Jeep Wrangler RedRock 4×4 Dual Outlet Axle-Back (2007-2016 JK) Exhaust Sound Clip & Install
Jeep Wrangler RedRock 4×4 Dual Outlet Axle-Back (2007-2016 JK) Exhaust Sound Clip & Install

Hey guys, I’m Ryan from Extreme Terrain and
this is my review of the RedRock 4×4 Dual Outlet Axle Back Exhaust that fits all 2007
to 2016 Jeep JKs, both 2-door and 4-door. As you can see, the system is offered in both
black and stainless finishes. This is a great exhaust for those of you who spend most of
the time on the road or on light trails without a lot of tail-pipe crushing obstacles. For
those of you who spend more time on the rocks, you want to look at our high-clearance exhaust
systems that tuck everything up and out of the way. When you’re shopping for an axle back exhaust
for your Jeep, you’re really looking at three factors, one being sound, of course, the second
being build quality, and the third being the looks. Now, no axle back is going to provide
huge power gains to your JK. The exhaust is not the most restrictive part of the system,
so opening it up isn’t going to give you a ton more power. And unfortunately, no axle
back is going to make your V6 sound like a V8. That being said, this exhaust will give
you a nice low note. You’ll definitely notice more of a growl, especially during the higher
RPM band when you get into the throttle getting onto an on-ramp, for instance. I give it about
a two out of five on loudness. You’ll get a little bit more sound, but you’ll definitely
notice the lower note. And when it comes to the quality of the construction,
these are really solid, especially for a budget system. They don’t sound tinny. They’ve got
a nice heavy weight to them. The welds are consistent, they look really strong. And the
finish is great in both black and in stainless. They use the same 409 stainless material as
some of the most expensive systems, so they should hold up for you in the long run. And
if you were to have any problems in the first three years, RedRock 4×4 offers a three-year
warranty. And finally, visually, the systems look great.
You get the dual outlet exhaust that gives your Jeep a tough look, and you get to choose
between either the stainless with the polished tips, or the black to really customize the
look of your rig. The install for this system could not be any
easier. You need one wrench to loosen and re-tighten three different bolts, and it uses
all the factory hangers. On a scale of one to five, this is definitely a one. You can
probably get this done in less than an hour with normal hand tools. You don’t even need
to call a friend for an extra set of hands. Now if you want to see what other people are
saying about this exhaust system, make sure you check out the customer-submitted reviews
on the website. And if you’re having trouble deciding between black or stainless, there
are tons of customer-submitted pictures. So for you guys that are staying on the road
or on the light trails and want that nice low exhaust note and a custom look, this is
the perfect system for you. It’s really well-built for the budget, and shares a lot of features
with the more expensive systems that we offer. So that’s my review of the RedRock 4×4 Dual
Outlet Axle Back Exhaust. For more reviews, check out In the meantime,
I’m Ryan, thanks for watching.

9 thoughts on “Jeep Wrangler RedRock 4×4 Dual Outlet Axle-Back (2007-2016 JK) Exhaust Sound Clip & Install”

  1. life of a jeeper says:

    The black looks nice.

  2. Infidel Sheepdog says:

    Great review. Thanks for posting.

  3. Nicole Curry says:

    Can't wait to buy mine buying two sets for both of my wranglers 😍

  4. Nicole Curry says:

    I bought one of each can't wait to get them installed

  5. Ezzak says:

    I have it on my 2016 and really like it. sounds good so I hope you like it

  6. Roberto Carlos says:

    Stuck between this one and the magnaflow axleback, which one sounds better?

  7. Shantanu Das says:

    If it is fit on mahindra thar

  8. John's Adventures says:

    This video is not honest when it comes to the install. You cannot install this with normal hand tools. You will need an exhaust hanger removal tool or this will easily take about three hours. I did not know this and ended up using an angled pry bar and all the strength I could muster to separate the old muffler from the hanger. Also, the exhaust is not the same size as the OEM exhaust. After install the muffler sits up against the lip of the heat shield. This causes it to rattle when you hit a bump as it hits that lip. You can even see it up against the lip in the video. It is a good exhaust but extreme terrain needs to be more forthcoming and honest about the effort to install.

  9. Michelle Soto says:

    Bought mine in black. 2018 JKU absolutely amazing sound and look!

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