Kilian Martin’s Carmen: A Skateboard Opera – Ballantine’s Stay True Story #1
Kilian Martin’s Carmen: A Skateboard Opera – Ballantine’s Stay True Story #1

68 thoughts on “Kilian Martin’s Carmen: A Skateboard Opera – Ballantine’s Stay True Story #1”

  1. Jonatas Robles says:

    Skate and Destroy not this shit!!!

  2. Ricardo Wijngaarde says:


  3. Alexander Longstaff says:

    Muy buena producción. Esto lo hizo Bamba ?

  4. Caribbean Sport Shop says:

    Genial en todos los aspectos! Producción, realización, concepto, protagonista… Una buena publicidad y un placer ver a Kilian Martin en la ópera. 

  5. Jon Kennedy Federation says:

    Nice voice dude !!! LOL!!

  6. Marc Llorens says:

    Desde cutradical te felicitamos, Kilian. ¡Nos encanta ver cosas nuevas! We love watching new combinations!

  7. multimedia multimedia says:

    después de José María Guido esto es lo peor que le ha dado argentina al mundo 

  8. Norbi Whitney says:


  9. Juan Karlo Cházaro says:

    este vídeo me provoco una erección!

  10. Christian Villafuerte says:

    We need more Nitro Circus for Operas 😉

  11. João Ferreira says:


  12. brian delon says:

    muito foda

  13. Wacky YouTube Videos says:

    This is awesome.

  14. -Crizzando- says:


  15. dcianscqknsc says:

    Rodney Mullen is his father

  16. kaezon23 says:

    que mierda?

  17. logy lowe says:

    How is anyone expected to respond to that

  18. Sergi Mayor says:

    Like Rodney Mullen aha

  19. Gerald Klaus Chandía says:


  20. Dulce Yack says:

    Wooooooooow simplemente hermoso, Kilian! 😀

  21. Alex Soto says:

    cualquier cosa que se fusione con el skate es simplemente Bello 😀

  22. Gustavo Garces says:

    exito yu pronunceichon

  23. Padelis Theodosiou says:

    Rudney Mullen is the only one who can dance with his skate 😉 
    Btw good job dude

  24. Chadil Alami says:

    Think Different !

  25. PERUCI says:

    LoL Nice :O

  26. Losinto Yorka says:

    i was hoping a patrick watson song

  27. Rooms Magazine Art Uncovered says:


  28. Isa de Mari says:


  29. Fernanda Tralala says:

    Wonderful! I wish I could see the whole presentation…. 🙂

  30. Ryan SkateFL says:

    Awesome I love killian

  31. Helios Guerrero says:

    muy buena tu propuesta…. me encantó !!!

  32. Calvo Con Barba says:

    Creo que es el primer anuncio en pre-roll en Youtube que clicko y me veo entera la pieza en años…

  33. Arturo Ruiz says:

    Kilian tan original como siempre: "Making skate different". Larga vida a Kilian Martin!!! Jaja.

  34. tropezar1 says:

    jajajajajaj que clase de puto

  35. holografe1 says:

    great a different way to present carmen!

  36. Yovnic 1 Brunner says:

    West Side Story (on sk8s) runs through his blood. Get a load of his classic outfit. He is crazy talented. He is ridiculously good looking. He could advertise anything. Even nespresso coffee. Move over George Clooney.

  37. beto japa says:


  38. xsmovex says:

    der Typ ,der Typ ist so der absolute Obershit!!!!!! Unfassbar. Mein persönlicher Craig Anderson des Skatens!!!!

  39. Clément Bouton says:

    That guy is definitely not a pro skateboarder.

  40. Clément Bouton says:

    And hasn't invented anything…

  41. Daniel Mendez says:

    Rodney Mullen estaria deshonrado por ti 

  42. qwerty q says:

    1.40 opera song WHOSE?????????? pleasee answer

  43. Constantino Santana says:

    There isn´t limits for creations!!!

  44. francesca brint says:

    I'm amazed…never seen anything like it…had to watch it over and over!

  45. GirlieShoes1207 says:

    Wow impresionante!!!!Tu linda esposa me mando aqui; )

  46. Luis Chew says:

    ¡Qué buena idea!

  47. Skate Amateurs says:


  48. Vitor Rodrigues says:


  49. Karen Jess says:

    Eres muy bueno! Felicidades!

  50. nai torales says:

    ooh come on , is only tricks skate with classical music , BOOOOREEEEEEEEED

  51. Ivan Ralchev says:

    Feels authentic and real.

  52. Ilyas Bayru says:


  53. Rafael Guilherme says:


  54. James Rey says:

    Thats right tomato tomato ketup oh yeah the first tomato was pronounced with American accent the second well i think u Get the photo

  55. James Rey says:

    Thats right tomato tomato ketup oh yeah the first tomato was pronounced with American accent the second well i think u Get the photo

  56. Jeronimo Grimaldi says:

    Caca que talentoso. 🙂

  57. Dana Šumová says:

    Very nice idea and perfect made. I´m very proud Jiří Kilian is from my country Czech Republic. Thank you for video.

  58. Dana Šumová says:

    And perfect camera too!

  59. FatSleepyPanda says:

    Where can i watch the full vid

  60. ALEX GAO says:

    Kilian Martin is a gawd

  61. The Real Art of Sports says:

    Great idea and beautiful moves! This is real art for me!

  62. velvetpaws999 says:

    Nice skill! But, instead of rapid, clipped excerpts, why not show the entire "ballet"? I don't get much enjoyment out of these snippets, and I would have loved to admire all of it instead! Do it right, or let it be!

  63. Leoda L Winona says:

    Amazing 😀

  64. Briana Kelley says:

    Dope! Definitely a unique concept.

  65. Patrick Rostker says:


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