“I Found Out That Fidget Spinners Were Made By The Government” Creepypasta Original
“I Found Out That Fidget Spinners Were Made By The Government” Creepypasta Original

My name is Sanford Sells I’m a retired
detective from Knoxville Tennessee we’re not retired nearly ten years ago
now I meant it I didn’t want to search for anybody or anything ever again
looking for my TV remote is the most in-depth sleuthing I did during the
first six of those years that my granddaughter came over on her birthday
she was a teenager she turned 14 and as always
her mother had the party at my house inside much more room to accommodate
such events than she did I didn’t mind though at my age it’s difficult to
maintain a smile in a room full of teenagers especially teenagers hyped up
on cake and ice cream I kind of thought the outgrew the effects of sugar
apparently I was wrong and so in the middle of opening her gifts Sofie picks
up a small pretty package and when I say small I mean it literally fit in the
palm of her hand I thought it was probably jewelry and so I didn’t crane
around the others to watch her open it if it was a necklace or some such she’d
show it to me when she opened it a hush fell over the
gathering I saw excited expressions and it was
like watching a thunderstorm about to happen all at once Sofie squealed with
the light and just like that they were all clamoring to get a better look at
whatever was in the small package they were all so excited and I was sure was
something of high value her mother’s set at the end of the table
smiling contently I was confused than before I knew it I was craning my neck
to see this thing it made a slight whirring sound and all I could see was a
blur of something spinning in her hand more precisely she held the thing
pinched between her thumb and her middle finger when it stopped spinning all I
saw was a neon green plastic thing that resembled the old electric shaver head
in my upstairs bathroom and then she spun it again all the kids
started asking if they could have turn her gift cards music CDs sweater I
bought her all they forgotten at the other end of the table she incessantly
spun that thing and deftly avoided handing it over to anyone else for the
next 10 minutes or so no I asked her mother what it was and she called it a
fidget there I asked her if it was expensive she shook her head she bought
that one for five bucks at the local pharmacy I asked what it was made of and
was shocked to learn it was mostly plastic some small ball bearings not
explaining the whirring noise anyway but not the total and complete and thrall
iment of a roomful of teenagers by the end of the party everyone had taken
several turns with the fidget spinner and Sofie entrusted it to my care while
she accompanied her friends outside to be picked up I can’t say I was sad to
see them all go out the door either looking at the absurd spinner I gave it
a few spins nothing spectacular and certainly nothing I would have thought
Sofie would be that excited about I laid it on the table and started clearing
away the discarded wrapping paper and paper plates just thinking a little bit
of the spinner toy I had spinning top as a child and I guess the fidget was just
this generations version of the same toy by the end of the month it would surely
be remanded to a pile of forgotten things that exists in every kid’s room
but I was wrong on her weekly visits my granddaughter proudly showed me other
fidgets thinners she had bought since her birthday
they varied in size and color but they all did the same thing they spun three
months past and again on a weekly visit so if he urged her mom to show me the
spinner she had bought for herself my daughter was a bit embarrassed but
consented handing over a brightly colored spinner
amazed I asked well you actually carry this around with you you use it when she
nodded I only had one question why it was beyond me why an adult would have
need of a spinner she shrugged an answer and dropped it back her purse I don’t
know dad she shrugged it’s kind of soothing to spin them and it keeps her
nibbling on her nails Sophie giggle does she tossed her
spinner in the air and caught it on the tip of her finger a while after that I
went to a doctor’s appointment when you get my age that’s about the most
excitement you have in a month the trip to the doctor if that’s not
enough he starts telling you everything that’s wrong with you and then warns you
to get rid of any stress in your life my doctor was doing just that and my pulse
quickened I knew my health wasn’t the best I’ve been a detective for nearly 32
years it’s hard on anyone’s health and when he gave me the spiel about removing
stress from my life well I got laughing it wasn’t so much the bad news he was
giving me but I had thought about my daughter as saying the spinner was
soothing and imagined myself using a fidget spinner and doing tricks with it
like Sophie had done doctors well they don’t have much of a sense of humor it
seems when he asked what was funny I told him he cleared his throat adjusted
his glasses and said well mr. cells you might actually be on to something there
bitches spinners have been known to help people with anxiety disorders and well
even kids with ADHD maybe for once the younger generation has come up with
something beneficial he opened my file it might help with your blood pressure
if something doesn’t get it down I’m going to have to increase your medicine
and maybe add something mild for your nerves
he patted my shoulder smiled and stood is nothing to be ashamed
guys your age and what the career you held for so long often end up much worse
shape I’ll see you in a couple months mister cells then he left the room it
was at dinner with some of my retired friends that I noticed how many people
had fidgets spinners the restaurant was quite large and noisy as I entered it
was a family restaurant so there were several families with kids sitting
around I counted eight spinners as I walked toward table at least it gave me
something different and novel to open the conversation with it ended up being
all we talked about really spinners had made the news everywhere it seemed even
the Russians had chipped in with their opinion about the cheap toys calling
them mind-control objects some thought the Chinese had invented them because
they were mostly made in China some thought America invented them China just
manufactured them for the US companies and everyone seemed to think they were
invented for political reasons it was jaw-dropping to me then I began
to notice how the things spread like a virus all over the United States schools
wanted them banned stores couldn’t keep them in stock kids loved them parents
