Inline Skate Bearings Guide
Inline Skate Bearings Guide

Bearings are responsible for moving your wheels. They’re located in the wheels. Two bearings per one wheel, so they usually come in sets of 16. So how do you rate them? There is an ABEC system which is an industry standard. It means that it’s used by many companies. So if the bearing has a high ABEC number, it’s not necessarily good. It actually depends on a company. Although, there is another ILQ system. It is used only by one company, but this way you can ensure that the rating is right. There are three sizes of bearings. The most common one is used in most of the inline skates, scooters and skateboards. The other one is also called midget is used by speed skaters. And the third one is for quad skates. The most standard ones are made out of steel, which are most likely fine for you. More advanced bearings are out of titanium which are also rust proof and kind of take a little bit of abuse. And for the best speed there are ceramic bearings. By the way, they don’t take any abuse at all. most of the time you will use steel bearings anyway. Because “advanced” really means for professional sports. I would also note rust proof bearings because they are extremely useful! In some bearings you can open the shield to do the maintenance and some are closed forever. If you can open it, then it can be magnetic or it can have kind of a wire thingy. Anyway, you will need a needle to open those. If your bearings make noise when you’re skating, then they need maintenance. Of course if you are not a perfectionist, it’s pretty much fine to skate on if you don’t care about maximizing your results. But when it gets to the point when you can really feel it, then you SHOULD do the maintenance. Take in mind, After that, they still won’t be as good as new For the maintenance there are special cleaning kits. But remember – never use WD40. It’s great and all, but it attracts dust. You should also consider that some bearings roll very fast right away, and some need time to heat up. You should consider, that for kids and for people that are just starting to skate, it’s better to choose not really fast bearings. You should use something about ABEC 5, especially for kids. That’s about everything you need to know about bearings. Ask your questions in the comments, or contact ProSkaters Place. Will be glad to help!

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  1. Alfie Bailey says:

    Hi I'm looking for some bearings for my bauer x300r , I want some smooth fast bearings ,abec 7-abec 9 ( the higher the better, I'm a more than able skater) but a set of bearings that won't blow the bank . Thank you 😊

  2. Geetha R Krishnan says:

    which bearings is best for inline speed skating

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