Jeep Wrangler Magnaflow MF Axle-Back with Polished Tips (2018 3.6L JL) Exhaust Sound Clip & Install
Jeep Wrangler Magnaflow MF Axle-Back with Polished Tips (2018 3.6L JL) Exhaust Sound Clip & Install

Hey, guys. Today, I’m here with the Magnaflow MF Series
Axle-Back Exhaust, fitting all 2018 V6 JLs. This is gonna be for you guys out there looking
for a deeper exhaust note while you’re at an idle or at a takeoff, thanks to the straight-through
muffler design, while also keeping it quiet inside of the cab, and while you’re cruising. You’re also gonna get some horsepower and
torque gain out of this, since you are freeing up a lot of that restricted airflow. Not to mention you’re getting a very aggressive
look with this dual tip design. I would however like to mention that this
does hang a little bit lower than stock, so if you are concerned with your departure angles
off-road, I would check out some high clearance options. At the moment, this is roughly gonna be at
the $500 mark, which is a pretty average price point for 409 stainless steel axle-backs. Install’s gonna be a one out of three wrenches
on the difficulty meter, being completely bolt-on with no cutting. Speaking of install, let’s jump into that
now. The tools that we use for this install were
a 5-inch extension, a 15-millimeter deep socket, a 13-millimeter swivel, an impact wrench,
and a hanger removal tool. Our first step of taking off our exhaust is
to support it so we can remove our exhaust clamp and remove the exhaust from the hangers. I’m just using a pole jack and placing it
in the center of our exhaust so it doesn’t shimmer around. Our next step is to loosen our clamp that’s
holding on our axle-back, and it’s going to be a 15-millimeter bolt. The isolators on here will be a big upgrade
from the JK, and they’re gonna be a little bit more reinforced, which will help you out
on the trail, but with getting an exhaust off you will have to wrestle them a little
bit. I would recommend hitting it with PB Blaster
or a WD-40, and then I’m gonna take our exhaust hanger tool and extract that from the insulator. Now what I’m just going to do is lower this
down and slide the axle-back off of the cat- back piping. As soon as you sit the stock exhaust next
to our new Magnaflow, you can tell a bunch of big differences. Obviously, you’re getting a dual exit with
a large polished tip. You’re also getting a more compact design
compared to our big and bulky stock muffler. What I also would like to mention is that
you’re freeing up a lot of restriction with the actual piping on a new muffler. The piping on our stock exhaust from the muffler
back is pinched and it’s restricted. However, on our new Magnaflow, it is not restricted
at all and it stays true to that two and a half inches. I would like to mention the Magnaflow did
pay attention to detail when they were designing a new axle-back exhaust for the new JL. They even have a little notch here that will
make lining up the exhaust a lot easier. Enough talking about our stock exhaust, let’s
bolt up our new one. First things first, let’s slide on our clamp. You wanna make sure that the notch lines up. We’re gonna attach our hanger in our stock
insulator. We were having a bit of trouble getting our
second hanger on the insulator, so what we’re going to do is take off the factory hanger,
and attach it to our exhaust, and then rebolt it up. You’re gonna use a 13-millimeter socket to
remove the two bolts holding in the factory hanger. You can slide your clamp on and tighten that
down with the same 15-millimeter socket. That’s gonna be it for my review and install. If you have a 2018 V6 JL, and if you’re looking
for a deeper exhaust snow as well as an aggressive look, you can find this Magnaflow MF Series
Axle-Back Exhaust right here at

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