Jade Roller Face Transformation in 30 Days | Brookhaven Delights
Jade Roller Face Transformation in 30 Days | Brookhaven Delights

you and I already know that the beauty
industry is so cutthroat and now that we have social media and people can leave
reviews online or like make a video like this that all the beauty products have
like the companies have to up their game but like even above and beyond what’s
going on in America Korea is on a whole nother level like I don’t think you
could shop around in Korea by all these k-beauty products and not love
everything you buy because if it was bad it wouldn’t even make it to the shelves
so I am surprised that I have been missing out on this k-beauty product
which you guys already know like I’m like having all this build up hype you
guys read the title you know what we’re gonna be talking about we’re gonna be
talking about a Jade roller look at it first off before we get into
the unboxing and showing off my new Jade roller I have to give a big THANK YOU to
Brookhaven delights because not only did they give to me this Jade roller they’re
sponsoring this entire video and I think that is pretty cool in itself oh thank
you I cannot believe it now they are an
American vendor on Amazon and of course I’m going to leave all the links that
you need down in the description below and I really encourage you to check it
out so right off the bat I love the packaging I’m always a fan of the marble
the simple text and the cardboard that they use all around it’s hard and sturdy
so it is going to make it if it ships to you and then they have some instructions
right here on the back I’m not going to bore you with it but again I will be
good and read it because some people get mad that I don’t read directions well oh
what’s this okay Oh a little thank-you card I wonder
oh there’s a way to get a $5 gift card of course I will be looking into this
I’m not for sure if this will come in every order or if this is a promotion
thing oh this is so nice okay I’m always a sucker for these especially when
they’re in pink but this is just it looks like a little travel carrying case
I then oh wow this is so nice there you go oh there’s some weight to it which I
like okay so this is dual sided so this big part is going to be a face roller
and then this is an eye roller so you can take a look at that wow this is oh
yeah this is so smooth I can just tell you guys right now
and then I might try to take this foam off honestly this is a good carrying
case as is then we have this which it’s okay if you guys don’t know I actually
had to do a little research behind it because if you do unbox it you’re
probably like this yeah I get it so I’m gonna I don’t okay I’m not the
best at saying these names so I’m gonna put it up here but I think it’s
pronounced Russia but if I say it wrong I’m sorry I’m sorry sorry but this is
also like a scraping massage tool that can function just like a Jade roller and
again I love the quality of this it’s a little bit heavy okay it’s Jade for you
but it’s also a scraping massage tool that functions like a jade ruler so
we’ll be talking more about this and then this this is so cute
so I don’t know if you guys are like me but I love to be very spiritual I love
the natural elements and learning about their powers and even if you believe in
them seriously or for fun it’s it’s whatever I just think this is such a
cute little freebie that comes with it where these are some loose jade stones
so from what I researched about the Jade roller is that it can sculpt your face
which I am really excited about that you know I need to be sculpted and it can
also boost circulation which is good because that rejuvenates the skin tissue
it can deep up your face which I think us girls all have been there where you
wake up and you clearly slept flat on your face you know and you have like
puffy eyes and like everything about you is just really puffy and not hot so you
gotta fix that and then it can also help with any fine lines which I believe in
that too because like you’re boosting the circulation and it evens out the
skin I have also read that a Jade roller can detoxify
and increase elasticity in your skin and then also it can help you absorb
moisturizers better which I’m a little skeptical about but again we’re gonna be
putting it to the test I’m so excited to try this out for the first time but
first I have alcohol wipes I want to do a little bit of cleaning and you should
do this with any tool that you get that you apply to your face and that’s just
good to make it sure it’s sterile because even if it’s of course it’s a
clean factory it’s a factory let’s be real okay so now let me hear this out so
the best way to Jade roll according to the internet is to start in the center
and then move outward and try to angle upward which is kind of hard because
again you’re dealing with your entire face so brookhaven delights understands
your confusion and on the Box they actually give different examples of how
to do it and this is great because you’re gonna be kind of doing something
a little bit different from your forehead versus your jawline okay so I just password it through that
try not to be too nit picky with me because that’s the first time applying
it so I’m gonna get better just you wait oh and also I see right here that it
gives you instructions on the best way to Jade role if you have sinus pain and
pressure it could come through Brookhaven delight so I that was such a
weak step wait wait there you go because I currently am not having issues like
that but I do get them several times a year and I’m pretty sure we’re not alone
I think my face does have a glow to it and like you can see the circulation
going in my cheeks but I love that final thing I want to say is that you do not
need to apply a lot of pressure when you Jade roll and especially when you’re
working with the little tiny eye roller be gentle around the skin around your
