Lecture – 37 Design of Cylinders & Pressure Vessels – II
Lecture – 37 Design of Cylinders & Pressure Vessels – II

16 thoughts on “Lecture – 37 Design of Cylinders & Pressure Vessels – II”

  1. CountHuszar says:

    Is this video posting respecting the copyright?

  2. CountHuszar says:

    It appears yes, my mistake. Sorry to all!!

  3. ocaprocha says:

    Me parecio excelente.

  4. dretdret223 says:

    i am a civil engineer and its is quite helpful for me……thanx to uploader and teacher

  5. Ahmed Aziz says:

    I can assure Sir, that you as a civil engineer, it is NOT good for you and DO NOT get near it. We have already so many cowboys in our industry and we don't need more.
    How much have you been given, during your study at the uni, about the related areas of this type of design, so you came up with this conclusion as "..a civil its is quite hopeful for me.."? An advice for you Sir, just get the fu…k out of here, will ya.

  6. Alister Forsyth says:

    you got trolled good

  7. M Abdulla says:

    I like the series of this mech eng lectures however I think that they can make some improvements by choosing a light background colour with dark pen colours. Also since this is recorded it is advised to finish the material part after part where the introduction of the subject material followed by the equation, an example, narration then move to derivation and commentary.

  8. habtsh studio says:

    I have design assignment on pressure vessel for storing crude oil using the following specification:-
    • Cylindrical with tori spherical head
    • Vertical with lug/skirt support
    • Pi=8Mpa V=5m3 S.F=2
    is there any one to try this ? please especially  finding the volume of tori spherical head and its elements?

  9. Duc Loc Nguyen says:

    i may be lost some where. can you please help me to know what is "sigma all" and how to calculate it, please?

  10. sushma kumari says:

    Sir , You have just cleared all my doubts. thank you for your efforts.

  11. julian correa says:

    thank you !

  12. PINTU KUMAR says:

    Can I Compress Smoke Grenade
    How much pressure can we compress with smoke grenades?

  13. Rahul Kaki says:

    How did he get e_theta = u/r ? And also the other one ?

  14. VAIBHAV says:

    Supper explain

  15. pratik kurhekar says:

    Mujhe kuch nhi smjha

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