applauded their simplicity which seemed to present them with alternatives to
having their kids medicated for anxiety and adde and ADHD
probably a plethora of other mental issues as well for my own birthday that
year Sofie bought me a fidget spinner a titanium colored one stating that she
thought I’d like it better because well it didn’t look so girly and that night
as I watched yet another news segment about the possibility harmful side
effects of the spinners I twirled mine listening to its soft whirring noise
soon I wasn’t watching the news I was watching the endlessly spinning toy in
my hand I wasn’t hearing the weather report or the local news reports I was
hearing the soft slightly metallic whirring
the tiny bearings on the toy before I knew it I had dozed off in my
comfortable chair I woke with a start when the things left from my hand and
clattered noisily on the hardwood floor then my our it had broken into several
pieces and the tiny bearings had scattered in every direction I picked up
all I could find and put them at the end table making a mental note to buy
another one so Sofie wouldn’t know I destroyed her gift to me on the first
day that I’d had it now the next day I set out to find a titanium colored
fidgets replacement that noon I gave up and got lunch at a cafe afterward I
headed for the mall now I hated the mall it was the size of a small city and
twice as populated everywhere I went I saw kids in even adults with fidget
spinners and I started noticing how calm the kids were how zombified they looked
as they flip their spinners and followed their parents listless lis from one
store to another It was as if I’d stepped into an alternate reality kids
don’t act that way at least not on planet Earth but there
are veritable hoards of people and kids milling through the stores and I could
still hear the creepy music tinkling out from the build-a-bear store I could hear
the televisions at the pagodas playing they’re endless advertisements the kids
play areas were quiet and all the toys sat in their designated places no kids
were playing in them it was unusual and creepy
I found a replacement for my own spinner at one of the specialty pagodas the
teenaged attendant grinned and asked if I only needed one because he was sure a
man my age had more than one grandkid two-by-four I assured him I only needed
the one paid the ungodly $25 and I walked away though i sat for a while on
the bench in the center of the store watching as kids who walked by me
staring intently they’re spinners I saw that some had the
flat ones like I had and others had cube-shaped ones
her eyes were empty they were taking in nothing of their surroundings they could
step around obstacles and never take their eyes off the toy it was amazing
terrifying and that’s what I began to think maybe some of the conspiracy
theories going around might be onto something
I’m sure to begin with it was the detective and me I had always been
curious about things and well hell for a few years into my retirement I’ve done
nothing but sit around watching daytime TV and playing in my little garden so I
decided right there in the middle of that two quiet mall that I was going to
investigate the phenomenon a little bit see what I could find out that day was a
few years ago that’s right ears and the first thing I found out was
that the toy had indeed been invented right here in the good old US of A
someone had done a lot of work to cover up exactly who the inventor was though I
became obsessed with finding him after months of searching I finally found the
man smack in the middle of nowhere Illinois I won’t tell you how many
favors I called then to get the man’s address and background check though so I
decided to pay mr. shrews a visit I told my daughter I was driving up to Illinois
is to see an old friend it wouldn’t do for her to know the extent of my recent
obsession she’d worried and tried to talk me out
of it and as it turned out mr. shrews worked
at an agricultural plant and spent his spare time writing he knew what fidget
spinners were he had kids but he knew nothing of the invention we had a laugh
I apologized for wasting his evening and he assured me that he would put the
meeting to one of his horror novels maybe I’d found the wrong man maybe my
detective skills were rusty but I couldn’t let it go I went back to the
pay work online and sat for hours on end
searching through everything I could find on the spinner invention in one
file the spinners were linked to a federal corporation called BB wo I
couldn’t find what the acronym stood for anywhere but there was a line far into
their public online files that tied them to the CIA my palm sweated when I saw
that I mean after MKULTRA Operation Paperclip just to name two famous ones
who knew what freaky pies the CIA had their fingers in these days with further
research in the calling in of more favors I found that the BB wo answered
to the CIA it seemed the separate entity on the surface raking in revenue from
sales of products which looked like bullshit to me
how much money can a corporation make from the sale of modified and restored
furniture or from a few licenses they held on to cartoon characters and
universes why would the CIA be involved with BB wo if mundane shit like that is
all they dealt with they wouldn’t well I jumped into that and researched every
link I could think of all of them ended up being dead ends just like the mr.
shrews in Illinois at the end of my rope I almost gave up and then I saw a news
story about the corporation brought down by one employee one brave employee who
dared stand up against what was going on and that’s all I had to find one person
who worked for the BB wo where one who used to work for them and I did she had
seven separate locks on the inside of her front door that’s a bit excessive
considering she lived in a nice upscale rural neighborhood in Virginia I’ll call
her Juliet to retain her an amenity she was an older lady who worked at
remote location for the BB WOL she told me she had started working for them in
the late 70s when they had been called smart gadgets now in all my research I’d
never run across that name only about the corporation had been started in the
early 80s Julia said she found their toys amusingly simple cheap to
manufacture and affordable for families on any budget and at first she was happy
to work there she made good money for doing their paperwork then when BB wo
took the company she had to sign a nondisclosure contract
she said the men she dealt with after that were shady-looking characters who
always used false names mr. Smith obviously being the most widely used
