don’t think it’s
actually at the right angle. It will probably just go up
and, like, land around here. But get ready, here we go. 100, we know it goes
to a 167 miles an hour. (laughing) Oh no! Oh, nice one, guys! Hey ya, how ya doing? Oh, this is gonna hurt. Oooh, dear! Kaboom. Nice. Cool. All right, with that in mind, let’s start a new one and
this one will be called the Launch of Death. You know, self-explanatory. In fact, you know what I might do? Just because it will be fun, let’s just do a massive hole here. Okay, this hole is deeper
than the void of loneliness. Man, that got deep real fast. (laughing) Let’s go, all right, so let’s test out (laughing) this marvelous creation. Are you ready, ladies and gentleman? Cause you’re going for a little bit of a, Oh god, camera angle. (laughing) Oh boy, I wish we could tell
how high that was going. Noooo (laughing) Oh no! No! Oh, I mean you eventually
got into the hole but … Oh my god, maybe we can just
make a little adjustment. Okay, so we’ve hit the bottom. (laughing) We’ve hit the void as I like to call it. So that’s good. This is actually kind
of marvelous right now. Look at these poles that we’ve, oh! Here we go! Okay, nice, oh my god. That is incredible. (laughing) And down you go. See ya! (laughing) Nice, okay. You know what? I feel like you were at this park, one thing you would really
want is a viewing gallery so let’s do that. All right, so as you can see, (laughing) if you’re personally, you know, if you’re one of those people … You can literally watch
them launch up in the air, wait a minute. Have I screwed this up? No, no, I think we’re safe. Oh my god, that would be
so, I mean, awful but. (laughing) Amazing, cool. So that is the Launch of
Death, ladies and gentlemen. Let me know what you think of it down in the comments section but next up we’re gonna have to design something more destructive. Okay, so this one I
definitely want to make sure we get up to 175 miles an hour so one thing I’m gonna do is just, I think that’ll be fast enough but if I go up here and I don’t want to kill them yet. So I want them to go to the highest point. There we go. Can I go around here? Ooh, hang on. Let’s go, no, that’s not what I want. Build, there we go. Across and now I want super speed. Oh no, what, why can’t I do more of that? There we go. So 175 miles an hour,
make sure we get there. And then this is what
we’re gonna do, okay? So we’re gonna have the
shortest and smallest downward climb you’ve ever seen. Okay, so I’ve got it a
really nice angle right now. This is 10% downward climb
and I’m hoping we’re going, ’cause we’re going 175 miles an hour that this will be the most painful G-force you’ve ever felt in your life. But then, plot twist. (laughing) We go around the other way and break your partner’s spine because I know that you, you know, you want to push back on them. You know, it’s really
annoying when it goes right the whole time and the
person you sat next to on the roller coaster is like
leaning on you the whole time. You’re like, Damn, I’m just trying to enjoy the roller coaster but you’re leaning on me
and it’s really annoying. Well, now you can share the fun. And then we’ll go straight down and then we’ll break both your spines. And yeah, we’ll just launch
you off into that direction over there because we can. All right, nice. Welcome to The Plot Twist. That’s what this is called. As you can see, I mean I did mention it but we, I mean, you get screwed. Yeah, and then plot twist. Oh, you’re getting screwed
the other way. Ha ha! And then you go down and then do a disloop and the whoop and then you die out here. In fact, just to make it a
little bit more dramatic, okay, so you’re going to slam into the side of a mountain. This is wonderful. (laughing) We need to check this actually works so let’s give it a test drive, shall we? Um, so we need to hit test and then we need to hit camera. Here we go. Is this gonna work? Let’s find out. So three, two, one, and launch! Oh no. Oh no, no, no, no. (laughing) Oh god. No. I think we should be okay, though. We should brake. Yeah, see, that was fun. I would’ve enjoyed that. Just need to make it
longer apparently, hmm. We had a bit of an issue, as you guys saw. I tried as much as
possible to move this back without deleting the death drop. Is that, yep, there is still going. But we got about half way and
then we ran out of steam still so I’ve made a kind of middle section where hopefully we could
get then more speed and then go up here to
where we were before and then it will stop here and then launch off again, hopefully, and then we’ll get the
absolutely destroy-you plot twist in the middle. Um yeah, let’s see if this works. I actually haven’t tested it yet so we’ll give it a go. All right, here we go, c’mon. Oh, if this work, it will be amazing. Oooh, I’m so nervous. Okay, 130 miles an hour, okay. Oh god, are we not even
gonna get up to there? Oh, we just made it. Nice. And launch. (laughing) So at this point, you can
contemplate your life choices. Ooh, oh, this is perfect! It actually worked! Okay, here we go. Here’s the, look at the
coaster in the background. Aw, 150 … (laughing) Oh my god, a hundred and, we’re
actually picking up speed. 185, 190. (crashing sounds) Oh my word, we almost
got to 200 miles an hour. We’ve got to ride this. That was insane. I did not expect that. Okay, guys, prepare your butts. This is gonna hurt. Okay, this you could just
about deal with, I guess. I don’t know how many Gs would kill you but we’ll find out in a minute. (chuckling) That plot twist in the middle. Oh my god. And this is where you regret life and everything that’s happened to you. Oh my god. (laughing) Oh, where’s the plot twist? Oh, there it was. It was a blink of an eye. (crashing sounds) Oh my god. Awesome. (laughing) Wait, I’ve got to see it from this point. Hang on. Let’s just watch it crash into the wall. Oh my god. (laughing) That’s ridiculous. Oh, plot twist. (giggling) Wait, here we go, here we go. Get ready for it. Oooh. oh, that’s a good height. Oooh, nice one. Cool. (laughing) Guys, if you’ve enjoyed
this video, drop a like. Subscribe for more and I’ll
see you in my next video. Bye bye.

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