Knurled Nut – Swivel Bearing | Solidworks
Knurled Nut – Swivel Bearing | Solidworks

Hello Friends How to design a part knurled nut in swivel bearing using solidworks This is the part knurled nut Front and top view of the knurled nut with dimensions open a new working screen ie part modelling select the top plane draw the circles of diameter 40mm and 20mm draw the circles of diameter 40mm and 20mm and extrude it using extrude command for a distance of 16mm which is shown in the 2D drawing extrude it on both side by selecting midplane extrusion on both side is necessary to make knurling create a new plane the new plane should be parallel to top plane at a distance of 16/2 – 1 -1 is chamfer distance now create the chamfer unless otherwise stated use chamfer distance as
1X45 deg select the newly created plane to make knurling follow the procedure of thread cutting 1. convert entities select the edge feature — curves— helix and spiral increase the value of pitch decrease the number of revolutions make the angle as 90 degree select the plane which perpendicular to the helix created select the polygon command and make the sides as 3 that is triangle and draw the triangle on the helix profile to make sweep modify the dimension of the triangle Make sure that triangle should face inside the model Ie. to remove material use sweep cut command select the profile ie. triangle then select the path ie. Helix single cut is formed use circular pattern command before that show the axis of the model select the axis 360 degree select the profile — sweep cut and provide number of patterns to be formed mirror command use the plane which symmetric for the model select both the circular pattern and sweep cut wait…………. wait….. make the hole for diameter 6mm ie. M6 thread cutting follow the procedure for thread cutting before thread cutting make the chamfer Thank you please subscribe my channel

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