King Racing XP & XPG Bearings | pMax Black – Bull’s Eye Tolerance
King Racing XP & XPG Bearings | pMax Black – Bull’s Eye Tolerance

Hey everyone its Erik from
Today we are going to check out the XP and XPG bearings from King Engine Bearings.
Successful race engine builders are constantly pushing the limits of load capacity to new
levels. Race bearings today inevitably need to match these demands with more competitive
bearings. King Racing has rose to meet this challenge with their XP & XPG high performance
bearings series. The XP & XPG series is a line of bearings
with advanced metallurgical and geometric technologies that meet extreme performance
loads. It was developed for all performance applications that use forged steel aftermarket
crankshafts or produce high loads for extended periods. Think road racing or drag racing
applications as well as off road, circle track and even off shore racing.
Our engine builders here at MAPerformance have begun using King bearings in almost every
engine we build, next we will tell you a few of the key reasons why!
________________ First let’s take a deeper look into the Metallurgy
& design of these exciting new high performance engine bearings.
King Racing’s XP series features pMax Black™. pMax-Black™ combines a unique tri-metal
structure with advanced surface processes to deliver superior load capacity. Thanks
to this, the King XP & XPG bearings are 24% harder than any other conventional tri-metal
race bearing and 17% more fatique resistance as well.
_______________ King listened to its engine building customers
and responded by creating their Bull’s Eye Tolerance™ Bull’s Eye Tolerance™ is a production technology
developed by King. It combines highly accurate machining, overplating, and computerized wall
thickness monitoring that adjusts the process on-the-spot. Bull’s Eye Tolerance™ outperforms the industry’s
wall thickness tolerance, ensuring the least thickness variation shell-to-shell. The outcome:
A new standard in bearing thickness consistency which saves you time, money, and provides
you with a better performing end product. ______________ pMax Black™ together with Bull’s Eye Tolerances
and the XP / XPG geometric features offered exclusively by King all add up to the ideal
combination for performance racing engines. We use king bearings in our builds and highly
suggest you do the same. That is all for our product spotlight on these King XP & XPG Race
Series Bearings. If you have any questions or comments feel free to drop them in the
comments below! Don’t forget to pick up your own King Racing Bearings today at

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  1. Jace Detweiler says:

    I'm using these on my honda rt4wd

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