they wore suits and made sure to never talk any business in her presence she
said that’s when the toy business she had first started working for changed
into something that felt more sinister she accidentally saw a mr. Smith’s badge
and gun as she left her boss’s office one day and it made her curious then
there was the paperwork on her boss’s desk that looked official like
government official which he promptly scooped up to keep her from seeing so
like a nosy dummy I stayed late one night you know back then they didn’t
have cameras anywhere like they do now she shifted in her seat I picked the
lock to the office gotten to the bottom of the filing cabinet and pulled out a
folder labeled top secret she giggled nervously it sounded so far-fetched but
I swear to god it’s true I assured her that I believed her and urged her to
continue well the new toys were being invented by scientists brought over here
from Germany after World War two I know because I checked out some of the names
of the inventors then undid something even dumber and played amateur sleuth
maybe I’ve read too many Agatha Christie novels she shifted again and looked
nervously out her window toward the street and then back to me she whispered
the toys were used as mind-control gadgets she raised her eyebrows and sat
back on the couch so the CIA owns and operates bbw oh so they can mass
distribute these mind-control toys I wanted to disbelieve her but I couldn’t
I could tell that julia believed every word that she was telling me she had
nothing to gain from lying about it well not to me anyway
she nodded I told one of my girlfriends over drinks one evening I was tipsy and
it just slipped out she got a good laugh and I thought it was the end of it but
two weeks later I attended her funeral she died in a car wreck nearly a hundred
miles from her home and to my horror her husband told me she had been ranting
about CIA mind control for the past week and he thought she was going crazy I
think the wrong person overheard and he killed her
because less than a month later he died in a suspicious accident too they
weren’t the only one so I kept my lips sealed after that one slip-up
I’ll never forgive myself for causing those two deaths and possibly even more
she swiped a tear from her cheek when I asked what BB WI was stood for she told
me it was building a better world order can you believe that hardly anyone has
ever heard of them they say publicly that they build furniture run a couple
of kids charities and control rights to some TV or movie characters or something
like that she scoffed rolling her eyes still making those damn toys mister
sells the stuff they don’t want the public to find online they keep him
paper files where I wanted to get my hands on proof she
licked her lips and looked out the window again shaking her head it’s too
dangerous nowadays there’s cameras everywhere security guards around the
clock she shook her head again after nearly a half hour more i charmed term –
giving me an address to an isolated location in Virginia you’ll never get in
there and if you do you might not make it out if they know what you’re looking
for I thanked her for her concern left and as I stepped onto the porch
I heard her sliding locks into place and turning her bolt locks
I passed the black car parked alongside the road as I left her neighborhood the
man in the car was looking at a map and honest to god paper map he looked too
young to know how to use a paper map and it raised red flags for me as I passed
the back of his car I noted the government tag I waited until the
following weekend to take the trip to the location Julia had told me about was
wondering if I was batshit crazy for even thinking about attempting such a
stupid stunt at my age and the answer was yes I probably am crazy after
kissing the little squat square building I saw there were only two guards there
were cameras on every corner and even in the parking lot though I would have to
call in more favors and well I was running out of favors to call in it took
several months to find someone who could hack into the security cameras for me
but when that finally happened I got all the information I needed and it was
recorded to a laptop and then copied onto a flash drive I didn’t enter into
this thing lightly I know you’re thinking old codger like me don’t have
many ticks of the clock left on his timeline anyway but let me assure you no
matter how old you get you don’t want to shorten that timeline let me just say it
was the most exciting thing I’ve done since retiring
I hired a group of rowdy teenage boys to start a fire at the back of the building
to distract the guards my hacker guy he wasn’t a friend but more or less a hired
thug who’d been in trouble for hacking a few times he took care of the cameras
for me in dear sweet Juliet took care of the lock codes by giving them to me she
said the files I wanted were in the wall vault in the main office after slipping
in I went straight to the office in the wall vault used the PIN pad code to
unlock – but Julia didn’t know the code for it I’d have to figure it out I had a
little help the hacker had given me a digital lock breaking electronic device
and when the lock finally popped and the door opened I laughed I thought it would
be much more difficult and time-consuming I found a file about
halfway through the stack stamp with the word spinners I took the file along with
a few others and there was a stack over a foot high of files in that vault I
could have taken them all but I didn’t want anyone to notice the break-in I got
out without notice and just before the fire trucks came roaring up the little
paved road now I’m writing this to let you all know that fidget spinners of all
shapes and sizes paddle balls yo-yos sand pendulums perpetual motion toys and
even the seemingly harmless slinky we’re all created as mind-control toys by the
CIA there are more but I won’t list them all here it’s all on my notes and well
all my notes are hidden in lockers at bus stations on flash drives and in
paper files the best of you amateur sleuths will undoubtedly find them and
do with them as you will unfortunately my time has run out to spread the word
as I intended to do you see there’s a man parked alongside the road in front
of my house reading a paper map he follows me everywhere
and I act like I don’t see him he has been alone for the past month but today
well I saw another car further up the road and I’m sure my phone has been
tapped and my house is under surveillance just this morning on the news I saw that
Juliet had been killed in a car accident I’m positive um next someone needs to
find these notes find a way to stop the BB wo before it’s too late

