Jeep Grand Cherokee Alternator Removal Guide Video
Jeep Grand Cherokee Alternator Removal Guide Video

So to take off your alternator there are a
few bolts on the top here to take off. This one’s a 15 millimeter; that one’s also
a 15 millimeter. On the back of this bigger…the longer one, there’s a nut that you have
to put a 15 millimeter socket on and just ratchet it out. On the back of the alternator
there are a few different plugs. There’s this guy right here which has 4 connectors
on it if you can see it. It’s got….I’ll show you on the back of the alternator then…right
here it’s got…wow the sun is really in the way there…alright so right here I believe
these three are 10 millimeters. This one is a 7 millimeter. Just disconnect all those,
they’re pretty simple. Nothing is really stuck on there too bad. And that is the whole
deal I believe. There is…this red wire is the one that’s connected to this black section
right here. And that’s how to take out the alternator.

17 thoughts on “Jeep Grand Cherokee Alternator Removal Guide Video”

  1. JerryRigEverything says:

    @john dietz It is under the power steering pump. i have another video showing how to do that if you can find it.

  2. Carleton Murley says:

    Appreciate the Video, but it is a lot more difficult with the AC compressor in the way.

  3. JerryRigEverything says:

    If you do take off the air compressor, try to leave the hoses connected. That will save you a lot of headache trying to recharge your AC system.

  4. Green Vendetta says:

    do you have to take off the fan?

  5. JerryRigEverything says:

    It would make things easier to take off the fan, yes. But if you loosen the belt and have enough room to remove the bolts you wouldnt have to.

  6. Eddie R Harvey Jr says:

    do u have a video showing you putting it back on and tighening the belt

  7. JerryRigEverything says:

    The closest thing I have is called a 'Jeep Grand Cherokee Engine Swap Guide part 2' at 4:50 I talk about the power steering pump for just a few seconds. The bolt you use to tighten the belt is attached to the power steering pump. Kind of behind the pump, horizontal to the ground, facing the drivers side of the Jeep.

  8. Jon Coleman says:

    How to Change an Alternator – Jeep 4.0L Straight 6 this shows the whole process

  9. Claudio Cividino says:

    This is not a removal video, it's an "I already removed the alternator and this is what it looks like" video. Useless.

  10. Sateevah1 says:

    Thank you single female here with a new alternator..So with this vid I shall perform this all by my female hardly any knowledge about cars myself.. Thank you very much!!!

  11. MrBinky says:

    Fucking worthless. This video DOES NOT show you how to take off the alternator. it shows you with it already off!!!

  12. Shane Lennon says:

    Don't know why so many people are complaining.  You explained well and saved me time trying to figure out the sizes of everything and what does/doesn't need to come off.  Thanks for the help man!

  13. jacques edel says:

    Wow, so much easier than my civic! Right on top, thanks for the vid, helping out my sis in law with hers.
    Thank you!

  14. Zach Mumma says:

    Thanks man, really helpful video, going to be doing this tomorrow!

  15. William Forbes says:

    hay bro what size are the bigger bolts and what size is the tension pully

  16. Q Dot says:

    Is this the same process for the 2003 v6 grand cherokee?

  17. Fred T. says:

    Not for anything and I am always a positive person. This video did nothing but show an already removed alternator. Anyone could have looked up the nut and bolt sizes ….

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