LET THE BIBLE SPEAK – The Crown Of Thorns
LET THE BIBLE SPEAK – The Crown Of Thorns

– The crown that the Lord
Jesus wears in heaven today is far different than the
crown he wore on Calvary. We’re going to talk about
the crown of thorns today on Let the Bible Speak. ♪ Music ♪ Announcer: From the churches
of Christ Let the Bible Speak with Evangelist Kevin Presley. I’d like us to take a trip back
to Jerusalem 2000 years ago to the scene of our Lord’s trial and His subsequent crucifixion. I want to focus on a
very iconic picture surrounding the
crucifixion of our Lord. That is the crown that was
placed upon His head that day. Matthew tells us about
that crown in his account in Matthew 27. I want to read some
selected verses here from this particular chapter
beginning in verse 11. The Bible says, “And Jesus
stood before the governor, “and the governor
asked him saying, “Aren’t thou the
king of the Jews?” “And Jesus said unto him, “Thou sayest.” Verse 26, “Then release
he Barabbas unto them, “and when he had scourged Jesus, “he delivered him
to be crucified. “Then the soldiers
of the governor “took Jesus into the common hall “and gathered unto Him the
whole band of soldiers, “and they stripped him, “and put on him a scarlet robe. “And when they have
planted a crown of thorns, “they put it upon His head, “and a reed in His right hand. “And they bowed the
knee before Him and “mocked Him, saying,
“Hail, king of the Jews!” “And they spit upon Him “and took the reed and
smoothed Him on the head. “And after that,
they had mocked Him, “they took the robe off from Him “and put His own raiment on Him “and led Him away “to crucify Him.” Today I want to speak to
you about some great lessons that we learn from
Jesus’ crown of thorns. – The Psalmist said,
“Through Thy precepts, “I get understanding.” The Bible is the
revelation of God to man and you simply can’t live for
God until you know something about the Word of God and you may say,
“Well, I want to read “and study the Bible, but I
don’t know where to begin. “I feel overwhelmed” or “I
don’t understand the Bible.” I want to offer
you a wonderful way to get acquainted
with the scriptures. You’ll learn about
some of the most basic and foundational
teachings of God’s Word and you’ll get a better
handle on how to read and approach and study
the Bible as a whole. Won’t you get in
touch with us today and ask to be enrolled in the
Bible Correspondence Course. It won’t cost you a penny
and we’ll mail the lessons to your home and you take
your time to read and study through the lessons, I think you’ll be surprised
how much you’ll learn. ♪ (lyrics) How deep the
Father’s love for us ♪ How vast beyond all measure ♪ That He should
give His only Son ♪ To make a wretch His treasure ♪ How great the
pain of searing loss ♪ The Father turns His face away ♪ As wounds which
mar the Chosen One ♪ Bring many sons to glory The trial of Jesus is over, he has now been condemned to die by cowardly Pilate. He is handed over to the
Roman soldiers to be abused, to be tortured and ultimately murdered. They took Jesus first of
all and they scourged him. That’s where they
would take the victim and lay his back bare and
tie his hands to a post and a large strapping Roman
soldier would take a whip of several strands of leather intertwined with pieces
of bone and metal. And he would rare
back and he would lay that whip across
the bare back of Jesus. And with every blow, the flesh of Jesus
would be torn open and a new river of
blood would start. You know, Jewish law limited
the scourging to 39 lashes but this Roman soldier
was not bound by Jewish law or custom, he mercilessly beat
the back of our Lord until the flesh hung in ribbons and His back doubtlessly
looked like raw meat. Many a criminal, many a victim died in the scourging alone. But when they have
scourged Jesus, then those soldiers took
Jesus and drug him into the common hall. And there they stripped
Him of His meager clothes and they put on His back a robe, not a purple robe of royalty, but a scarlet robe showing
what they thought of Him, mocking Him and His
claims of being king. They spat upon Him, they made fun of
Him and mocked Him, and they beat Him over
the head with clubs. And in the midst of all of this, some soldier callously
grabbed a thorny vine and he wove together a
crude crown of thorns and thrust it upon
the head of Jesus. Those sharp thorns pierced
the tender temple and brow of the Savior, opening up with every thorn, a new stream of blood. They did that in sheer mockery. Jesus had claimed to be
the king of the Jews, they didn’t believe
He was a king, they ridiculed the
very idea that He was the king of the Jews
or any kind of king, He didn’t look like a king,
he didn’t sound like a king, the things He said
certainly didn’t sound like the things a king would say. And so to them Jesus
was a laughing stock as they now bowed their
knee and as they mocked Him, saying, “Hail,
king of the Jews!” They were utterly
mocking Jesus Christ, what a picture that is. Do you know that
Isaiah 700 years before Jesus was even born, 700 years before Jesus was born, Isaiah pictured the
suffering Savior that day after being scourged and beaten and crowned with that
