K&M 23860 Microphone Desk Arm | Minimalist Design
K&M 23860 Microphone Desk Arm | Minimalist Design

The best-looking microphone arm out there
might now be mine! Welcome, SoSoTech here with a brand-new K&M
23860 Let’s open it up! Packaging is minimal cardboard, economical,
functional The table clamp has a massive design, which
I like a lot Compared to the minimal surface area actually
needed for a clamp, this one adds a lot with an extra casing but
it feels much more reliable, stable, massive and it feels good also feels good to the touch, most of it being
smooth black metal and the rest being a kind of rough plastic There is a threaded 3/8″ to 5/8″ adapter,
which is made from plastic Intuitively it feels a bit weak, simply because I’m used to these connection
parts being made of metal We’ll see how it performs later There is a quick starter single-page manual
included You can also find it online as a PDF It’s metric system only but in this video
I give imperial measurements too The arm is wrapped in plastic and secured
by the most massive and least processed-looking rubber band I
have ever seen It feels like it was hand-punched out of tree
sap – I love it! König & Meyer made in Germany, apparently
called “K&M” for localization up to 1.5 kilograms maximum load – that’s
3.3 lbs The color is rough black matte and very pleasing
to both touch and eye The arm comes with an XLR cable, total length
is 6 meters – nearly 20 feet This means from the base there is 4.7m or
15.6ft of cable left for you First, let’s install the clamp As you can see, my setup is a bit irregular: I have a normal desk: desk surface is 72.5cm
above the floor – that’s 28.55 inches The table board is 1.9cm thick – 0.75 inches Below it I have a movable desk, surface is
66cm above the floor – 26 inches The small table board thickness is 2cm – 0.79
inches The clamp works with boards up to 48mm (1.88
inches) As a test, I’m installing the clamp to a random
spot on the table edge It feels very stable I want to clamp up to the movable table however, the underside construction is uneven This makes the installation very unstable At the same time this is too close to my work
area I need to move that joint further away from
me I try installing it on the left side of the
main desk This is still too close to where I sit but
it’s good to try out different spots I settle on the far right end of the table
in the end Once the clamp is installed, I just let the
mic arm pin slide into the opening of the table clamp The clamp screw can be tightened, to keep
the arm from rotating The instructions tell me to tighten the clamp
screw However in my daily use, I switch very often
between recording and other work, and I leave this clamp open, so
that I can easily pan the mic out of the way When the joints are not adjusted, this is
the default position of the mic arm – just like in the manual The wing nuts let me set the angle in which
the joints are open The spring tension is super strong, had me
worried about breaking the table clamp or even the table when I first forced the arm into a different
position I definitely recommend trying out poses without
attaching a mic first The 23860 allows for a lot of flexibility
so you can find that sweet spot pose Letting the microphone hang down might be
a solution of course not an option for seeing the monitor
screen during recordings I really like a sideways arrangement The most impressive thing is that if you set
the wing nuts just right you can push and pull the mic into any position without having to reset the wing nuts This proved true from the middle wing nut
and to some degree to the top one It is also somewhat true for the bottom wing
nut but I always hold the table clamp down with
one hand when moving the lower tube Still a bit worried about the spring tension
versus the table strength The mic arm has a threaded 3/8 inch connector It ships with 5/8 inch adapter, made of plastic If I wanted to directly attach a 1/4 inch
microphone like a Zoom H2n or a Zoom H1 I would have to get an additional adapter
or a shock mount I happen to have a shock mount around and
that one works perfectly To attach my 5/8″ microphone, I screwed the
adapter into its connector It didn’t go in smoothly but the adapter has
a slit which makes it easier to get it in there Then I screwed it onto the arm I manage the XLR cable by placing it in the
inside area of the clamp, since I’ll be using a USB microphone and don’t
need the XLR cable right now To stabilize the cable at the top end I used
two zip ties I used additional zip ties to make the USB
and audio out cable run along the tubes of the mic arm Let’s test how quiet the mic arm joints are So we’re gonna be placing the microphone next
to the movable parts and listen in on how these movable parts sound
like That was nice and quiet, wasn’t it? All right, let’s untighten this one And let’s tighten it And let’s untighten this one Oh so very, very quiet And finally let’s tighten this one Well, this one could use a bit of oil But it isn’t part of the construction It’s just the thing that holds the arm [in
place] After a month or two I will make another video
and talk about how it feels to use it long-term so subscribe and watch it when it’s online For USB microphone users I will make a video
for dealing with integrated XLR cables, watch that one as well! Until next time, ciao!

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  1. SoSoTech says:

    PDF manual DE/EN https://produkte.k-m.de/media/files_public/aufstellanleitungen/23860-311-55.pdf (linked to from https://produkte.k-m.de/de/product?info=524&x75b33=b4b73cd8f7000698c5390e5f35cf6461 )
    DE https://amzn.to/2HhPxgC

    US https://amzn.to/2NNJORa

    CA https://amzn.to/2tW90vj

    UK https://amzn.to/2EQYfkA

    IT https://amzn.to/2VyxPt8

    IT https://amzn.to/2EQYhJe

    ES https://amzn.to/2XCn8YB

    (Amazon affiliate links to international K&M 23860 availability)

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    Nice review. But why such an expensive arm for such a cheap mic?

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    This doesn't make much sense for a USB mic. If you aren't going to use the built-in mic cable you can save quite a bit of money buying an arm with no integrated cable.

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    finishing seems like manufactured at some cheap chinese factory

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    is this better than the

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    Great review, simple, clear. Thanks!

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