Knife forging: Bearing Roller Knife ADVOKO
Knife forging: Bearing Roller Knife ADVOKO

in this video I will show you how to
make this birch handle knife from a ball bearing roller still great sh x 15 both
front and rear bolsters are made of stainless steel there is a bakelite
spacer in the front bolster I generally try to share videos with only original
and novel content in this video all the metalworking techniques I’m using to
make this knife are traditional however you’ll see two metal birch handle making
methods that they came up with these were my first baby steps in metalworking
back in 2015 hammering and shaping the knives blade
is quite simple I shaped the ball bearings roller into a square cone and
then hammered it into the knives blade the roller didn’t have a lot of material
so I had to extend the blades hidden tank with regular steel to normalize the
blade I disconnected the torch and left the blade in the Forge to slowly bring
its temperature down to quench the blade I submerge it into a preheated oil with
its cutting edge this way the cutting edge will be harder than the rest of the
blade now it is time to check for inner cracks if the blade gives a good clear
ring it is likely free of inner cracks to shave the primary bevel I used my
modified belt sander with an extra-large table made of laminated plywood and a
simple homemade knife sharpening jig the knife sharpening jig is made of steel
angle and a piece of laminate that will increase the jig’s footprint thus
decreasing its precision admittedly the primary bevels on this first knife are
not ideal my next life turned out much better once we are done with the primary
bevels we can do finishing touches with the blades tank and weld a threaded pin
to it I will lay out the cut lines on the blade and will use my homemade
grinder jig safety disclosure I don’t recommend using this jig like I’m using
it in this video because it is not a safe practice please use your own
judgment and discretion the threaded pin will help us with the birch handle
making ok we’re done with the traditional metalworking and now I will
show you some novel techniques I came up with while making the knives handle by
using the hole saw drill bit you can cut out perfect circles with a central hole
in one step in just a few minutes you will have enough to drilled Bork circles
to make a cylindrical sandwich on the threaded pin now we need to glue
them together most people use wood glue to do it I
decided to use the glue that is already in the board that naturally connects its
layers nature’s glue is tar all you have to do is boil the board cylinder in
water to activate the tar and the Box lunder becomes monolith just like a
piece of wood I even had a hard time separating the block cylinder from the
metal washers and a pin I used to make the bark sandwich the next step is to
make the front and rear bolsters I will cut two pieces of stainless steel and a
text-align spacer as a decorative element to the front bolster I drilled
three holes in both front bolsters metal plates then enlarge the opening with a
file so that the plates fit tightly on the knife’s tank
lastly I’m at the threaded hole in the back metal bolster using it as a holding
out to assemble the handle now all we have to do is to give this handle a
desired shape I like this type of slope in shape for handle it looks good and it
has a nice grip this small knife is compact but you can pretty much do any
work with it while hiking or traveling as I said before this was my first
experience in making a knife from scratch four years ago since then I have
gained a lot of experience in making quality knives axes draw knives and
other cutting tools I have many unpublished videos on my
external hard drives I look forward to working on them and publishing them for
you I’m reminding you that I need your advice on what I should focus on first
if you like this video perhaps you could share it with your friends that good
people watch good videos PS in the next minute you will see a short demo of my
homemade carpentry tools most of them were used to build my log cabin
you can see in the background if you haven’t yet seen my other videos about
my log cabin transparent kayak plastic wrap dome fire carved furniture or other
bushcraft projects I invite you to watch them I think they would be interesting
for you this is max Igor of st. Petersburg Russia

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    I like the Idea of just using the birches tar to glue!
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