Lethal Ninja Weapons You’ll NEVER Want to Encounter
Lethal Ninja Weapons You’ll NEVER Want to Encounter

Ninjas: highly trained martial arts practitioners
known for their skills in espionage, infiltrations, and assassination. Here we look at some of the most lethal weapons
used by feudal Japan’s deadly assassins. Number 11: Kusarigama
As if a sharp sickle and a heavy iron weight were both not dangerous enough as separate
weapons, the Japanese decided to combine those two with a metal chain, giving birth to the
kusarigama. The deadly chain-sickle weapon was developed
during the Muromachi era, and has its own unique art of handling known as kusarigama-jutsu. Ninjas would later come to adopt the weapon
as part of their deadly arsenal. The hybrid weapon compliments a specific type
of fighting usually for use against an opponent bearing a long weapon such as a sword or spear. A kusarigama user would swing the weighted
chain in a circle above his head, and then quickly whip it forward to entangle his opponent’s
weapon rendering it unusable. It could also be used to immobilize the enemy
by entangling one of his limbs. The kusarigama user would then lunge forward
and strike down his incapacitated opponent with the sickle end. Apart from using the sickle, the weighted
chain could also be used to directly strike an opponent from a distance, while still outside
their attack range. With enough force, the iron weight could easily
fracture bones. Number 10: The Kakute Ring
Kakute are small metal rings with spikes protruding from it, worn as a finger ring. These weapons are very much favored by the
kunoichi, or female ninjas. The reason is that kakute rings are simple
to use, and are concealable as they look like any other normal ring, but with spikes hidden
inside the hand. The weapon is obviously only used up close,
but still, is very capable of delivering considerable damage, especially towards non-suspecting
enemies. Apart from cutting someone’s throat, the spikes
could be used to hold onto an opponent or choke them, and sometimes for climbing as
well. An expert and careful user would go as far
as to have the kakute spikes coated in poison so even a slight scratch could kill their
target. This weapon is one reason why you would want
to avoid shaking hands with a ninja. Number 9: Tekko-kagi
Imagine brass knuckles, but with forward facing iron nails like bear claws. That’s the tekko-kagi, a ninja weapon that
has a close resemblance to the X-man Wolverine’s protruding adamantium claws. The origin of the weapon was a rather peaceful
one, as a tool for farmers to reap weeds. But in the hands of a skilled ninja, the tekko-kagi
becomes a lethal weapon. The tool is multifunctional, and could be
used to directly slash an opponent, to catch and take over their weapon, and also as a
shield for self-defense. Usually it is used during missions where carrying
large weapons just wasn’t possible. Ninjas would often wear two Tekko-kagis on
both hands while in combat, making them appear no less frightening and dangerous than wild
bears and tigers. Number 8: Neko Te
If you think the tekko-kagi was scary enough, then you should take a look at the neko-te. It is also a claw like weapon, but worn like
a glove, and with the blades protruding directly from the ends of the fingers much like a cat’s
claws. And that’s exactly what the neko-te means
in Japanese, “cat claws”. There is nothing subtle about the appearance
of this weapon, and it looks exactly like Freddy Krueger’s bladed glove. The neko-te was favored by the kunoichi, with
the eyes and throat as favorite slashing targets for these female ninjas. Like other bladed ninja weapons, the neko-te
nails are sometimes imbued with poison to make sure the target is successfully killed. Number 7: Metsubushi
Metsubushis are the pepper sprays of the ninja world. The name translates to “crush the eyes”, and
is one thing a ninja’s opponent should avoid at all costs when in a fight. The weapon could come in many forms, but are
typically delivered from a small pipe that can be blown at an enemy, or from an egg shell
that can be thrown. This results in the delivery of a special
concoction of ashes, ground-up pepper, mud, flour, and dirt into an opponent’s eyes. For extra damage, metal scrapings or broken
shards of glass are sometimes also added. While not lethal in itself, a victim would
end up completely vulnerable to a follow-up deadly blow, as they would be blinded and
disoriented from the pain. Metsubushi is also a perfect tool for ninjas
to escape unwanted situations, as their blinded pursuers would most definitely give up. Number 6: Ninjato
Many people know of the katana, the traditional Japanese sword used by samurai during ancient
and feudal times. But ninjas also have their own version of
the katana, known as ninjato. Compared to the swords carried by the samurai,
ninjato were smaller in size and more compact in form. The overall length is usually less than 60
cm, and is relatively thick and straight with no curves. The swords were either forged by ninjas on
their own from slabs of steel, or were regular long katanas that were cut and sharpened so
they would end up in the right form and shape. This results in a sword that is easier to
carry and conceal, while still capable of delivering swift and deadly attacks. The swords could also be used somewhat like
a ladder, where ninjas would stab them into cliffs or walls, step on them, and retrieve
them with a strap attached to the hilt. The maneuver would be difficult if a curved
