Introduction to Wonder Wheel
Introduction to Wonder Wheel

>>Hi, I’m Adam, and I’m a software engineer
at Google. We’ve noticed that lots of people use Google
to explore topics, but sometimes it can be hard to know what to search for next.
I’ve been working on Wonder Wheel, a new visualization that makes query exploration fun and easy.
Last week I made stir fry, and this week I want to try some variations.
I can turn on Wonder Wheel through the search options panel by clicking “show options,”
and then selecting “Wonder Wheel.” Notice how my original query is in the center,
connected to a bunch of related queries. If I click on one of those, like “chicken
stir fry,” I now see related queries for that topic.
Notice also that the search results have updated to show the results for the new topic.
I can keep on clicking through the Wonder Wheel to fully explore the topic, or to get
to a completely unrelated topic. At this point, I can jump back to any point
in the path. We hope that you find Wonder Wheel fun and
useful. Try it out next time you’re on Google and
you need to explore a topic.

32 thoughts on “Introduction to Wonder Wheel”

  1. C0 Assassin says:

    3rd, y'all are just updating up the ass right now!

  2. Vorbis5 says:

    This is really cool! Thanks again Google 😀

  3. Cold Chemical says:

    kinda weird how they, being Google, weren't using Chrome… By looking at the buttons you can tell they're using Safari…

  4. Josh McGill says:

    i am so scared

  5. hord says:

    If so many of them use macs why isnt chrome on a mac yet?

    I can see this wheel being great for research though!

  6. ThaTyger says:

    There is no "show options" on my google… or do you have to be logged in on your google account?

  7. KEYEDE says:

    no you should be able to without it

  8. KEYEDE says:

    good question, luckily for me i dont have a mac cuz chrome is such a good browser its not even funny how much it kills IE, never really got into firefox though..

    oh and i am a market researcher and since the wheel has been out, its probably the second or third place i go for information now

  9. ThaTyger says:

    Oke I found the problem, the feature only seems to be on the English version of Google. Thanks for the quick response

  10. yueli7 says:

    looks like a zombie

  11. Alberto Perego says:

    go to sleeeeep!

  12. sharpcsharp says:

    I'd like to see the same kind of navigation but for my exploration of the web. Currently I bookmark everything that I plan to come back and explore. It would be cool to just save the session and see the things I indicated interest in. If I explore a tangential thread, I could easily resume the thread I started to research.

  13. sharpcsharp says:

    Thats cool. I was thinking have the "mind map" persistent. That way you could explore tangential topics of interest, yet resume your initial research by just clicking in the map at the point where you diverged. Now you either have to open a new window if you see something interesting, but not relevant to the task at hand, or use the back button a number of times to get back where you were. Also, it would help them build out their semantic web, as users would be indicating tangential topics.

  14. Joacim Boive says:

    I like the idea of wonderwheel, but I don't like that you've used Flash to implement it. Seems like the lazy approach and not like Google at all.. Should be done using "ordinary" DHTML instead…

    The idea is still good though.

  15. Steve Shi says:

    he looks like frankenstein

  16. photocide1 says:


  17. tatsf226 says:

    Wonder Wheel helps people to brainstorm keywords, am I right? thanks

  18. tatsf226 says:

    can I save the results? seem like bookmark does not work

  19. folklorette says:

    I don't like stir fry very much

  20. Jesus says:

    Adam also works as an Extra on Star Trek episodes as a Vulcan.

    They like him coz he doesn't require any makeup.

  21. Extropian says:

    I love wonder wheel, it has been the right arm of my online research when I'm brainstorming related ideas. Please integrate wonder wheel into a Chrome addon! Or create an option to always search with wonder wheel on. I would love a one click solution, or an always on ability.

  22. Magasiva says:

    Wonder Wheel.. What can I say??? I was trying to get out of it before, thanks but no thanks, takes to long.. Next?

  23. Dmitry Paranyushkin says:

    Where is it now? Google wheel disappeared from my search options after you guys changed the design.

  24. JWA8402 says:

    @MortalSymphony because eventually everything can be linked to porn

  25. The Mighty Hypnotoad says:

    Hiding his MacBook Pro!

  26. Jonathan Beh says:

    BOO…. Wonder wheel is gone!!! Google please bring back wonder wheel

  27. ukedem says:

    any one knows why wonder wheel is off? any suggestions for alternatives?

  28. Marco Varela says:

    This is a nice tool for SEO. I use it everyday

  29. Mici Rox says:

    I can't find it, apparently it's gone now?

  30. Krzysztof Skomra says:

    pity that, it has been switched off and there is no

  31. Charles M says:

    Do these still exist?

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