eyes okay it’s very delicate I forgot how I said it before and I
don’t even know if that was right gate geisha so apparently this curved side is
what you’re supposed to be pressing against your skin tissue and essentially
it does the exact same thing as a Jade roller some people claim that they like
it because they feel like they see results
sooner because I guess because it’s easier for them to add more pressure to
their skin tissue and applying it however it to me it seems like it’s just
a matter of preference like you either like the guy show or the Jade roller or
you decide to use both so I think it’s cool I’m gonna have to learn more about
it during this process because like this has got to be used for something like I
don’t know if it’s perfectly low like I am very excited to try out both of
these k-beauty products however this video is going to be all about the shade
roller because I know most of you guys are familiar seen this in stores so so
be for another time editing this and cringy so Dorothy please forgive me so I
will be adding the face roller and the eye roller to my morning skincare
routine for 30 days I’ve already come up with my own personal goals so first I
want to sculpt my jaw line because I’ve opened up about this before it’s kind of
an insecurity of mine so I will take what I can get and then also I have like
paper thin transparent skin under my eyes and therefore it is really easy for
me to get dark circles and even on a good night’s rest they’re still there so
if I can like reduce them by like even like 10% I would be happy and then my
last goal is to reduce the tension line that I have between my eyebrows I don’t
know I think I just hold a lot of stress there I naturally squint a lot of the
times and the line right now isn’t too bad but it can get like a deep trench
right here so I’m not for sure if I’m destined to get it back again it’s you
know it’s the holidays it can very well happen so if I could just keep it at bay
with this being a massage tool in itself I’d really appreciate that ha ha ha ha why hello so just a little
transparency and what I have going on with you guys right now it is nighttime
it is very dark and rainy when I look outside so I have rigged light setup in
the best way for me to look the most natural so you guys can see how my face
looks I do not have any makeup on I just have a daytime moisturizer and I applied
it using the Jade roller so I know that I could just be ending this video
throwing up some before and after pictures but you know what I want to
talk about the goals that I made so first was to sculpt my jawline and of
course I think you guys have eyes that you can see that I definitely do have a
harder V going on I’m pretty impressed with it I cannot believe it like I was
will skeptical because again it’s very simple just to roll something on your
face however I love the results I know that I have not been good with eating
I’ve been eating a lot of bread and I know that can cause a lot of water
weight and bloating so bad like I feel like I’ve gone a lot worse with my diet
but when you think about it doesn’t that make the Jade roller seem even more
impressive but it was still still able to slim down my face and then my second
goal was to reduce dark circles and afterward I did some research I realized
there’s so many factors that made somebody show dark circles and I’ve had
them all my life and I just have very transparent skin then I realized that
this goal wasn’t the most realistic for how I was born however I will say though
overall the quality of my face did get better because just this is science here
applying the Jade roller is going to help boost circulation in your face and
that is not just healthier for your skin tissue and
you’re gonna give off this natural glow and I don’t know about you but I look
pregnant right now because look at how I am glowing and then my last goal was to
relax the tension right here and I can tell you that it’s magic come back so
what I decided to do was put it to the test I’m being really annoying sorry just
display it like this while I talk to you guys so I decided to put it to the test
because in the past when I used moisturizer before foundation it just
kind of balled it up I don’t know I kept seeing influencers do it but it wasn’t
working out so I kept the same lotions the same foundations but I also
incorporated a j-roller and everything was able to work out really really well
in fact I have a clip right here for you when I had to wake up at 7 a.m. and
included this Jade ruler I’m in natural daylight and it’s 8 a.m. had to get up
early I’m running on very little sleep as usual but of course I used my Jade
roller before applying my makeup but I did want to show you how good it is at
deep puffing so they’ve been like this all 30 days it’s so nice and when I wake
up and they aren’t a Jade roll the crud out of them I am very happy I am not
happy about the fact that I do have to go to work and it’s so gloomy out and
it’s raining I can’t be crying because I make my eyes puffy I don’t have to Jade
roll again okay guys thank you so much for watching I really appreciate it
don’t forget to subscribe to join the fam BAM and a special thank you thank
you to Brookhaven delights the Amazon vendor I will include the product linked
to this Jade roller down below so you guys can check it out and get sculpted
for yourself and I hope you guys enjoyed it the results I know I kind of have
already had been in a good skincare routine leading up to this Jade ruler
but I really do believe in the pictures and what I’m telling you and what I’m
showing you that I do see results so yes I will use this Jade Roller even though
my 30-day challenge is up and yes I do recommend it to a friend and yes it is a
very honest opinion of mine even though this video was sponsored because the
sponsor truly did believe in this Jade Roller to let me do an honest review

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