Injector Sleeve Installation and Removal
Injector Sleeve Installation and Removal

we’re gonna take a look at the correct
procedure for removal and then installation of the
injector sleeve or injector cup different manufactures used different names
for them in this particular case we’re calling this an injector sleeve this injector sleeve actually sits into
the head boss and that is surrounded by coolant to take away some of the heat of operation of the injector now there’s also a lot of heat right
here now this particular manufacture uses what’s called a direct
injection direct injection injector so when it’s installed in its correct
position in the engine it actually comes through the sleeve through the head boss and then is in combustion chamber area and on a diesel
engine the combustion chamber area where the clearance volume is made up by the relief or the bowl mixing bowl
area of the piston. in automotive applications we tend to
have the combustion chamber in the cylinder head and sometimes it’s part of the makeup of
the piston head with the combination of the cylinder head. So this is
installed in the correct position we need to make sure that we don’t allow
any combustion gas or compression pressure to leak by here and come out the top so there is a washer they gets installed
in the correct position and this is a compression washer and it goes on
the end of the injector and then when the injectors sleeve is in
the head that we install the two together until it is that it’s right position then we have a lock that locks the injector down and then
there is a dust boot that goes over top so when a technician is diagnosing this
he may not necessarily disassemble the running engine we’re looking for anything else or
deleting injector sleeve picking a week two ways compression pressure and gas leaking by the
compression washer and coming up the top any other what it can happen is the
coolant leaking by the top of the injector sleeve so we have to put it
certain type of see you and i think it’s two sixty two lac tight that actually
who watch this into place in this only read and
provides some sealing capacity also it see interference fit which means this is larger than the whole in the
boss of the head that were putting it into you salt the next thing is that we need to
take a look at the engine and then see what we need to do to actually take us
apart so we look on the top of the engine you
can see here’s our injector sleeves pressed down into the respected positions number one
and number two need to be replaced because the end of this has been damaged and it will not provide app flat melting steel with the injector compression washer if we take a look at how it’s it’s on
the inside this would say flat on the inside and then the injector would actually
come down like this so we need to have a nice flat surface here on the inside of
this lead to promote the ceiling of the injector so these injured damage and we’re gonna
have to remove them and install brand new sleeves so first thing we have to do take a small amount of rancor paper towel and i’m gonna stuff it down inside the
whole reason being for that is when i use my tap i’m gonna start to cut debris and i
don’t want it to fall into the engine this particular case and this kind of
put my kapin ended use inappropriate too old to drive it then i’m gonna start to cut some threads into you the injector i’m going off center a little bit but
i’m not too worried about it because we’re not really using this again and normally you would always when
you’re tapping is go forward and go facts on that
occasion you on this so that i treat teammates clean thread in the port so but i can’t afford might color apparatus is next chal the injector sleeve as required so you can see how much of a chore this could actually be stealing your doing it should in the chassis because now you
probably have the cabin that way and so on so forth so we’ve actually got enough material
trapped in there now and there’s lots of debris on top of it so i’m just gonna wind this bought down
in the position and suck it up just have to give it to start and that’s
neat and we’re going to put a prowler adapter onto it zimmerman installer colored and then just unsure tether and is in the correct position so
we don’t herder fingers and we discussed thusly vodka and you could see my bold kind a little
wacky when i pulled it out you can see some of the the seal it was on there from the last
install at this point this leaders no longer
serviceable so we can just go in the garbage so we want to do an inspection here
again clean and the poor will be a break clearly read make sure the boren looks good and then we can even have a quick look
down inside case in order to do is a ridiculously
for where to put on the appropriate of sealant which is two sixty two blocks
right by a manufacturer’s recommendation promiscuous reared its relative is a
film called on in this provides the ceiling obvi cooling system with the interference fit of the sleeve in the solar had son is gonna put it
into position and then we have a driver that goes into this leave through this leave now the important
part is is when this is being done that the pistons on that particular song
that are not work because it’s direct injection this
driver is actually going through thusly and when it’s going through this leave
as the pistons in the way because it’s direct injection we could potentially
driving this involved into the top of his team treating the
image that’s important nature of the president is down which it is so we put it back in the position prickly position at the end to the cylinder so now we got the driver in position and
then we’re just going to tax it down into it’s xbox sell this to all will blossom which indicates where the tool so you can see it slightly below the
surface is lots of ceiling around there and that’s going to provide the ceiling that we need to have for the
new u_s_ and then we’ll have a lock that holds it
down into position and then our fuel return and supply
lines would be installed now there is also a das boot it goes on
the top so when technicians are checking for these weekend what can be done is the das boot can be
pulled up and soap and water can be sprayed on a running engine impression
week you will see it bubble talks one way of diagnosing that the
sleeve is damaged now a quick and easy way to actually
remove washers one sometimes they do come out
on the injector but if it doesn’t in order to get back out so in order to get those compression
washes out if we can choose the cheaper sponge we just solution and then it hit fits directly onto it so then we can always get them out one
thing that happens sometimes in the trade or even here at the college as
when students take these apart been neglected take them out sony put the new one back in assuming
that we need new ones they stack them if they stack them then there’s not enough room for the
whole dan quayle and we actually torque it down and crime caper convex
depending what side you’re looking at we actually poll that injector sleeve now making money even surface and we
will have no ceiling capacities make sure it every time the full amount
that it is out of there and then we can do the
visual inspection obviously you can determine do we put in
washington in most cases where i was gonna put new watchers in fact in to
promote agood ceo when the injectors are removed and then replaced

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