Impact Skateboard Club – Who We Are – 2018
Impact Skateboard Club – Who We Are – 2018

Skateboarding is an incredible vehicle
for learning the importance of failure as way of getting to success. At Impact
our primary purpose is to mentor and empower youth using our three pillars of
education, accessibility, and awareness and involvement in social justice causes. The way we educate is through activities
and discussions on topics like building self-confidence, determination and
perseverance, talking about community and stewardship, and also the intersections
of skateboarding with art and music. Through outreach and through subsidies,
we provide accessibility to kids facing barriers, be they financial, cultural, or
developmental. One of the ways we do this is by facilitating free workshops in priority neighbourhoods, where we offer programs that address physical health and emotional wellbeing. There are a few other youth skateboard programs in
Toronto, but Impact is the first and only one with the underlying mission of using
skateboarding as a pathway to developing positive self-image, healthy
relationships with the wider community, empowered youth, and awareness and social
justice issues. Through mentorship and the facilitation of camps, lessons, and workshops, participants at Impact are connected to a network that values each
individual and encourages growth achievement, both personal and collective. To me, the most important part of our mission is establishing a grid for social justice with kids, so we’ll talk about issues that they’re facing, issues that others face, and provide opportunities for them to get directly
involved in worthy causes. For example back in the fall we held a donation
drive for Nellie’s Shelter, where we gathered back-to-school supplies for the
families that Nellie’s supports. And beyond that, as an organization, every
month we donate to a different local charity, in order to model the importance
of giving back. The framework of Impact hinges on a collective of children, youth, and adults who are connected through skateboarding, and afforded the
opportunity to live their best lives while contributing to the wellbeing of

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