thorny crown and crucified. In Isaiah 52:14, New International Version
renders this verse, “And many who are
appalled in Him, “His appearance
was so disfigured “beyond that of any
human being and His form “marred beyond human likeness.” That literally means
when those soldiers got finished with Him, that Jesus did not even
look like a human being. He bore ghastly scars that every last one of them was a symbol of our salvation and the price for our sins. Now, my friend, I don’t
believe that it was merely happenstance that a soldier took that vine
and wove a crown of thorns. I believe it was by
the providence of God that that took place because it is absolutely
rich with symbolism and with meaning. Meaning. You think about the fact
that that crown itself, it symbolized the very curse. In fact, it was
the direct result of the curse of our sin. You know that God created
a world devoid of thorns? There were no thorns
in the perfect and paradisal world
that God created, the very first rose
that grew upon the earth grew without a thorn. But thorns came about
because of the sin of man, the very crown that
Jesus is wearing this day is the direct result of
sin upon the human race and it is a painful
reminder of why Jesus now had to die. The very first rose
that ever grew, grew without a single thorn. Genesis 3 tells
us that after sin, that God cursed man,
he cursed the woman, he cursed the serpent,
he cursed the ground. And remember God told Adam,
beginning of verse 17, “Because thou has harked
into the voice of thy wife “and has eaten off the tree
of which I commanded thee “saying, “Thou
shall not eat of it, “cursed it is the
ground for thy sake, “in sorrow shall thou eat of
it all the days of thy life. “Thorns also and thistles
shall it bring forth to thee “and thou shall eat
the herb of the field “And the sweat of thy
face shall thou eat bread “until thy return
into the ground “for out of it was thou taken, “for dust thou art “and unto dust
thou shall return.” You see thorns came about
as a result of the curse. Man’s sin cursed this world. And had Adam never sinned, thorns would’ve never
grown on the earth. But now Jesus is
wearing the crown because He’s bearing the curse. And those thorns that
pierced his brows speak of the
hardship and the toil and the pain and the sorrow of a ruined creation. Adam brought death and
travail upon the earth. And even today, the earth is full of
tragedy and vexing problems. The Bible teaches us that the
whole creation is corrupted. Paul said in Romans 8:22, “For we know that
the whole creation “groaneth and travaileth
in pain together “until now.” Suffering and death rest upon everything that God has made. But why? That’s one of the
great mysteries, one of the great questions in the mind of men from
the beginning of time. Why do we live in such a world? Why do we live in a
world that is full of pain and suffering? Why does God allow
these things to be? Paul tells us why. In Romans 5:12 he says, “By one man’s sin
entered into the world “and death by sin “and so death
passed upon all men “for all have sinned.” It’s all the result
of the fact that sin corrupted an
otherwise perfect world that was in fellowship with God. Job concluded in Job 14:1, “Man that is born of woman, “is a few days and
full of trouble.” So every man, even today, feels the thorns of
sickness and disease and sorrow and tragedy
and ultimately death. Even the apostle Paul called his adversity and
his trial in life a thorn in the flesh. So you see when Jesus
was crowned with thorns, he was wearing our crown. He was wearing a crown that
was woven with our sins. Now, let’s think about
the meaning in that crown when it comes to our salvation. That crown tells us that the curse that was on us was transferred to the
sinless head of the Savior. He, in other words,
was our substitute. Paul tells us in saying
Corinthians 5:21, “For God hath made Him,
Jesus, to be sin for us “who knew no sin “that we might be made the
righteousness of God in Him.” When the Bible says “He
made Him to be sin,” it means God made
Him to be a sin offering for us, that God made him
to bear our penalty, to pay the price that
our sin incurred, and that is death. He knew no sin, He
had committed no sin, He was perfectly righteous. But despite His righteous life and the fact he never
violated the will of God, He never committed sin, He
was innocent, He was pure, He was perfect, He was
holy, He was righteous. God yet let him become a sin offering for
you and for me. My friend, don’t ever forget
that a holy God is bound by His own divine
nature to punish sin. A price must be paid
for every sin we commit. God doesn’t forgive
sin on a whim. God doesn’t forgive sin
just because He says, “Well, I’m just going to “forgive it and act
like it didn’t happen.” No, every sin exacts a price. It must be paid in order to satisfy a
holy and a righteous God and therefore, the
need for a sacrifice. We could either die
as a result of our sin or there could be one who
would die in our stead. So that instead of we
bearing the penalty, He would bear the penalty
and the debt would be paid. Hebrews 2:14 says, “For
as much then as the “children are (mumbles)
of flesh and blood, “He also, Himself, likewise
