Lazze Metal Shaping: Keeping Flat Materials In The Bead Roller PART 1
Lazze Metal Shaping: Keeping Flat Materials In The Bead Roller PART 1

Yeah I’m back in the bead roller again and
this is another tips and tricks in bead roller. And it took me a while to figure this out
but I think it’s a good idea to share this with you, and this is something that I’m teaching
in the classes and but we make it available for you over there now that do sheet metal
stuff at home. I going to run three beads on this panel here and we going look at that
after I’m done. But you probably had that same problem as I had that you run three beads
or more on a panel and after you came out from the bead roller and it’s like an oilcan.
And what happen? So let me show you first and I’m going to run those three beads. First,
I check where it’s all the way down. So I have the tape here on the bolt here so I
— one, two, three, four then I know where it’s all the way down. And I can run this
in several passes but it’s good to know where it’s it’s all the way down then you don’t
um abuse the machine. So I stop there. Turn it up and go from the same and I recommend
to run it from the same side all the time. You can already see what what start happen
to the panel. So what I going to do here now is I going to move this out, something like
that. And this is a good good trick for you to learn and you can apply this same principal
for many different projects in sheet metal. So you see what happen with the panel here
it taking shape that it will be tough to put this into a car. I can run this side also
It helps literally if I lifting my hands up little. If I lifting my hands up little on
each side it helps the panel little. There you go. So this doesn’t have so much oilcan
but you see how this happen here. If I try to go in here and shrink this part here I
can probably help the panel to look little better. And I can go to the sandbag and I
can hammer it little and try to have it to work, but it can still be this shape or more
like an oilcan. If this had been a short bead this little longer this little long it would
be more oilcan on this panel but you see what happen here now and the thing is that this
side here is short. And the same thing on all three of them that’s why this happen.
So if you follow me on the next video I going to show you how to fix this on a panel from
the beginning.

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  1. Jozimar Silva says:

    Thanks, Lazze excellent videos!!! Jozimar from Brazil.

  2. Gill GVQ says:

    How can I accentuate the curve ?

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