Installing a E bike Conversion kit Front Wheel Hub Motor

Hei guys ! In this video , I want to make
a complete guide on how to install a e-bike conversion kit on your normal bike , so at
the end of this video , you are going to feel confortable to do it by yourself ; I ‘ve got
here the components of the conversion kit : Battery support , controler , throttle thumb
, LCD screen , the sensor for the pedal assist , a bad some zip ties . And as tools , I am
gonna use normal wrenches , screwdriver with different head sets , I ‘ve got some sand
paper and tape , these plastic tools to remove the tire . I am gonna beggyn by removing this
bottle support and keep these bolts , place the support on , with the bolts from the bottle
support . I will test the battery if it goes inn and out easily !and it does .. So it meens
that the support is on the right posssition , I am gonna tight it . Than I am going to
disconect the V brakes , On the front wheel . If you have V-brakes than you don’t have
to do this . I can remove the front wheel, in order to take out the tire . Than remove
the tire, using these plastic tools ,like that. Now I can prepare the wheel , I am gonna use
sand paper on this area . Next I am gonna tape it , like that .
Than place the wheel in possition , I will remove the washers and the nuts , because
it seems like it does not wanna go inside there . from some reasons .. I am gonna sand
paper this fork a little bit . Let’s see ! there we go like
that ! Now I can put back the washers . This washers will acctualy hold the kit ; this
wheel in the possition like… you see I hand tight it and the wheel will not come out . Than
with a 19 mm wrench , I am gonna tight this nuts , not that much , check the wheel .GOOD
. Now I am going to remove the foam handle . Removing the shifter . removing the brake
. and finnaly removing the bell . Ding !! If you get this tipe of screen than it comes
with this plastic support which you must fitt inn with two bolts ! Like this . Now to avoid
installing this screen up side down , there is a long line on top and it has to stand
towards you like this ! I want to place this screen all th way like that ! tight it . And
on this clamp they give you some kind of rubber spacers to place it betwen the bike and the
clamp . .Like this ! so you can tight it . I am gonna place the switcher as well . Next
to the screen . I think it looks good and it’s practical . now I am gonna put back this
shifter . and the brake ! And on the right side I am gonna place the throttle , Which
will go like this . I am gonna find a possition , usually to have enough space for the thumb
you gotta slide the shifter towards the center a little bit . And the brake as well . Next
step is to install the pedal assist sensor and for that I am going to open the pedal
. using a 8 mm hexagonal . Now it’s time to use this pulley , I am gonna show you in a
second how to use it ! you have to screw inn , in the pedal like this ! and than tightin’
this bolt inside . And hopefully the pedal will come out . -weird noises – All right so now I can install the sensor like that
. So bassically I am gonna glue it like this , than this plates with magnets will come
on top . and fit like this and the pedal on top , make sure that is simetrical with the
one on the other side !Than this bolt back !
So after I install the sensor on the pedal now I can secure this cable with a zip tie
. Than in order to connect the cables ,there is a small arrow which should match with the
another arrow that sits on the cable that’s coming from the hub engine . And you should
here a click .And another end of the cable will connect into the controler . Now bassically
I will bring all these cables together I am gonna zip tie them on the frame of the bike
, in such way that it will look good and the handlling of the bike will not be affected
. Now since I bring these cables in one point
,It’s time to install the controller . And the controler looks like this ! It has different
connectors with different colors and shapes . You can easily match them ,take them one
by one . First we ‘ve got the power connectors , you can see black and red will match with
black and red and so on… Like , let’s say the most complicated one
it has 5 colors red , blue , black , green and yellow . we gonna match with the one which
has the same colors and the same shape , and they will match together like this : also
click . you will hear a clikc : CLICK ! If you want to install the brake levers with
the sensor which stops the electricity when you brake , than it is very simple : just
align this nuts over here , take the wire out . than take this knub out . And place
on the new brake lever . You can see there is a special place there ! press it like that
, let it inside , betwen the treeds , lock the treeds and there we go ! install it on
your bike . Now since all the cables are connected it’s time to place the controler inside the
bag , nothing fancy just place all the cables inside , don’t let anything outside . What
I like to do , I like to zip tie the end of the zip . So that will not be open by mistake
or by someone . good ! Right , so I have done a litlle mistake . I place this magnetic plate
on the wrong side . It has to be with this magnets outside .. like this otherwise , you
have to pedal backwords in order to get pedal assist forward which is aaa kind of sily . My
mistake ! , but luckly it’s easy to fix . no big deal – All right so everything is done,
Now it’s time to take this bike for a ride . So I’ve got level 1 with 50 w Level 2 arround
80 , 90w even . Level 3 – 150 , a little bit down hill here . So level 3 150 … Level
4 it’s about 210 – 220 w and level 5 is maximum which is 350 or even more uphill, let’s see
now on this hill : Yeh I get arround 400 w assist on level 5 .If I press throttle I get
the same , so basically level 5 is full throttle . All right guys that was it , thanks for
watching subscribe and stay tunned for more videos , and I will see you next time !

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