JAPAN wants to sell more weapons to ASEAN

A Japanese defense official on June 12 said
that Tokyo wants to increase the amount of military equipment sold to Southeast Asian
nations amidst the tensions over North Korea and China. The Associated Press commented that this was
Shinzo Abe’s move to promote Japan’s military role as well as increase sales of military
equipment, especially in Southeast Asia. Hideaki Watanabe, head of the Agency for Logistics
and Receiving Technology under the Ministry of Defense, said Tokyo would hold a meeting
on June 15 with defense officials from the National Association of Southeast Asia (ASEAN)
to discuss equipment sharing and technology. On June 12, speaking at an international arms
exhibition held near Tokyo, attended by hundreds of defense officials from around the world,
Watanabe commented that in recent years many countries have ” Take provocative actions
to change the status quo. The AP said Watanabe’s statement wanted to imply an act of constructing
and accumulating China’s artificial islands in the South China Sea. Japan has limited arms exports since after
the Second World War due to the constitution. Since the regulations were loosened in 2014,
Japan has arms research agreements with Britain, France and Australia. In order to develop the defense industry in
2017, the Japanese government raised the research fund to more than 10 billion yen ($ 90 million).

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