took part of the same “that through death
He might destroy him “that had the power of
death, that is, the devil.” That literally means
that Jesus, eternal, coexisted and coequal with God came down and took on the
form of flesh and blood. He took part of the same, He became as we are, that through death He would destroy the devil who has the power of death. That is in order to destroy
death, to defeat death, Jesus had to become one of us so that He could
become a vicarious
substitute or sacrifice and die in our place. And thus the debt could be paid, death could be destroyed, sin could be defeated. And when Jesus was robed and
crowned by those soldiers, He was wearing the crown
that belonged to us. I want you to think
about something that’s absolutely thrilling. You know when Jesus was
standing on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem this day, He was standing on a
very significant place. Mount Moriah was a famous place. In fact, one of the great
prophecies of all time in one of the most graphic and vivid portrayals
of Calvary took place on that very same mountain. At this very spot
where Jesus now stood with a crown of
thorns on His head. More than 2,000 years before, there was another scene
that unfolded there. Abraham and his son
Isaac came there. God led them to
this very mountain that they will offer sacrifice. You recall, they’re walking up
the slope of Mount Moriah and Isaac knows that they’re
going to offer sacrifice. But he says to his father,
“Father, we have the wood, “we have the fire,
we have a knife, “but where’s the lamb?” Abraham knew where the lamb was and doubtlessly choking
back tears he said, “Son, God will provide
Himself a lamb.” Genesis 22 tells us the story, they climb Mount Moriah,
they take the wood, they build an altar to
make a burnt offering. And then came that
dreaded and awful moment when everything was ready and Abraham turns to
Isaac and he says, “Son, you’re going
to be the offering.” And he takes Isaac,
his beloved son, and he lays him on that altar and in unwavering faith,
he raises the knife and as the blade
flashed in the sunlight, the voice of God’s
angel cried out, “Abraham, Abraham,
stop, don’t hurt him!” You recall what the angel
said to him in Genesis 22 beginning in verse 12, he said, “Now, I know that
thou fearest God “seeing thou has not
withheld thy son, “thine only son from Me.” He passed the test of faith and Abraham lifted up
his eyes and looked and behold behind him a ram caught in a thicket
by his horns. And Abraham went
and took the ram and offered him up
for a burnt offering in the stead of his son. You know I’m told the word for
thicket there literally means a thicket of briers and thorns. Isn’t that something? At God’s providential direction, that beast had wandered
up that mountainside and its head had become
tangled and twisted in a thicket of thorns. And Abraham freed the animal and I would imagine
that there were thorns still protruding from
the head of that ram as Abraham lays it on the
altar that was meant for Isaac and he raises the knife that meant death for Isaac, but instead let it fall
upon the substitute on Mount Moriah where Jesus now stands
with a crown of thorns ready to be our substitute. In John 8:56, no
wonder Jesus said, “Your father Abraham
rejoiced to see my day “and he saw it and was glad.” What a wonderful and
sacred shadow of the cross. Jesus Christ on the
cross offered one all sufficient, all atoning, never to be repeated
sacrifice for our sins and He paid it all. He paid the debt, He wore our crown, He became our offering, our sacrifice. But now because He was willing
to wear our crown of thorns on that day long ago, today, he wears another crown. Revelation 14:14
pictures Him like this, John says, “And I looked
and behold a white cloud “and upon the cloud one sat
like unto the Son of Man “having on His
head a golden crown “and in His hand
a sharp sickle.” You know the crown of
Queen Elizabeth, I’m told, is the most famous and
valuable crown in the world. It contains, we’re
told, five rubies, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds. It’s also adorned
with 273 pearls and 2,868 diamonds. But they’re trinkets
next to the crown of the Lord Jesus Christ. Out of the midst of that
thorny crown did He wore as He stood in
ridicule and mockery on Mount Moriah that morning, out of the midst of those thorns grew the rose of Sharon. And out of that ugly
and miserable crown woven by those soldiers
bloom the rose of peace and of pardon. But when He conquered
sin, Satan and hell, He was swept up into glory and He sat down on
the right hand of God and a crown was then
placed upon His head. A crown that was rightfully His, a crown not yours, not mine that He was wearing for us but a crown placed upon His head that belongs to
Him and Him alone. That crown was not
placed there in mockery, it was placed there in victory. And He shall wear that crown
until the day He comes again and delivers the
kingdom up to God. Now, I want to ask
you a personal and
a decisive question. Do you crown Jesus as Lord
and king of your life? Or have you thrust the
thorny crown of mockery and insincere worship
