Installing Wheel Bearings Has Never Been Easier!
Installing Wheel Bearings Has Never Been Easier!

welcome back everyone as I’m sure most
you saw in the last video I did some powder coating on these hubs back here
and the next step is gonna be installing some fresh bearings into them so that’s
what I’ll be knocking out today here are the bearings that I’ll be using they are
made by all balls and were provided by Rocky Mountain atv/mc now I know most
you guys already shop through rocky mountain but if you don’t already click
the first link down in the description to check out their website they’ve got
everything you could ever need for your dirtbike quad UTV or street bike so big
thank you to those guys for supporting the channel before I get started
pressing these new bearings into place let’s rewind a few weeks and see how I
went about removing those old bearings to pull out these bearings I’ll be using
a blind bearing puller set and the nut on the rear hub this one right here
requires the use of the special tool I’ll put the links to where you can find
these tools down in the description before pulling the nut off the rear hub
I’ve got to drill these two peen marks that are holding nut in place real quick just gonna pop open these new
bearings and make sure I’ve got everything required so for the front
we’ve got two bearings and two seals and for the rear it should be three bearings
and two seals three bearings here and the two seals and just to make pressing
in the bearings a little bit easier I’m gonna leave these bearings in the
freezer for a few hours and what this will do it’ll shrink the bearing ever so
slightly and allow for a little easier installation while the bearings are in
the freezer I’m gonna size up the hubs with these sockets and this is what I’ll
be pressing the bearings in with so I found some sockets that are pretty close
to the diameter of the hole so these will work out perfect I am gonna begin
with a front hub gonna bring it over to the shop press here I just recently
picked up to protect the powder coating from getting chewed up when I’m pressing
these bearings into place I’ve got this sheet of foam underneath it and that
should do a pretty good job all right so the shop press I had to go pick one up
on this build I’ll be pressing in a lot of bearings so it’ll come in handy this
one is just a cheap 12 ton Harbor Freight unit it was like $120 but seem
to have pretty good reviews so I figured I’d take a chance on it but I have yet
to use it so I’m pretty excited to see how it performs and I’ve actually never
used a shop press before either so I’m gonna go grab those bearings out of the
freezer now and press them into place to make installation go a little bit easier
I’m gonna apply some grease to the inside of the hub here I’ve got this
mini grease gun it’s gonna squirt a little bit of grease inside here and
spread it around it’s gonna line things up with the
bearing in the hub here get socket on there make sure everything is straight all right let’s see how this press
performs with the foam underneath the hub I was having issues with getting the
bearing to go in straight so I swapped it out for a block of wood and hoping
that works a little better once I figured out the press a little bit and
got this wood block into place the bearing went in pretty smoothly and you
definitely don’t want to forget the spacer that goes in between the bearings
it’s a bad day when you do that trust me I’ve done it before so this side bearing went in so much
easier using the block of wood and just being more familiar with the press
itself just got to pop these seals into place and the front hub will be done
again I’m just gonna apply a little bit of grease to the lip or the inside the
hub and the co will go in a little bit easier it is pretty cool to see the hub with
the bearings and seals pressed into place that blocka would seem to do a
pretty good job at protecting the powder coating I don’t see any damage at all
alright that’s it for the front hub onto the rear hub so the rear hub on this
bike actually uses three bearings two on the sprocket side and one on the rotor
side I’m gonna press in the sprocket side bearings first one thing I noticed when I was pressing
in the bearings on the front hub it’s a little bit easier if you tap the
bearings in just a smidge with a hammer to get it straight before using the
press on it looks like I’ve got the bearings started and straight it’s gonna
press it in the rest of the way now so you definitely don’t want to apply
any more force once you feel the bearing seat got one side done definitely can’t
forget the spacer and now it’s on to the disk side one thing to keep in mind as
you’re pressing in the last bearing the spacer in the middle has to be straight
if it’s cosh to the side at all that’ll actually hang up the bearing
from seeding all the way got the bearings all pressed in next up is
installing the bearing retainer and seals I’m gonna do that up on the
workbench so the bearing retainer is going to need some Loctite applied to it
before threading it in I’ll just be using a blue loctite for this one it’s always a smart move to peen the
retaining nut into place I’ve got a punch with a similar to a sharp point on
it and then a hammer of course so I’m just gonna place the punch on the edge
of the nut where it meets the hub and then give it a solid whack and just that
little pin there will hold the nut into place and I’m gonna do another peen mark
on the opposite side as well last thing to do here is to install the new seals all righty guys that’ll do it for the
bearing installation the bearing kits had everything I needed and it all
worked out great and as far as the shop press goes pretty happy with how that
performed too like I mentioned earlier you guys have to go check out Rocky
Mountain atv/mc first link down in the description so I’ve got a little
giveaway for you to win the sweet prime MX hat all you have to do is write down
in the comments prime that is PR Y M II and I go through and pick one your
comments and send this hat over to you and you got to hang in there for the
next video it is gonna be epic thanks for watching everyone

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    Flip it over the let the other side fall out, if not put it back in the oven a little while.
    I always heat aluminium casings of any kind in the oven to remove bearings rather then risk galling as its pressed or punched out cold making the new ones not quite as tight.
    For vertical split race engine cases (on a single cyl) that sees a few bearing changes not heating it can end up with a progressively looser fit to new bearings.
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