Linear Bearings Improvement
Linear Bearings Improvement

Hello everybody! Today we are going to show how we test and
improve the rigidity of the linear bearings. The linear bearings that we bought online
usually had mechanical clearance like this: This clearance can make the machine less rigid. When two linear bearings are coupled on the same rod, the clearance is reduced but not nullified. To further reduce the clearance we use the
following trick. From a spare linear bearing we extract some balls. Cheap linear bearings lack balls in the recirculation
circuit, so we add balls to fill the gap. We do this on the already mounted bearings. Pay attention because if you insert too much
balls in the linear bearing, you are going to get it stuck. Check always if there is
enough space for another ball before you insert it. After each ball insertion you have to test
the clearance manually. Thanks for watching, please subscribe,
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7 thoughts on “Linear Bearings Improvement”

  1. Samuel Gonzalez says:

    Ah, that make sense. Still working on mine at the moment. Quick question, all together how many amps do you think this mill requires?

  2. Juma Ali says:

    fantastic trick thank you

  3. Dariusz Haraf says:

    Do Misumi bearings need to be improved as well?

  4. GreatMateWorkshop says:

    And what about making ptfe bearings? (che ne pensate di cuscinetti in teflon?)

  5. Joe Ostrander says:

    I have the opposite problem…bearings catch sometimes and are not always moving smoothly. I tried the heat trick but with only marginal success.

  6. Mark Greco says:

    thank you

  7. Reinhold Uebbing says:

    Thanks but I'd rather "invest" in SKF or Misumi or… (a lesson that gives dividends years later)

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