upon His head? The story is told many years
ago during the reign of the pious Queen Victoria that one day she was
listening to her preacher Dr. F. W. Farrar preaching, and he happened to be talking
about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Queen Victoria was greatly
moved by his sermon and she summoned him up to the Royal box. And when Dr. Farrar
came to see her, it’s said that the
queen brushed away tears and she told the
preacher, she said, “You preached a
wonderful sermon today.” She said, “And it
made me so wish “that I could be sitting on
the throne of Great Britain “when Jesus Christ comes again “because, oh, I would
love to take this crown “and lay it at His
nail-pierced feet.” We know that’s a
beautiful thought and such is a window into
her heart, in her soul, in her reverence
for the Lord Jesus. But the fact of the matter is we don’t have glittering crowns
of gold to lay at His feet and Jesus isn’t
interested in such crowns. You don’t have a crown
like that to give to Jesus and I don’t have a crown to give to Jesus like that. But there is
something we do have. We have a sinful
and a scarred life that we can humbly give to Him and we can say, “Here is all
that I have and all that I am. “Won’t You take it
and make it what “you want it to be?” Friend, I ask you today,
what kind of crown are you placing on the
head of the Savior? Do you honor Him
as King of Kings and Lord of Lords? Have you ever submitted to Him
in obedience to the gospel, allowing Him to
be your sacrifice, your offering for sin? No other offering will do. You can follow the way of Cain and you can try to
offer your good works and offer your morality and offer your piety and offer your good intentions and your culture
and your education and your sophistication and all of these things
that you might decide to try to give to God. But none of that will do. There’s only one thing
that you can bring to God to plead your case and pass the judgment that
is coming, and that is, the blood of Jesus. There’s only one who can take your place and pay the debt that you owe, and that is the
Lord Jesus Christ. The apostle Paul beautifully
told in the sixth chapter of the book of Romans that you can come
in humble obedience and be buried with Him
in baptism into His death and therefore be raised to
walk in newness of life, be made free from sin, to be made free from sin and to become a servant
of righteousness, to become His servant. And that my friend is
how you bow before Jesus and you place the
crown of submission upon the head of the Lord. And you begin living
your life for Him today, you bring your
broken life to Him in repentance and contrition. And you, in essence in your
obedience to the gospel, say to the Lord, “You take my
life and you make out of it “what will glorify you “and what will please
you and not me.” What kind of crown
are you placing on the head of the Savior today? Congregation: We will
glorify the King of kings, We will glorify the Lamb; We will glorify
the Lord of lords, Who is the Great I Am. Lord Jehovah reigns in majesty, We will bow before His throne; We will worship Him
in righteousness, We worship Him alone. He is Lord of heaven,
Lord of earth, He is Lord of all who live; He is Lord above the universe, All praise to Him we give. Hallelujah to the King of kings, Hallelujah to the Lamb; Hallelujah to the Lord of lords, Who is the great I Am. – The Psalmist said,
“Through Thy precepts, “I get understanding.” The Bible is the
revelation of God to man and you simply can’t live for
God until you know something about the Word of God and you may say,
“Well, I want to read “and study the Bible, but I
don’t know where to begin. “I feel overwhelmed” or “I
don’t understand the Bible.” I want to offer
you a wonderful way to get acquainted
with the scriptures. You’ll learn about
some of the most basic and foundational
teachings of God’s Word and you’ll get a better
handle on how to read and approach and study
the Bible as a whole. Won’t you get in
touch with us today and ask to be enrolled in the
Bible Correspondence Course. It won’t cost you a penny
and we’ll mail the lessons to your home and you take
your time to read and study through the lessons, I think you’ll be surprised
how much you’ll learn. If we can assist you in coming to know Jesus
Christ in salvation through obedience to the gospel, we’d like to do that. Would you like to sit down with
somebody and open the Bible and learn about God’s
will for your life, how to be saved, how to serve Him
within His church and to live a life for Him and be prepared for eternity? We’d be glad to take
that opportunity to sit down and
discuss your salvation if you’ll get in touch with us. If you’d like a copy
of our study today on the crown of thorns, we hope you’ll write to us
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contact information here in just a moment. Thanks for joining us today
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encourage them to watch as well? You can always check
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study of God’s Word. We’ll see you next week, the
Lord willing, until then, may the Lord bless you.

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