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    sigh As soon as someone drops the word 'gevernment', the aluminium foil hats scramble out of their holes.

  65. Ashton Yoshi says:

    His story starts the same way about a detective back in 70s or 60s maybe before. But the dude was a retired fbi agent. He came back cause lot of kids were going missing and something fishy was going on at the elementary school in town. He invested that school and found basement under with a tunnel. Tunnel led out in backwoods where he thought he came across the rock which he thought looked like a scraficial tomb looking. The elementary school happened to be mcmartin or some shit like that. When I was looking into that and came across wheres Johnny? And started getting into that and omg was that shit crazy. One kid was missing since young age, escapes from where he was runs home tells his mom he is ok and he was kidnapped but than he ran away again. Same guy was on tv running for mayor or governor in that spot. His mom thought that's him but just older but that kids memories were mostly gone. But where's Johnny's story is incredible creepy and I believe true.

  66. Daxter says:

    If the government really makes mind control this they're obviously not very good at it because they keep having to come out with new ones. And what exactly are they trying to make us do? It seems kind of pointless to create a mind control device just to make people do stuff they were already going to do

  67. Arleen Fackina says:

    So this is where all of our tax dollars are going.. coming up with useless toys..

  68. Sinister Productions says:

    All the people who were "offed" were found with their throats slit….with a fidget spinner….

  69. Embody Illuminate says:

    Mind control with what purpose though? That’s a huge detail this story left out πŸ€”

  70. Heyward Shepherd says:

    Remember Clackers? Duncan tops? Troll Dolls? The conspiracy is real!

  71. Heyward Shepherd says:

    Furbys… OMG the Furbys.

  72. Heyward Shepherd says:

    They all work for the Drinking Bird!

  73. Domonick Zampaglione says:

    I never understood fidget spinners myself. I'm a teen by the way

  74. douglas stewart says:

    "Alexa, are fidget spinners a government conspiracy?"

  75. BASS boss-DarkMind says:

    They were invented by aliens to hault the intellectual advancement of humans

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