Loose Steering Axle Symptoms on a Riding Mower
Loose Steering Axle Symptoms on a Riding Mower

hey guys this is John from aglobal and
I want to thank you for clicking on my channel so I don’t see any other videos
on this and I wanted to bring this up to everybody and maybe you have a craftsman
mower but this one has a cast-iron axle on the front of it and if you can see
the steering is real loose with the steering wheel I’ll give you a close-up
here you can see that it’s not the spindle it’s not the drag link or not
even the tie rod but if you look closely the axle is just floating back and forth
and back and forth cause on a problem on the steering on this one so if you’re
experiencing symptoms like this with your own tractor please click the like
button I’m going to give you a view on the other side here and pretty much you
can see that it’s doing the same thing on both sides
the axle actually moves back and forth it’s like loose on where it pivots also
you can see that the tie rod is actually pretty solid where it ties into the
spindle so I did a quick teardown on this
took the hood off took the exhaust off and I dropped the front axle basically
on the ground removing the drag link and the kept the
spindles intact on the axle and you can see so after tearing this down I got
down to this piece and this actually goes inside the axle itself and this is
the wear part where the axle pivots and it’s called the brace spacer axle and
the plastic portion of it is the lawn tractor spacer so they actually slide
into each other you have to purchase them separately and this actually just
it fits directly into the axle in itself or pivots so you like to give you a
little close-up and you can see the wear on this the the light between that that
wear part against the straight edge that you can see the light in between the part
that what is worn out causing the axle to
shift around and become loose so if you’re experiencing something like this
with your mower please click the like button it’s always interesting and how
many people have the same problem also subscribe it’s free thanks

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