sword like a regular katana was used. Number 5: Fukiya
The fukiya is a type of blowgun used in Japan. The practice still exists today in modern
Japan as a national sport similar to archery. However, fukiya was known in the past as a
ninja’s weapon, with numerous ninjutsu schools specializing in its use. Ninjas would often fire two inch long poison
darts, or fukibari, from a concealed location. The dart itself is usually not enough to kill
a target, but the poison would finish the job. The weapon is extremely affective for stealth
kills at a long distance, as well as a form of distraction. Although it has a much shorter range than
a typical bow and arrow, it has its own advantages. The 50 cm long fukiya is easily concealable,
and is often disguised as an innocent flute, enabling disguised ninjas to sneak the weapon
past guards. Apart from its use as a weapon, the fukiya
could also serve as a breathing pipe for hidden ninjas submerged underwater. Modern fukiya sport players are proof of how
deadly the weapon could be in the past, as experts could deliver very accurate shots
at long distances. We could easily say that the fukiya were the
sniper rifles and silencers of feudal Japan. Number 4: Sai
Sai, the weapon familiar to those in the West as the weapon of choice for Raphael from Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the female assassin Elektra from Marvel. Traditionally used on the islands of Okinawa,
the sai is useful as both an offensive and defensive weapon. The weapon has a very distinctive look as
a long pointed metal baton with two curved prongs projecting from the sides. Sai users practice a variety of fighting styles
which involve strikes, blocks, parries, and capturing an opponent’s weapon between the
weapon’s shaft and curved side prongs. Rather than slashes, the sai is more affective
in delivering short jabs into vital areas. The weapons are much lighter than swords,
relatively easy to handle, and are typically carried in pairs, one for each hand. Due to its light weight, it could also be
thrown towards an enemy when needed. Number 3: Kunai
The kunai is a dagger-like-weapon which serves as one of ninja’s most basic but multi-functional
weapons. Historically, it is believed to have been
derived from hand trowels, as farmers and masons of feudal Japan used to make weapons
out of any spare tools they could get their hands on. Kunais are crafted from metal into sharp blades
with balance and weight in mind, as they are used both in close combat, and thrown from
a distance. Apart from combat, they are used for digging
and gouging holes in the wall for spying. They could also be used as tools for climbing,
as a grappling hook or as a piton. Both a tool and weapon, the versatility of
these easily concealable weapons make them really useful. One of the most distinctive characteristics
of a kunai is the ring at the end of its handle. This serves to increase the blade’s function. A rope could be attached to make it into a
makeshift swinging weapon, or it could be strapped to a long stick as a spear. To add its deadliness, poison could also be
coated on its tip for extra effect. Number 2: Poison
We’ve talked about how poison could be used to compliment some weapons, often coated on
tips of blades. But its deadliness and wide variety makes
it deserve a special mention on this list. As stealthy assassins, ninjas could not avoid
using poison, as it enables them to kill their targets without confronting them directly. Poisons could be placed directly into the
food and drinks of victims, or put in their mouths while they slept at night. And in case of direct combat, even a light
graze on an opponent’s skin would be enough to eventually kill them if the weapon is coated
with poison. All of this proves how extremely convenient
poison is, as even the strongest of opponents could be killed with ease. Poisons come from many sources in an exotic
country like Japan, giving ninjas a wide variety of the substance at their disposal. They had a deep knowledge of vegetation, and
lived deep in the mountains where various types of plants grew. Apart from plants, their poison also came
from mushrooms, toads and puffer fish. Number 1: Shuriken
You definitely can’t talk about ninjas without mentioning shurikens. Shuriken literally translates to “sword hidden
in user’s hand”, and are sometimes referred to as throwing stars in the West. They are crafted into many different shapes
and sizes, usually with a hole at the center. Shurikens might be small, but are essential
tools in a ninja’s arsenal. They often serve a secondary role, as a nuisance
or distraction when facing an enemy. A skilled user would target exposed areas
of an opponent’s body, at high speeds and incredible accuracy. When a person is hit by a shuriken in the
dark, they might confuse it to be a slash from a swordsman nearby. Similar to a caltrop, shurikens can be embedded
in the ground, injuring the feet of those who step on the spikes. There are many other ways of using it, such
as in combination with other weapons. It could be wrapped with a small explosive,
or coated with poison. They could also serve as a close combat weapon
when needed. In skillful hands, shurikens could be extremely
deadly, as they could be targeted onto vital areas. There are even reports of these metal stars
being buried in feces and soil to harbor bacteria so that its victims could end up with a tetanus

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