Jeep Wrangler JL Borla ATAK Axle-Back w/ Black Tips (2018-2019 3.6L) Exhaust Sound Clip & Install
Jeep Wrangler JL Borla ATAK Axle-Back w/ Black Tips (2018-2019 3.6L) Exhaust Sound Clip & Install

Hey, what’s up, guys. Ryan here from ExtremeTerrain and today I’m
here with the Borla ATAK Axle-Back with Black Tips fitting your 2018 and up Jeep Wrangler
JL with the 3.6-liter motor. It’s going to be for the JL owner that’s looking
to ditch that factory exhaust system for some additional power and sound. It’s an easy bolt-on axle-back from Borla. It’s gonna unleash some of that power, resulting
in some extra horsepower and torque, and also it’s gonna give you that aggressive and impressive
exhaust tone. It’s finished off with a smooth black powder
coating that’s gonna provide even more corrosion protection and that aggressive off-roading
look. And not only is this system made of stainless
steel, but it’s constructed with mandrel bent tubing and a high flow muffler for a ton of
exhaust flow that’s gonna give you extra power and sound. The system is gonna unleash a few extra ponies
that you didn’t know you had and it hangs in the factory location, so there’s no modification
required to install this. Now this system does hang down a little lower
than your factory system, so if you’re an avid rock crawler this might not be the ideal
option, you want a high clearance design. This system is acoustically tuned by Borla
for high decibel with minimal drone while staying street legal. Now as far as these axle-back systems go for
the JL, this one is very reasonably priced, coming in right around at $640. This system is designed and constructed very
well and it’s designed to last you a long time. Now as far as loudness goes, on a scale of
one to five, I’m gonna give this about a four out of five since this exhaust system is very
mild when you want it to be and you’re not really getting into that skinny pedal, and
when you do get into that skinny pedal, it is pretty loud and it sounds pretty decent. As far as installation goes, I’m gonna give
this a one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter as you can get this thing installed
in about two hours just using basic hand tools. Now with that being said, let’s hop into the
install. Tools we used for this install: exhaust hanger
tool, 13-millimeter wrench, socket extensions, 15-millimeter socket, 13-millimeter socket,
3/8 drive impact, and some lubricant. So the first thing we’re gonna do to kick
off this install is we’re gonna loosen up the clamp holding our muffler on. So we’re gonna take a 15-millimeter socket
and this clamp is located right above our axle up here on the exhaust pipe. So next thing we’re gonna do is try to get
the muffler out of the hangers. Now there’s two hangers, there’s one on each
side, and they’re supported with rubber isolators. Now you can try to get the muffler out of
those rubber hangers, but it’s pretty hard to do. So what we’re actually gonna do is unbolt
our hangers from the frame mount. That way we’ll pull this whole section down
and then we’ll pull those off, reinstall them. So to unbolt these mounts, you are gonna have
a bolt up here on the backside, and you’re gonna have another one up here. I’m gonna use a 13-millimeter socket on a
long extension to get this top one out, and then we’ll use a 13-millimeter wrench to get
the other one out. So at this point in time it would be a good
idea to support your muffler. Then we’re gonna do the same thing to get
the other side off. Get that last bolt out of there. Now you want to keep a hand on this thing. Next thing we’re going to do is wiggle it
off of our over the axle pipe. So we should be able to shimmy this back and
forth. Once you wiggle it off, you can pull your
muffler out. So now that we have our factory muffler out
and we have both of these mufflers conveniently placed on the table for your viewing pleasure,
I can take a moment just to explain some of the differences between an aftermarket system
such as this one here from Borla and your factory muffler, and also some of the benefits
that you’re gonna get with a system like this. Your factory muffler is very quiet. It does a great job at reducing sound, but
in reducing that sound, you’re also reducing airflow. This is gonna create back pressure. It’s also gonna limit your engine’s performance. So by opening up that exhaust system, what
we’re gonna do is allow the exhaust to exit faster, which is gonna allow the engine to
draw more air in which is gonna make it a lot more efficient. You’re also gonna unleash power that you didn’t
even know was there. Now one of the main downfalls of the factory
muffler along with it being rather large and hindering flow and sound is this funky little
crushed Cobra pipe that they have here. Borla has decided to make that a nice open
flowing pipe. This is gonna reduce flow because it makes
the exhaust change direction and shape, so this is a really nice feature that you’re
getting with this aftermarket system right here. Now Borla has a very nice high flow muffler
and this is gonna allow that exhaust to flow very freely, increasing horsepower, sound,
all those benefits and gains, and also it’s gonna give you a very nice rumble. Now, this is the ATAK system which is relatively
loud, so if you’re looking for a quieter system, Borla has plenty to offer and you can find
those on our website. Now this system is the same size tubing as
your factory system, so it is a direct fit. There’s no cutting or anything that we need
to do to get this system installed. And it’s made out of stainless steel, so that’s
really nice, very corrosion resistant, it’s long lasting, and the whole thing is finished
off with a very nice black powder coating, which is excellent for those of you that really
don’t like chrome, want to tone it down a bit and get that aggressive look. Now this features a dual exit system which
is gonna give you very nice symmetry out back and it’s finished off with Borla’s nice painted
black tips, and this sits on a factory hangers as well, so we don’t really need to do much
to get this thing in besides bolt it up in there. This muffler is a lot smaller than your factory
muffler, so if you’re an avid off-roader, you’re not gonna have the chance of hitting
this thing on a rock when you come down off of something like you would with the factory
system. Now this is one of Borla’s street legal lineups
and it’s actually one of the highest decibels, so they tune this specifically to have the
highest decibel while keeping street legal. It’s going to give you a really nice rumble
in sound. I’m excited to get this thing installed. So with that being said, we got to swap over
these hangers so we can get this thing back up in there and then we’ll bolt it in place
and show you what it sounds like. So to switch our hangers over, we’re gonna
need to take our mount, we’re also gonna need to take the isolator off. So if you have a hanger tool or if you can
borrow one, you can use that or you can just try to pry these things off. Be a good idea to use some sort of lubricant
because it’s gonna make them a lot easier for that rubber to slide off of that metal. Gonna lube this up a little bit and slide
it right on there, then we’ll do that same thing for the other hanger. Same thing, lube it up, slide it on. So you get a brand new clamp with this muffler,
so you want to install that. Make sure that you orient it in a way that
you’re gonna be able to tighten it once you get it up there. So what we’re going to do is lift this thing
up, we’re gonna slide this end onto the existing axle-back section, and then we’re gonna try
to get these hangars bolted in. So once you get this thing up and on, wiggle
it, slide it on all the way onto the existing axle-back pipe. We’re gonna line these hangers up and then
we’re gonna reinstall those bolts that we removed. So once you get both of those installed, then
we’re gonna tighten up our hangers using that 13-millimeter socket. The last thing we have to do is tighten up
our band clamp, so we are gonna use that same 15-millimeter to tighten that thing up. So that’s gonna wrap up my review and install. For more videos and products like this, check
us out at

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